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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 2, 1954

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FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1954, at 10:30 a.m.
No. 75
Present: Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss O'Rourke, Mrs. Little, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
P, 1, para. 4: Replace "Acquisitions" in 1. 4 with
The Library is acquiring microprint material: the British
Sessional Papers of the 19th Century (comprising reproductions of
between four and five million pages), and a series of English and
American drama (to 1800) have been purchased and it is likely that
more of this type of material will be added. A microprint reader
manufactured by the Readex Corporation, publishers of the microprint
material, has been obtained, and its operation was demonstrated at
the beginning of the meeting. The reader will be available in the
microfilm room.
Each sheet of microprint will need-to be marked with a
series number so that it can be returned to its proper place in the
set. Library ownership will be indicated by a stamp on the back of
each card.
A shipment of material from the Iowa State University is on
its way here in 29 boxes. It is chiefly U. S, government publications.
A new type of sturdier flush binding has been devised
to take care of volumes which do not justify or need full regular
binding but for which the usual "flush" binding is not strong enough.
The sheets are sewn on the Oversewing machine and with them the
reinforced end sheets to give the volume sufficient added strength.
The new binding will probably serve admirably for volumes of government publications which have a comparatively short period of intensive
use, including volumes of considerable size.  The cost is probably a
little more than a third of that of regular binding* Mr. Fryer has
pointed out that a book treated in this manner would not lend itself
to rebinding or much repair; it could not be trimmed again,
The University does not now print and distribute this list
to members of Convocation as it did formerly, but it is mimeographed
in a limited number of copies. Mr. Harlow will ask for two copies
for the Library, one for Reference and one for the Librarian's
Office (later to go into the Archive). -2-
It has been proposed that the Library keep these publications only until a new edition is issued, after which the non-current
one will be automatically discarded.  The Library keeps back numbers
of such lists as the ALA register of members but this is of specific
interest, whereas the registers of many professional groups
(principally from the United States) would not be. It was suggested
that old issues could be sent to the appropriate departments, but
if they are of sufficient interest to departments the Library should
probably have the back file. Many of them are numbered items in
regular series published by the institutes in question. Most of the
directories are now filed in Reference but are not catalogued, and
it was believed that the catalogue should indicate whether a particular directory is received and is available in the Library. Directories vary in value for reference, and it was decided that
Mr. Lanning would in this instance discuss the advisability of
keeping them with Dr. Robinson of the Department of Geglogy and
report at the next meeting.
Mr. Lanning showed the meeting flush-bound volumes of
•examination papers, which show heavy use. Since some courses are
given only in alternate years and others are unique because given
by visiting professors, students want access to as many sets of
papers in the subject as possible. It was decided to make them available only for a two-year period. The new type of flush binding
should keep them together for that long, and this use will provide a
good opportunity to test the suitability and toughness of the binding.
As soon as Miss O'Rourke can do so, she is to examine the
material assembled for the U.S.B.E. and immediately thereafter it is
to be shipped. Periodical material, including government publications, will make up the whole lot; no books will be included.
A steel banding machine has been demonstrated and is very
efficient and satisfactory. Its cost (with essential supplies) is
about $100, which is high for the amount of immediate use the Library
will probably make of it, but some equipment for this purpose will
have to be obtained sooner or later, if it is not available elsewhere
on the campus. It would last indefinitely. Fliss O'Rourke mentioned
a procedure which requires the use of heavy wire instead of steel
bands, which might be less expensive, and it will be investigated,
Mr. Lanning commented that a lot of time has been spent in the past
in salvaging nails and boxes and packing books without proper equipment .
