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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 11, 1955

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No, 89
TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1955, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Fir. Rothstein, Fliss Lanning, Fliss Smith,
Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, Fliss Rutherford, Miss Fugler.
P. 1, STACK SHIFT. Please note that when returning
professional library journals which are now shelved in the Reference
stacks, they should be taken by the borrower back to the Serials
Division and not replaced on the shelves,
P. 4, LIBRARY FINES. Line 4: to (2) add, "When the slip
which is(0.K,'d for service1" by the Accountant's office is presentee
by the student at one of the Library public desks, the date of payment should be noted by the staff member in order to be sure the
payment is for fines to date."
A ne\f issue of the Librarian's "NOTES" has been sent to
faculty.  Staff should read the copy provided for each Division in
order to be informed should any reference be made to it by faculty.
About 450 copies were mailed on the campus and 30 elsewhere.
A general staff meeting will be held on Wednesday this
week, for which Mr. Harlow would welcome suggestions from staff
regarding matters of interest to be discussed.
The University is planning ahead for its building needs.
The first money provided by the Province for building purposes will
probably be used for an Arts Building, the next for a Medical
Building.  The latter will raise some questions about library
facilities. The Library already has a qualified Medical library
staff and operates a Branch for the clinical faculty and students
off-campus. The new Medical Building will be located in the same
general area as the present Biological Sciences Building, and
library service to that whole area may have to be worked out.
Mr. Harlow asked the Division Heads to give this matter their
consideration for future discussion. Mr. Harlow said that the
basic Medical sciences will undoubtedly remain on the campus, even
though University hospital facilities are developed at the General
Hospital.  He believes that a hospital will eventually be built
on the campus, but special funds for this purpose will have to be
Some of the first money available will be spent to provide additional steel stacks for the Library "well." ¥t
Because of poor health, Dean Weaver will be on leave
until June, and in the meantime Dr. Rocke Robertson, Head of the
Department of Surgery, will be Acting Dean of Fledicine.
Fir, Rothstein, after discussion with Fliss Alldritt and
Fliss Fiercer, asked the meeting what kind of cards should go into
the public catalogue for material in the delta ( ) category.
Only one card for Howay-Reid material now goes into the main
catalogue, but Howay-Reid is a special collection related to a
fairly specific subject field, and a separate catalogue and referenc
service is provided in relation to it. Flaterial in the delta category may be in all fields. At present the delta symbol will not
even be a location guide, but when a rare book room is established
it will have that significance.  (Meanwhile the public can be
directed to one service desk for these books.) Fir. Rothstein
believes that since this material is part of the general resources
of the University Library a full set of cards for delta-marked items
should be in the public catalogue, with a main entry card (and
tracings) in a separate section of the Howay-Reid catalogue because
for the present much of the material will be in the Howay-Reid Room.
With the tracings given, a catalogue of special material could be
set up later on.
It was decided that a full set of cards will be provided
for the public catalogue, with an author card and tracings for the
catalogue in the Howay-Reid Room.  It was agreed to leave the
decision regarding the filing of the cards and books in Howay-Reid
to Fir. Owens and Miss Smith. Miss Alldritt will consider the cataloguing problem and report to the next meeting.
Miss Smith has received an inquiry from Fliss Elizabeth
Morton of the Canadian Library Association asking for her comment
upon the promotion by CLA of an exchange of librarians in Canada
with other countries.  It was agreed that such exchange may be very
beneficial to the individuals concerned and therefore to librarian-
ship in general, but that it might not always be an advantage to the
exchanging libraries. Mr, Rothstein suggested exchanging specialists who would be expected to make specific contributions to the
libraries during their year of employment. Fliss Mercer said that
if a librarian leaves a division on exchange, the exchangee need not
be placed in the same position; someone else in the division could
be moved up, broadening his experience and lessening the effect
of the change upon the division. Exchange need not be position for
position. Mr. Harlow remarked that exchange should be limited to
people who expect to make librarianship their life work.  It was
agreed that Fliss Smith should encourage CLA to sponsor an exchange
program. ii
As a result of statements in the Annual Report, the
Zoology Department asked the Library to catalogue their reading
room material. Mr. Rothstein and Fliss Alldritt visited the '"
Department and found that the Department has supposed that
"cataloguing" included getting their reprints and other reading
room material in order. The collection is composed of runs of
serials, a mass of Dr. McLean Fraser's publications on hydroids,
miscellaneous serials, separates, and some books. Fluch of it is
in pamphlet boxes. The librarians advised Dr. Udvardy about
arranging and caring for reprints, pamphlets, etc., which are not
the concern of the University Library, and asked him to look over
the books and decide which are of value. When Mr. Lanning returns
he will decide about the serials in the same way; those not
important enough for full cataloguing could be organized simply
in Zoology. Mr. Rothstein and Miss Alldritt did not discuss the
matter of cards for the books to be kept in Zoology, but it is
probable that the Library will supply a main entry card for each
title for the reading room. It was suggested that when these
books are marked in the Librae, "Zool" should be added above the
call number so that the books would find their way back to the
Department. A shelf list would be kept in the Catalogue Division.
