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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 16, 1960

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 M  I  N 11 U  T  E  S
February 16X I960. No. 210
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBM, ML, MAT, DF, and HM.
Shortly (Friday, February 19) work will be started on
framing the stairwell doors at the new fire exit in the northeast corner of the exisiting bookstacks, and it will be necessary
to have the space around this area cleared. Work will begin on
levels 1 to 3 aad proceed as the concrete work is done in the
new stack area.
Gift Plates
It was agreed that, in general, gift plates would not
be placed in material received from government agencies;
exceptions will be made when advisable.
Technology Project
The American Library Association Technology Project
(supported by the Council on Library Resources) has a number
of interesting and useful projects in hand, among which are:
- developing a marking machine for lettering the
backs of books; and a new type of stylus for marking
- developing a new kind of newspaper holder (for •
current issues).
- testing various types of adhesive tapes.
- testing the permanence of several commercial
laminating processes.
- establishing standards for wooden furniture and
steel bookstacks.
- testing the so-called "perfect" binding process
(a glue process substituting for machine sewing). "der Grosse Shifte"
The committee, composed of Basil Stuart-Stubbs, Bill
Bell, and Leonard Williams, which has been set up to organize
the shift of the book collection when the new stack is available has submitted a tentative proposal, which was discussed.
In general, material relating to the Humanities and Social
Sciences would go on levels 1-4, that for the Sciences on
levels 5, 6, and 7, (with History between the two).
Level 1 - The Asian Studies collection in the new area; L.C,
class A in the old.
Level 2 - P (Literature) and B. (With College Library in the
new area).       "~
Level 3 - C, D, E, E; Humanities current periodicals, and
related reference material; Fine Arts (adjoining the
present Fine Arts Library).
Level 4 - G, H, J, L in new area and east half of existing
stack; newspapers in part of west half.
Level 5 - Social Science current periodicals (at north end);
Q t0 9S.r with current Science journals at entrance
to new stacks.
Level 6 - QH to W (Biomedical Library).
Level 7 - S, T, V.
Government documents (Social Sciences) are tentatively planned
for levels 4 and 6.
Mir. Harlow asked to discuss the proposals with the
Reference staff.
Late Closing
Final examinations begin on Saturday, April 16. The
Library will therefore be open until 11:00 p.m. for the two
weeks prior to this, commencing April 4. Only the main reading
room, reserve book room and the stacks will be open; the other
Divisions closing at 10:00 p.m.
Friends of the Library
On February 11 the Council of the Friends of the Library
met with members of the special committees of the Ways and Means
Committee. 3
Considerable interest was evinced in the proposal to
undertake to raise funds from the community on a continuing
basis for the purchase of research collections.  It will not
be a general "appeal" but directed to specific individuals
and groups who may have a special interest in library development. The campaign will culminate this year in the opening of
the new Library wing in October under the auspices of the
Book Publishers Record
A new current list of books published in the United
States is being issued, the Book Publishers Record. Coming
out once a month, the books are listed in classified order,
with entries prepared by the Library of Congress.  It is a
monthly cumulation of the weekly listings appearing in
Publishers Weekly and willTte useful as a subject approach
for the new subject Divisions to be organized by next fall.
Samples of three types of 3" x 5" microcopies were
exhibited - (1) microcards printed on one side only; and (2)
printed on two sides; and (3) microfiche (positive transparent
films). :;
Books for Men's Residences
It has been suggested that some books be sent to the
new men's residences and common block, and Dr. Rothstein proposed that some of the more popular material among the duplicates be so used.  Bookplates should identify them as
belonging to the U.B.C residences.
Occupational Health Conference
The Library is preparing an exhibit for the conference
on Occupational Health to be held in the Hotel Vancouver on
February 26 and 27.
Mrs.  Patricia Hodge as Senior Library Assistant in the
Curriculum Laboratory en March 15.
Mr.  Peter Leslie as  Library Assistant in the  Serials
CERN. European organization for nuclear research. Cern biblio-
graphiography. Geneve, Cern service d'information
scientifique, 1958-9. Nos, 1-4. No. 1 List of scientific reports on plasma physics, magnetohydrodynamics
and thermonuclear reactions in CERN Library 1st December,
1958. No. 2 Bubble Chambers by Betty K, Ogden. No. 3
Index to UCRL engineering notes on hydrogen bubble
chambers and data analysis by Pierre Amiot and Betty
K. Ogden. No. 4 Time reversal by H. Coblans and
supplement 3d March 1959.
Okinshevich, Leo A. & Gorokhoff, Cecilia J. comps.  Latin
America in Soviet writings, 1945-1958; a bibliography
... ed. by Nathan A. Haverstock. Washington, D.C,
Library of Congress, Slavic and Central European division
and the Hispanic foundation reference department, 1959.
(Hispanic foundation bibliographical series no. 5).
Spafford, Ivol and Amidon, Edna P.  Studies on the teaching of
home economics in colleges and universities 1955-56.
(U.S. Office of Education. Vocational division bulletin
no, 276. Home economics series no, 31).
UNITED NATIONS. Community development services in mainland
South-East Asia, New York, December 1959. (United
Nations series on community development). ST/TAO/SER.D/35;
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administration of national community development programmes. Bangkok, Thailand. 15 February - 4 March, 1959.
Department of economic and social affairs. Future
population estimates by sex and age. Report IV. 'The
population of Asia and the Far East, 1950-1980. New
York, 1959. (Population studies no. 3D. ST/SOA/SER.A/31.
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policies and the cost of building. Geneva, 1959.
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1959. (United Nations. Technical assistance programme)
Statistical office. World energy supplies 1955-1958.
New York, i960 (Statistical papers series J no. 3).
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institutions and scientists in Latin-America. Montevideo,
1959. v. 1. Paraguay, v. 2. Chile.


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