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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 10, 1949

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January 10, 1949, at 10 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith
Miss Jefferd
Miss Lanning
Mr. Lanning
Mr. Rothstein
Miss Fugler (as Secretary)
The staff meeting dealt with a number of matters arising out
of internal operations in the Library..
It was decided that Mrs. Arnott of the Circulation Department,
who collects the fines money and therefore makes more frequent calls
upon the vault than anyone else, should be asked to learn the combination of the vault in order that she might have access to it
without bothering anyone else.
Miss Smith stated that she was preparing answers to questionnaires submitted by Library Associations, and she asked the various
departments to assist her by supplying statistics, etc. on their
departmental operations.
The whole matter of the unsatisfactory behaviour of the new
elevator was discussed, and the opinion was expressed and supported
that'members of the Library staff were using the elevator in
accordance with instructions and that the difficulties were beyond
our power to remedy.  A further appeal to the Otis-Fensom company
to put- the machine in order was decided upon.
As a number of requests come in from various quarters each day
for the attention of the janitors it was suggested that a small notice
board be provided in the Secretary's office where written requests
could be posted for the janitors^' attention.  This was decided upon,
and staff members are asked to send requests for replacement of light
globes, soap, etc., and any routine janitorial service, to
Miss Fugler for posting on the board.  It is hoped that this will do
away with multiple requests for the same item.
Miss Smith explained to the meeting that job classification plans
were in the hands of Major McLean, and she suggested that a committee
of Library staff members be appointed to present the Library's point
of view and recommendations.  After a good deal of discussion it was
agreed that Miss Smith should first ascertain from Major McLean
whether he would welcome and give consideration to suggestions and
recommendations from a Library committee.  If he favoured such an
approach, a Library Committee would be appointed to go into the
matter.  It was stipulated that such a Committee would not merely
supply statistics and routine information to Major McLean, but would
present the point of view and interests of the Library staff.  It was
further agreed that if such a Committee were appointed, it should be
representative of all jobs comprised in the Library, not only of the
professional positions.
The question of maintenance of the staff rooms was discussed.
Miss Smith asked that the House Committee review the situation, about which there has been some dissatisfaction, and make suggestions.
A box to receive complaints and recommendations will be placed in
the staff quarters and it is hoped that all members of the Library
staff will express their opinions as to how the rooms can be better
run and afford more satisfaction to everyone.  The House Committee
was asked to continue its present management and to post a list of
names and dates showing the turn of duty to be taken by each
member who uses the rooms.
Several members of Faculty have complained that their students
are not able to browse among the current periodicals, and in order to
meet this complaint it has been decided to display all current
periodicals in the field of the biological sciences on a rack in the
periodical room.  Dr. Cowan, Chairman of the Library Committee, is
particularly interested, and the experiment is therefore being made
in relation to his department.  This method will be given a trial of
two or three months.  The Department of Zoology has undertaken to be
responsible for any loss of books from the rack.
For the information of staff members, keys to the Klahowyah,
Microfilm, and Art Rooms are now kept at the Reference Desk.
It was decided that the Eastman Kodak Co. should be asked to
supply us with a book of instructions regarding the use of the
Mr. Lanning reported that periodicals loaned to departments
on the campus had been gathered in during the Christmas holiday
period and that most of them had been found and returned to the
Miss Jefferd brought up the question of a notice board for the
Art Exhibitions, etc., and it was decided after discussion that the
Department of Architecture should be asked to provide a small
notice board, to the Library's specifications, which could be hung
at the south end of the picture rail in the main corridor and would
be visible from the main entrance hallway.
The form and arrangement of the directory which Mr. Rothstein
has been working on came under consideration, and some suggestions
were offered which will be incorporated in the plan.  Every effort
is being made to have the directory clear and explicit for the
guidance of people who have no knowledge of the library building.
The meeting's attention was called to the fact that the door
leading from the lean-to into the stacks was sometimes left open,
thus permitting students to enter the stacks from outside. Staff
members are requested to be particularly careful to see that this
door is kept locked from the outside whenever they make use of it.
Mr. Lanning mentioned that the binding situation was so
serious that he would prefer to have books bound as quickly as
possible and not to delay matters by having the bindery letter them,
a process which takes a considerable amount of time.  The lettering
could be done during the processing of the books and would save
valuable time in getting them bound and on the shelves.
Miss Lanning asked that book cards not be placed in theses,
a practice which had resulted in some theses being allowed to go
out of the building.  This could be prevented if there were no borrower's card. Miss Lanning informed the meeting that she had
arranged for the work of cleaning the stacks and that Major McLean
had undertaken to supply student labour for the job.  She also
requested that two or three more army tables be supplied for the
Education work-room on Floor 3, where Dr. Cameron's students did a
good deal of studying.
Miss Smith informed the meeting that she would be attending the
Midwinter Conference of the American Library Association in Chicago
and would therefore be absent from the Library from January 16 to
January 27 or thereabouts.  In her absence Miss Jefferd will be
Acting Librarian.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m. STAFF MEETING NOTES I	
A staff meeting was held on Monday morning, January 31, '^^7
in the Librarian's office.
Present:  Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Jefferd, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Miss Smith reported that she had learned from Major McLean
that it would be some, time before he got far along with job
The meeting heard an account of Miss Smith's interviews in
Chicago with Dr. Muller and Dr. Dunlap, both of whom are possible
candidates for the position of Librarian here.  She felt that
both had had wide and useful experience, but that Dr. Dunlap would
perhaps be the more suitable.  The meeting agreed that she should
report to the President in the same vein as she had done to them.
Mr. Rothstein gave Miss Smith an account of the consideration
given at the last Staff Association meeting to the problem of
maintenance of the staff rooms.  It had been agreed by the Staff
Association that fifteen minutes a day should suffice for general
tidying up, and that two persons appointed for two-week periods
should be able to arrange their times so as not to inconvenience
their respective departments.  Miss Smith was of the opinion that no
senior member of staff should be asked to do this work because of
the money cost involved when such persons were awajr from their desks,
but after discussion it was agreed that the present proposal,
which included participation by all staff members, should be given
a trial.
Mr. Rothstein then brought up the question of choosing a
Book Selection Committee from the Library staff.  Names suggested
were: Eleanor Mercer, Betty Henderson, Lily Kristjanson, Frances
Bryce, and Kathleen North.  After discussion it was decided that
Mr. Rothstein should choose a committee of three from among those
mentioned.  The Committee as finally selected was made up of the
following members:
Mr. Rothstein called attention to the fact that used grocery
buggies, which would be very useful in the Library, were being
sold by Woodward's for $2.50 each.  Several departments had expressed interest in these, and it was arranged that inquiry should
be made about the condition of the buggies and that three of them
should be ordered if it appeared that they would give- good service.
(On inquiry it was discovered that all the buggies referred to had
already been sold.)
Miss Lanning requested that more chairs be put into the
Education study room on Floor 3 to provide seating capacity for
twenty students, and Miss Smith undertook to see what could be done
to meet this request.
Miss Lanning then raised the question of staff members taking
out new books before they were put on the shelves.  She had had
many inquiries from members of Faculty for books which they had been told were now in the Library but which had never reached the
shelves.  It was agreed that staff members should have an
opportunity to see new books after they were catalogued and before
they went on the shelves, and should be allowed to borrow them,
except in special cases, on condition that they retained such
books for one week only.
Miss Smith offered to report on the Midwinter Conference of
ALA, from which she has just recently returned, and as it was felt
that the staff generally would be interested in hearing her it was
agreed that this should be held over until the' next meeting of the
Staff Association.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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