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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 7, 1962

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August 7,   19^2 No.   271
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: JR, SR, RJL, BSS, RH (for IB), GGT, AMS, JO'R, NTK,
EBM, MD, DF, JS, EH and HM.
Assembling Complete Files of Journals for Binding
The Serials Division continues to have difficulty in
assembling complete files' of journals for binding. The journals
relating to books and librarianship constitute a particular*
problem. Division Heads were requested to keep these issues
moving through their areas as rapidly as possible.
Standing Orders for Publications
For many years the Library has followed the usual
procedure of placing standing orders for all of the publications
of certain large organizations such as the Library Association
(England), Canadian Library Association, Canadian Institute of
International Affairs, American Library Association, etc.
Although this practice has proved quite satisfactory for the
serial publications of these organizations, it has been less
successful for those items published separately. Dr. Rothstein
suggested that in some instances the standing order with the
organization itself might be discontinued in favor of an order
for the same publications with an agent in the immediate area.
Visit to Eastern Libraries by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs reported briefly on his visit to
Eastern libraries during June and July to examine their collections of early maps on Canada. He was especially impressed with
the richness of the holdings in the Public Archives in Ottawa.
While at Harvard University, Mr. Stuart-Stubbs had
occasion to talk with Mr. Edwin Williams concerning his recent
survey of the holdings of Canadian university libraries in the
humanities and social sciences. The report will be published
by the national government shortly.
Survey of Canadian Medical Libraries
Miss Fraser reported that Miss Beatrice Simon,
Assistant Librarian of McGill University, was on campus recently
In connection with the survey she is making of Canadian medical
libraries, sponsored by the Association of Canadian Medical
Colleges and the Committee of Medical Science Libraries of the
Canadian Library Association.
71 72
Conference of Pacific Northwest Library Association
The conference of the Pacific Northwest Library
Association will be hald on the University of British Columbia
campus August 23-25, 1962. There will also be a joint pre-
conference meeting of the College Division, PNLA, and College,
University and Research Library Section (CURLS) of the California
Library Association on August 22. Registration forms are
available from the Librarian's Office.
Miss Lore Bewer, from Librarian I to Librarian II in
the Catalogue Division, effective July 1, 1962.
Miss Mary Pike, from Library Assistant to Senior
Library Assistant in the Catalogue Division, effective July 1,1962,
Miss Linda Hanson, as Clerk II in the Catalogue Division,
on June 2S~.
Mrs. Siupatie Harding, as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Library, on July ?.
Miss Merle E. Herbert, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division, on July 9.
Mr. Berching Ho, as Senior Library Assistant, in the
Circulation Division on June 25.
Miss Marie M. McLellan, as Clerk I in the College
Library, on July 30.
Miss Lois Ramsey, transferred from Circulation Division
as Clerk I in the Biomedical Library, on July 13.
Miss Irene Whittingham, as Clerk I in the Humanities
Division, on June 25,
Miss Barbara Wiseman, as Clerk I in the Serials Division,
on July 16.
Mrs♦ Seraphine Morton, as Clerk I in the Serials
Division, on July 1, 73
Miss Wendy Barr, as Library Assistant in the
Catalogue Division, on August 31.
Miss Sandra Blusson, as Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division on September 7.
Mrs. Eiko Chikamori ., as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division, on September 7.
Miss Ruth Davidson, as Library Assistant in the College
Library, on August 17.
Miss Ann deLotbiniere-Harwood, as Library Assistant in
TJhe Circulation Division on August 37 .
Miss Diane Deeming, as Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division," on August 10.
Mr. Fujio Fukuyama, as Senior Library Assistant in
the Asian Studies Division, on August 24
Mrs. Lettice Hempell, as Librarian I in the College
Library on August 31.      ~
Miss Joyce Kruger, as Clerk I in the Catalogue Division
on August 10.
Miss Hilda Maclean, as Secretary IV in the Librarian's
Office, on September 7.
Miss Helen Mossop, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division, on August 17.
Mr. William Parker, as Library Assistant in the Biomedical
Library, on August 17.
Miss Sonia Thomas, as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division, on August lb.
Miss Betty Lou Zimmerman, as Clerk I in the
Circulation Division, on August 9.
Mr. Peter Girard, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division, on August 31.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. 74
New Salary Scales
The new salary scales adopted for librarians, library
assistants, clerks and other library personnel, effective
July 1, 1962, are as follows:
Annual Rates
5600 ^
5800   6100
7000   7300
(Considered on
individual basis by
recommendation of Librarian to
the Board)
Monthly Rates
Clerk I     $185 $195 $205 $215 $225
Clerk II    225  235  245  255  265
Secretary II 240  250  260  270  280
240  250  260  270  280
Assistant &
Secretary IV 308
290  300
328  348  368  388  408


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