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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 9, 1960

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August 9,   I960.       No.  219
Reporting Division Heads Fleeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     NH,  RJL,  ML.   DF,   GGT,   JO'R,  AB,   JS,  FID,   BSS,ES,
PS   (for EBM),  and HM.
CLA Membership
Fir,  Harlow urges that members of the Library staff who
wish to  join the  Canadian Library Association do  so right away
so that the CLA does not have to operate on borrowed funds.
Application forms have been sent to last year's members,  and
others may apply to the Librarian's office.    This is the most
important library association to which any of us can belong.
Library Hours
With the end of Summer Session this week   (August 12),
there will be a change in the  Library hours as follows:
For the  period August 15  to September 3:
Flonday through Friday. 9:00 a.m.  to 5:00 p*m.
Saturday CLOSED.
Monday,  September 5.   LABOR DAY   CLOSED.
For the period September 6 to September 17:
Flonday through Friday 9:00 a.m.  to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday   9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Commencing Monday,  September 19:
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.  to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Members of the staff will work a 35-hour week up to
September 2. Working hours will then be as follows:
September 6 to 10 31-hour week.
Commencing September 12 38-hour week.
"Know Your Library"
The new edition of "Know Your Library" has now gone to
the printers. Mr. Harlow tried to adopt all of the suggestions
proposed by the division heads. The final copy will fit into
four pages as before. Distribution of Current Journals
The designation of titles of current journals to be
distributed to the new subject divisions has proceeded through
the letter R, preliminary to shifting the issues themselves.
It is also proposed that the visible file (now on stack levels
3 and 5) which lists periodical titles be sub-divided and relocated in each division, indicating the titles to be found
there and any others of interest.  Continuations published in
fascicule form will be distributed to the subject divisions
if they are likely to be needed regularly and if they can be
given sufficient protection. Otherwise they will be shelved
in the general storage stack on level 1.
Book Shift
Over 60$ of the book shift has been completed. At
this time the C's are being moved from level 1 to 3. The
area on level 3 for the Fine Arts material has been cleared
and enclosed. This collection will be moved next week (after
Summer Session), and the remodelling of the Fine Arts room
will be completed.
The last shipment from England of shelving for the book-
stack has been delayed and will not arrive until the end of
September. Therefore, the Chinese collection (for level 1)
will not be moved until then.  It is expected that the Chinese
librarian may be arriving in December.
Because of the steady increase in the binding load it
is not now possible to keep up with the number of paperbacks
Without putting the binding of journals in arrears. Storage
for these "prebinds" has therefore become a problem, and a
closed area is being sought for these (perhaps on level 4).
In spite of the quite extraordinary improvements in
binding methods being continually worked out by the Bindery
staff (innovations introduced through the ingenuity of
Mr. Percy Fryer, Jr., are particularly noteworthy), resulting
in a steady increase in Bindery output, the growth of the
Library's collections has apparently been more rapid.
Library Fines
NOTE:     Commencing in September,   the  fine bills will be
sent out from the Loan Division,  and all other divisions are
asked to  send them to the Loan Desk rather than the  Librarian's
office as at present. Library Lectures
Fliss O'Rourke is planning the Library lectures, which
will require a new set of slides. The lectures for freshmen
will be held on floor 8 (in the area for the School of
Librarianship), formerly rooms 852 and 859.
Reserve Books
The Circulation Division has completed the annual check
of books placed on reserve. About 50$ of these have not been in
sufficient demand, and they have been returned to the stacks for
general circulation, the faculty being notified.
Union Catalog of Library of Congress
• It is propcsed to issue in book form a copy of the L.C.
Union Catalog for imprints from 1952-1955.  There will be 30
volumes comprising about 450,000 cards..
Ball Point Pens
A desk set has been acquired for use on a trial basis and
is being tried in the Cataloging Division. It seems likely that
pens will be provided by the Library only for stationary operations where the equipment can be anchored.
Loose Leaf Binders
Loose leaf binders, it was concluded, should be used
in lieu of pamphlet boxes for "services" which require the
continual insertion and substitution of pages and for collections of sheets which are in heavy use and cannot be handled
in the pamphlet boxes.
Opening Ceremonies
Two outside guest speakers have been asked by the.
University to participate in the ceremonies in conjunction
with the opening of the new Library wing. One will speak on
Thursday, October 27, at the official opening ceremony, and
this will also be the annual fall meeting of the Friends of
the Library. The other v/ill speak at a seminar meeting on
Friday afternoon, October 28. A third session will be held
Friday night, which the BCLA may be asked to co-sponsor and
to which other librarians and faculty members will be invited.
Salary Scale
The new salary scale of University staff has been issued
by the Personnel Office.  The rates which apply to members of
the Library staff are attached hereto (see Appendix A). -J /"■
Fliss Anne Smith appears to be recuperating satisfactorily
and may return to her duties about August 27.
Miss Sandra Blusson as Clerk 1 in the Social Sciences
Division on August 1.
Fliss Barbara Boyd as Clerk I in the Social Sciences
Division on August 1
Firs. Freya De Jong as Clerk I in the Fine Arts Division
on August 1. .
Miss Lynda Brooke as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on August 31.
Miss Diana Thomas as Library Assistant in the Reference
Division on August 31.
Fliss Anne Flurray as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on August 4.
JOIN  THE  C. L. A.  NOW!' Appendix A
Effective July 1,   I960
Professional Librarians
Librarian I            $4,600 4,800
Librarian II          $5,000 5,200
Librarian  III        $5,900 6,200
Librarian  IV                    (No scale)
Scale     -    annual increment
Non-professional Staff
Clerk I   . $181.50
Stenographer I      $203.00
Clerk II $211.50
Stenographer II    $235.50
Library Assistant$221.50
Scale  - monthly increment


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