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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 11, 1950

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APRIL 11, 1950, at 10 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Smith,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
The Librarian asked if the meeting wished to nominate
another professional staff member to attend the weekly sessions.
Miss Jefferd said she would like Miss Howieson to come.  It was
pointed out that Miss Mercer had previously been nominated, but the
demands of her division and the fact that she would be away during
most of June made it expedient to defer her attendance.
Miss Howieson will be invited to take part in the next four meetings.
Dr; Dunlap requested that any new member joining the
Library staff should be introduced to Miss Fugler on the first day.
There are several items of information which each newcomer should
be given immediately on arrival.
Conversations with Dean Weaver about the possible future
of the medical library at the University have"made it clear to
Dr. Dunlap that the Faculty of Medicine does not expect to find the
libraries of the hospitals and of the Medical Association downtown
of much use to students here. For the immediate future, Dean Weaver
would like to have a reading room for his students in the Library,
to be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., these hours later to be extended
to 10 p.m. The Faculty of Medicine will pay the costs involved in
making the reading room available. Dr. Dunlap would like to have
Miss Isabel McDonald take charge of the medical reading room and
thus ensure that a qualified professional librarian is established
there at the beginning. The medical reading room will be arranged on
stack level two, in the present Green Room. Dr. Dunlap said that
an early step in preparing the Green Room as a medical reading room
was to get in some of the interested members of the Medical Faculty
and find out what they wanted. It would then be for the Library to
decide how best to provide the desired accommodation. Mr. Lanning
asked whether the librarian in charge of the medical reading room
would move with the medical library to its new quarters in a medical
building, when the time comes. Dr. Dunlap replied that he did not
know. The future of the medical library as a separate entity is
tied in with the whole question of departmental libraries, and this
is a matter which the Library Committee has to consider carefully
as soon as it can.
Medicine is now beginning to order books. The question cf
cataloguing arises: will the medical books be fully catalogued in
the public catalogue, or will only a main entry appear there?
The opinion was expressed that perhaps the general body of students
ought not to know about all the medical books, and Dr. Dunlap replied
that the Library should not undertake to censor the reading of the
students. Miss Jefferd said that for convenience she would prefer a
full catalogue.
Mr. Rothstein asked about a medical library in the hospital
downtown. Dr. Dunlap replied that the University would probably
have a library there, presumably in the General Hospital, at some future date, and would buy the books for it. This is so far in
the future, however, that no useful purpose would be served by
discussing it at present. Mr. Rothstein stated that he had had
some difficulty in persuading Miss Edwards, Dr. Weaver's secretary,
that it was in order for the Library to stamp as Library property
the books being ordered for Dr. Weaver's office.  It was being done,
he had told her, in anticipation of the time when these books
would become part of the general library collection. Dr. Dunlap
pointed out that these and other books were University property,
not Library property.
Miss Lanning asked whether Medicine was to be allowed to
take what it wanted from the Library's collection, as Law did,
leaving the Library to buy second copies if it wanted the items on
its shelves. Dr. Dunlap said that he supposed Law would always
have a separate library. Miss Lanning remarked that law students
often came to the main Library for books which were missing from
the Law Library, or for help because they did not know their way
around the Law Library.
Miss Lanning reported that she was getting on slowly
with the counting of books in the main collection. Dr. Dunlap is
anxious to nave a figure which he can offer as a reasonably
accurate one for the number of books in the Library.
Miss Smith asked whether student assistants would be
engaged for inventory and Miss Lanning replied that she had not
yet decided about the staff situation for that job.
Mr. Rothstein asked what method was to be followed
regarding accounts for law books, and Dr. Dunlap said he believed
the new accounting system included books for the Law Library as well
as everything else. At this point there was a general discussion
about departments buying books out of their own departmental funds
for their departmental libraries. It appears that the amount spent
for books by the departments  (including Law) is substantially
larger than that allocated out of the Library's budget for such
Miss Jefferd asked if there was any possibility of the
Catalogue Division acquiring a small mimeograph machine for doing
catalogue cards.  She said that a model fcr this purpose would cost
about $90. Dr. Dunlap said he was planning to order a duplicating
machine for the Library, and that he did not think it likely that
two could be purchased in the same year.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m. THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
April 17, 1950.
Members of the Staff:
In the staff meeting notes dated April .2^,
1949, it was called to the attention of the staff
that full time members were permitted to have a rest
period in the morning or the afternoon, but not in
both. A number of the staff members are now away
from their work in the mornings and afternoons, and
I should like each person to restrict himself to one
rest period each day.
Would you please indicate that you have
read this by writing your initials below?
Leslie W. Dunlap


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