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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 8, 1957

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January 8,   1957.    No.  144
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,   AMS,  MML,   RJL,   EBM,   MAA,  EF.
Mr. Harlow welcomed Miss Mercer back from her holiday.
While in Honolulu she visited the Bishop Museum and met the
Librarian, Miss Titcombe. The Museum Library may have duplicate
material which we might be able to purchase.
Borrowing Books from Processing Divisions
There have been some recent abuses by staff of the privilege of borrowing books which are in process.  Some volumes,
believed to have been stolen, were later returned, in two
instances after the material had been replaced. The Librarian
approved a notice to be sent by Miss Alldritt specifying the conditions under which such material can be borrowed. Such regulations must be followed very carefully.
Bookstack Installation
The. workmen now have a key to the door leading into the
well and one to the Museum passage and both doors should remain .
locked when not actually in use.
Luxfer Ltd. of London, the general contractor for the
work, has sent Mr. William Greco to superintend the installation.
He will arrive today and remain during the construction period,
observing the work of the Commonwealth Construction Company and
supervising the stack installation.
There will be an article in The Ubyssey about the stack
project, written by Miss Kent-Barber.
New Serials Reading Room
A temporary reading room has been arranged for the Serial
Division during the construction period.  Service is being given
through the window in the elevator alcove.
New Loan-Serials Desk
Mr. Harlow showed the Division Heads the present plan for
the new combined operations area and outlined the proposed use of
the space. There seems to be general agreement in regard to this
layout. dook anut
When the stack installation is complete the entire book
stock will have to be moved, and Mr. Harlow has asked Fir. Stuart-
Stubbs to gather data from Division Heads and others relating to
this project. Mr. Appelt, Librarian of the University of Saskatchewan, is sending information about the recent shift there.  If
extra help is needed the cost must be known in time to ask for it
in the new budget. Dr. Rothstein will be generally responsible for
the move.
The practice of providing analytics in the public catalogue was very considerably restricted some time ago, and Dr. Rothstein proposed that it should be broadened in certain cases. In
some fields, such as English literary history of the pre-Elizabethan
period, there are few separately published, works, most material
being issued in serial form. Presumably such articles could be
traced through bibliographies, but this is an involved process, and
there is little opportunity for student guidance in this respect.
Few series are involved in this instance and the cards could
probably be obtained from the Library of Congress.  There would of
course be demands from other departments if this service were
provided for English, and it was agreed that they would be dealt
with on their own merits. By consultation with the Reference staff,
the Catalogue Division now provides analytics for the series which
seem most difficult to use without them. Dr. Rothstein suggested
that if series are not analysed, a reference should be made on the
catalogue card to a bibliography or other source of information.
This would require keeping the bibliographic citations up to date,
and it was suggested that the card might instead refer the user to
the Reference Division for additional information.  It was agreed
for the present that the English Text Society and a few other
series of similar importance will be analysed.
Circulation of Second Copies
At present second copies of serial publications of
societies and associations, and of government documents, do not
circulate, and Miss Lanning asked whether such items could be considered as separates and circulated. Mr. Lanning did not favor
lending a second set if it is complete, since Serials has a policy
of collecting second sets of certain rare or archival types of
material which should not be made available for general circulation.
Miss Lanning agreed with this view, and each case will be dealt with
on its merits as the question arises. Second copies to be
processed for circulation will be so processed as they come into
the Library, and the Loan Desk staff will put pockets and cards into
such material in the stack as the need arises.
"Rush" Binding
The Division Heads were reminded that there are only two
binding periods: either "rush," which means 24 hour service, or
"regular," which means six weeks. There are no semi-rush periods,
except for such special items as theses, which are planned for a
year in advance. Mr. Lanning must receive advance notice of "rush"
requests at least a day or two in advance. 22
Japanese Government Publications
Mr, Harlow made a request for a selected list of Japanese
Government publications to the Japanese Ambassador to Canada, and
has now been informed that a complete set will be sent henceforth
from the National Diet Library in Japan. This is an important step
in the development of the Asian Studies program here.
Professional Librarians
The Library Committee met again recently to discuss the
status and salaries of professional staff and authorized the
Librarian and Chairman of the Committee to draft a letter for
circulation to the Library Committee for revision.  In final form
it will be sent to the President for reference to the Senate and
Board of Governors.
Council of The Friends
The Council of The Friends of the Librae will have its
first formal meeting on Friday, January 11, when a reception will
be held at President MacKenzie's home, followed, by dinner in the
Faculty Club.  Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, a member of the Council and
National Librarian of Canada, will speak at the dinner meeting.
Mr. Harlow is optimistic about the long-term usefulness of the
Friends to the University Library.
Dr. Lamb
At noon on Friday, January 11, Dr. Lamb, formerly
Librarian of this University, will deliver the Bostock Lecture to a
student audience, and on Saturday evening, January 12, to the
Vancouver Institute.
Mr. Harlow's Annual Trip East
Mr. Harlow will leave on Tuesday, January 15, to attend
the Midwinter meeting of the American Library Association, to visit
the Canadian library schools at Toronto and Flontreal, and to attend
to other business.  He will be absent for about four weeks.
Demand for Professional People in the United States
Recent advertisements in the CLA Bulletin and in the
press for librarians and other professional people indicate that
because of the shortage of professional staff in the United States,
Canada is being looked upon as a recruiting ground for personnel.
Mr. Hennessey to University of Flichigan
Mr. Reginald Hennessey, formerly of our Acquisitions
Division, has accepted the post of Head of the Searching Section in
the University of Michigan Library.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m. 4
Mr. Colmer will leave the Library Bindery in mid-February to
take over the job in Winnipeg from which his father is retiring.
Miss Margaret Fennell has been appointed Library Assistant in
the Reference Division to fill temporarily the professional
vacancy left by Fliss Doreen Taylor's'resignation.
New Subscriptions:
Alberta journal of educational research
Aslib yearbook
Experimental husbandry
Folia cardiologica
Language learning
Limnology and Oceanography
Lubrication engineering
Philips Research Reports
Safety education
Canadian journal of agricultural science superseded by;
Canadian journal of animal science
Canadian journal of plant science
Canadian journal of soil science
Fledico-legal society, London. Transactions,  v.8-26, 1910-32.
Acta neurovegetativa.  v.1-12, supp. 1950-55.
Haematologica.  v. 19-26, 1938-44.
Wagner free institute of science of Philadelphia. Transactions,  v.2-11, 1889-1927.  Publications,  v.1-4, 1929-44
National fertilizer review.
ALBERTA. The Research Council.   (1956)
INDIA. Flinistry of information and broadcasting.  2500 years of
Buddhism.  Delhi, 1956.
Insdoc.  Bibliography of scientific publications of South
and South East Asia. SASKATCHEWAN. Department .of natural resources.  Saskatchewan's
forests.  Regina, 1955-
The Mortlach site, by Boyd Wettlaufer. Anthropological series no. l.; Regina, 1955.
SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY.  Technical publications 1955.  The Hague.
UNESCO. Unesco source book for science teaching. Paris, 1956.
Scientific institutions and scientists in Latin America.
Montevideo, 1956.
UNITED STATES. Department of commerce. National bureau of standards. NBS circular 580. Bibliography on ignition and spark-
ignition systems. Washington, 1956,
Department of health, education, and welfare.
Office of education. Miscellaneous no, 3509.  Technological
•advances and...skilled manpower. Washington, 1956.
Dr. Rothstein recommended careful reading of the latest CLA
Bulletin, saying that it was an excellent number.


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