Miss Mercer asked who will decide what books in the
departmental collection are worth cataloguing? The Library will
be the final authority but will follow departmental advice. Books
not considered to be worth entering in the public catalogue may be
catalogued for the department and a record kept in the Library's
authority file. Fliss Mercer said that some departmental material
now gets an author card in the authority file, while very slight
material is recorded only on the order card. Flaterial which is
really expendable requires only a note of ownership on the item.
The Library must respect departmental priorities; the Library
has supervision over everything bought for the University although
much of it should remain in the hands of the department which
ordered it until it is not currently useful.
Mr. Rothstein is preparing a statement of the understanding with Zoology.  In the meantime, Acquisitions will carry
on as it has been doing. When the Catalogue Division is ready to
start cataloguing departmental material it should give advance
notice to Acquisitions because more searching will be called for,
Fliss Smith reported that there are 5 stock copies of
each calendar, as far as they are available, on the Reference
stack shelves.  There are also some additional copies stored in
cartons.  Of the three bound copies, it was decided that the set
in the general stack should be moved to Reference where it is
likely to be used; the second should be in the Archive; and the
third in the Librarian's office. i) u
Fir. Harlow has noted that the noise in the entrance
foyer occurs chiefly on the half-hour while classes are changing
and lasts for about ten minutes. Fir. Harlow would like Fir. Bell
to observe whether this is the disturbance mentioned in the Monthly
Report of the Loan Division; if it proves to be chiefly at these
times there may be nothing very effective which can be done about
it, but if it occurs at other times, some action will need to be
taken.  The stack must be kept quiet or faculty will soon object
to allowing 3rd and 4th year students to have access to it.  Staff
must be similarly careful about noise.
The blacklisted students are entitled to service at
Reference and Serials for material to be used in the building, but
they are not entitled to borrow material to take home.
Miss Lanning said that four copies of the blacklist are
needed at the Loan Desk; and copies should be available at all
service points.  It was decided that, in order to save typing, the
cumulative blacklist would be made on a stencil in the Librarian's
office and the required number of copies mimeographed.  This will
have to be done between 4 and 5 p.m. on the day the list is receive'
from the Accountant's office.
Fir. Harlow inquired whether a suggestion box should not
be set up where students may leave requests for books they would
like to have available in the Library.  It was thought that it
should probably be near the public catalogue.
The Information Office will issue a monthly news sheet
providing information about the University to a mailing list of
some 5,000 persons in the Province. Fir. Harlow is expected by
Firs. Coryell to have an item about the Library in each issue, and
he has submitted copy for the first number.
Mr. Harlow will leave next Thursday (January 20) on
his annual trip to the Library Schools at Toronto and McGill and
to attend the ALA Flidwinter meeting in Chicago. He will also
revisit Queen's University. He asks the Division Heads and others
to let him have notes concerning anything they may wish him to do
while he is away.
Acquisitions has sent out notices to the teaching
departments advising them of the state of their library allocations 5
Miss Lanning asked for a second copy of the popular book
on the Canadian Navy, "The Far Distant Ships," which does not
circulate because it is a government publication. The Reference
Division should decide whether the original copy of such an item
should be available for circulation; if it is not, and if it is
in demand as a popular book, a second copy may be ordered and
charged to the Multiple Copies fund.
Race relations journal (South African Institute of Race
Relations), v. 1-31, 1933-53 (incomplete).
American Academy of Arts & Sciences.  Proceedings, v. 37,
1901/02, v. 56-82, 1920/21-1952/53.
Fir. Lanning continues to make good progress.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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