We are expected to present to the President's Finance
Committee next week a proposal relating to the levying and collection
of library fines. The proposals which were considered by the
Division Heads two weeks ago were reviewed. New elements are the -3- 	
suggested addition of incentives for prompt payment and penalties
for late payment of fines. After some discussion it was agreed that
fines at the Loan Desk would not begin to accumulate until a book is
four days late, at which time $1,00 would be due. It is believed
that nearly all books are returned within a few days after the due
date and it is hoped that a great deal of billing will be avoided
by allowing (unofficially) a period of grace. This leeway will not
be advertised, and the days of grace may need to be varied as
circumstances dictate. The problems affecting Reserve, Reference,
and Serials will be discussed with these divisions by Mr, Rothstein.
Bills will be typed in quintuplicate, the original going
to the student, three copies on different colored sheets to the
Accountant, and the fifth being retained by the Library. Carbon
copies of the bills will be sent out at two-week intervals by the
Accountant. When the third is despatched, the Accountant's copy
will be sent to the Library, for the preparation of a "black-list,"
and will be returned to the Accountant the next morning. Miss Lanning mentioned the problem of sending 2d and 3d notices at the end
of term, when billing Is normally discontinued. However, if grades
are not withheld at term end (an accounting being made at time of
re-registration instead) no interruption in billing need occur.
When a student's name has been recorded on the black-list, he will
be asked to call at the Librarian's office, where he will be
interviewed and his library card taken away.
Miss Lanning reported that she has not been charging
fines during Summer Session, since there has been little need for it.
It was agreed that if it is not necessary it should be avoided,
Some proposals for reducing the work in Acquisitions have
been made: one to simplify reporting to Reference and Serials when
material is received about which one of these divisions has been
notified when the order was sent. Acquisitions now proposes that
the multiple copy of the advance notice which is to be sent to
faculty, advising of the arrival of a book, first serve to notify
Reference or Serials. If the item received is kept in either of
the divisions, the slip will be returned, noting the form of entry
adopted; if the book is returned, the slip will be returned with it
and will be sent by Acquisitions to the faculty representative.
Notice to Reference and Serials will be started immediately; it is
planned to inaugurate advance to faculty (when books reach the
Cataloguing Division) in the fall,
Lists of out-of-print material wanted by the Library have
been sent out recently and a very high percentage of returns has
resulted: nearly 50$ accepted in English, and smaller proportions
in History and Reference, from lists sent fairly recently and to
which other replies may still be expected. The offers vary greatly
in price, but the return has been most encouraging. -4-
New copy has been submitted by a committee of the staff
and, after it has been gone over by Mr. Harlow and Mr. Rothstein,
copies will be distributed to Division Heads for revision and
comment. Any proposed changes in Loan Desk operations, Sedgewick use
central serials record, etc., will need to be agreed upon if they are
to be included in the pamphlet, which must go to the printer shortly*
Mr. Rothstein is still awaiting a reply to his inquiry
from the large library which he understands has a central serials
record. Several drawbacks to the proposed change were mentioned.
Many more telephone calls between Reference and Serials and some
more between Acquisitions and Serials would result. Miss O'Rourke
said that it is not known how many people use the "library has"
information effectively; Reference has been trying to educate
students and faculty in its use, and such instruction forms part of
the annual library project. Miss Lanning believes that a considerable number of senior students are making use of it, and that the
number if increasing.
Not all members of the English Department are in sympathy
with the project, but Reference believes that its benefits among the
student population are accumulating. Mr. Harlow is unwilling to
abandon it and he has been discussing it with Dr. Cragg and others.
Miss O'Rourke will review the past procedures with the Reference
staff and suggest a proposal to the Librarian for the coming term.
The door is definitely to be replaced with double swinging
doors, but the work will be postponed until after Summer Session and
completed before the Fall Term opens.
For an annual contribution to the University of $250
(to be used for the purchase of architectural books when not awarded
as a student bursary), the members and student associates of the
Architectural Institute of British Columbia will be entitled to
limited library privileges in the University.  They will be on a
similar service basis for architectural material as are the members
of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for business publications.
A list of members has been supplied to Mr. Harlow. Material purchased with funds provided by the Architectural Institute will be
used as other material bought by the Library, and members will have
no special rights to them. Book-plates will be ordered and the
service will start immediately. (A copy of the letter of agreement
is appended.)
A small reading room will probably be established at
"Empire Village" (Acadia Camp) by the Vancouver Public Library. -5- 	
Mr. Robinson will supply the book stock, chiefly non-fiction, and
the University Library has been asked if it can help by providing
some staff. Several persons at the meeting immediately volunteered
to serve one night a week, and it appeared that others may also be
willing. The B. E. G. Committee will recompense the Library for
book losses but will not assume other responsibility.
Mr, Rothstein has reviewed the history of this collection,
and its future will be considered later.  The meeting decided that
for the Summer Session the front doors should remain closed and a
notice be posted there directing users to the entrance in the Fine
Arts Room. The rooms will be open daily from 12 noon to 3 p.m.
Book losses last Summer Session were serious, and Mr. Harlow prefers
to keep the two doors locked this time, using them only as "show
windows." The books in the Sedgewick Collection will henceforth
have property marks stamped on their top edges.  Plans for the room
for the Winter Session will be considered later.
Miss Mercer said that these were in Customs and would be
in the Library shortly.  The Library has also ordered a set for the
preceding period, 1500 to 1800.
Some binding slips do not give any information regarding
donor. The donor should be indicated if there is one and if not the
space should have a line drawn through it. Otherwise it is not
known whether the item has been overlooked.
Mr. Harlow wishes the staff to know that Dr. Malcolm
McGregor, a graduate of this University, has come from the University of Cincinnati to head the Classics Department. He is a young
man and is very much interested in library development.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 noon,
On August 1, Mr. Bell will be transferred from Reference
to the Circulation Division.  This will create a vacancy in the
Reference Division (Librarian I).
Miss Anne* Smith may be expected back at the Library about
October 1.  She plans to return home via India and Europe, around
the world from Japan. APPENDIX
June 30, 1954.
Mr. R. B. Deacon,
Executive Secretary,
The Architectural Institute of British Columbia,
17 East Broadway,
Vancouver 10, B. C.
Dear Mr. Deacon:
I have been somewhat delayed in replying to your letter
of March 18, 1954, regarding the proposed use of University
Library facilities by members and student associates of the
Institute. Fleanwhile, however, the approval of the Senate Library
Committee has been given to this plan, which can be outlined as
Library privileges for members of the Architectural
Institute of British Columbia will include access to materials in
the University Library in the professional-field of Architecture
(including Fine Art, Engineering, and Planning). Members residing
in the Vancouver and New Westminster areas will use the Library in
person, while out-of-town members may request and borrow books by
mail.  Institute members will be subject to the same rules and
regulations relating to the borrowing and return of books as other
regular borrowers.  Some materials will be available for use in
the Library only, fines will be imposed for late return, and
postage charges are to be paid by the borrower.  These terms may
be modified by mutual agreement at any time and terminated on a
year's notice by either party.
It is likely that much of the material which will be in
demand by members of the Institute is already restricted to use
in the Library here because of a similar continuing use on the
campus; this will include periodical and journal files, reference
works, expensive art books, and some standard volumes of which
sufficient copies are not available for extended loan purposes.
As with our present users, we shall make the service to Institute
members as liberal as possible.
As to the Institute's contribution to the University,
I quote your letter of March 18, 1954: flIt is understood that the
contribution of $250.00 is to be made at the pleasure of the
Council in any year the Annual Institute Bursary award is not made
to a student associate, in which event this arrangement may be
We have received your register of members, dated April 1,
1954, with a supplementary list of student associate members.
This will serve as an official register of participants in this
service, and it should perhaps be revised periodically.
Unless you have other suggestions, the arrangement may be
considered as going into effect immediately. Your comments will be
welcome at any time.
Yours sincerely,
"Neal Harlow"


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