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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 16, 1958

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N  U
December 16, 1958.  No7l8"6
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Pay Sheets
Division Heads were reminded of the advanced dates for
reports of student assistant hours during the holiday period,
about which notices have been sent to divisions.
Christmas Fund
Fir. Ha rlow
reminds staff who
wish to
to the fund
do so as soon
as possi
ble.  The
money will
be used to provide
of food for
families as
previous years
Volunteers to
assist Miss
Fraser in purchasing, wra
pping, and
gifts are also
And No School Here for Librarians
A recent statement from the Personnel Office reporting
professional goals of University students indicates that 28 persons
plan to enter librarianship, compared with 10 the previous year.
Mr. John Lee
Mr. John Lee, formerly Superintendent of Buildings and
Grounds, who has been acting in an advisory capacity only for some
years because of ill health, is now retiring, and his department
will present him with a desk made for him in the campus shop.
The gift will include a list of the names of long-time members of
the University staff.
School of Librarianship
The proposal to establish a school of librarianship at
UBC was presented to the Library Committee at a recent meeting and
approved for referral to Senate.  In Senate it was tabled for "full
discussion at the next meeting. The proposal, involving work in
both the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, will then go to those faculties for consideration. Microfilm of Victoria Newspapers
' The Victoria Times is about to microfilm its back file for
preservation, and Mr. Stuart Keate, publisher, has asked whether
the original file should come to the Library when the microfilming
is complete. The file will be accepted if it is in usable condition
(if the pages are not trimmed so drastically in order to microfilm
them that they cannot be rebound for continuing use).
Provincial Archives
The University Librarian and the Provincial Archivist hope
to have a branch of the Provincial Archives established in the new
south wing of the Library, and the proposal is now being put to the
Provincial Government. Material would be sent to the University
from the Provincial Archive when wanted for use here and then be
returned to Victoria. The Government would provide staff and the
University would make space and facilities available in the Library
Milk Board. Inquiry
A microfilm copy (16 mm.) of the documents relating to
the recent Milk Board Inquiry has been made available by the
Provincial Archivist to the University Library.  It is a full record
of the Proceedings and Exhibits and is a valuable collection of data
for research in this field.
Curriculum Laboratory
Statistics of use in the Curriculum Laboratory show a
heavy use of material in 1958; in October, circulation reached 6,090
(5,442 in October 1957), and in November, 6,660 (3,883). Of a
total of 13,255 loans since the beginning of term, 10,845 were made
in a period of about 5 weeks in preparation for practice teaching.
Staff Meetings
After the staff meeting called by the Librarian two weeks
ago, members of the professional staff indicated that they would
like to have meetings occasionally, and one has accordingly been
arranged for tonight at 8:15. Agenda: to discuss replies to the
recent questionnaire.
Miss Mercer reported that some members of the nonprofessional staff have also brought up the question of staff
gatherings, particularly a Christmas party; and another division
has suggested that perhaps in another year the staff could get
together on a Sunday afternoon before Christmas with their families.
University regulations have permitted Christmas parties only after
2 p.m. on the last working day before Christmas, and this has proved
not to be a popular time for the Library staff. 27,
Medical Library Service in New Medical Building
, A decision must be made soon regarding the type of library
service to be given in the new Fledical Building. The Library Committee will consider the matter early in the new year; meantime
Fir. Harlow suggested several possible alternatives:
300 or 400 current journals and text books to be lodged in
the Medical Building Library; or
selected current journals and back files for 10 or 15 years,
as is now down in Nursing; or
combine medical and biological sciences material and have a
larger, biomedical collection.
If back files of journals are sent to the Fledical Building, earlier
years will be returned to the main Library as more recent ones are
added. Miss Fraser's statistics on use of journals at the Hospital
indicate that the great proportion of use is for the last 21 years
of a journal.
Present library policy on the campus is that all library
facilities are part of the University Library and the main research
collection will be used in the University Library.  If it turns out
that a considerable amount of material is to be located outside the
main Library it should be available to all who need to use it, as
it would be here.
The Medical Building will not be complete at first and the
area intended for the library will not be available. Temporary
quarters will be found until an addition can be made to the first
section of the structure.
Space Travel (for Englishmen) at Serials Desk
The Library now subscribes to the Journal of the British
Interplanetary Society.
Photographic Laboratory
Now that the Extension Department is located at a distance
from the Library, material for photographing will need to be sent
by campus mail or the library delivery service. Rare materials will
still require special handling.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Mrs. Marguerite Welsh resigned from her position in the
Acquisitions Division on December 10. ■;> I
Aubry, Pierre.  Cent motets du XIIIe siecle. Paris, 1908. 3 v.
Gervais, Henri Frederic Paul.  Les poissons....  Paris, 1876-77.
Huygens, Christiaan. Oeuvres completes, publiees par la Societe
hollandaise des Sciences.  Lattaye, 1888-1950. 13 v. rec'd.
Tryon, George Washington. Flanual of conchology; structural and
systematic, with illus. of the species.  Second series:
Pulmonata.  Philadelphia, 1885-1891. v. 1-7 rec'd.
New Subscriptions:
Arctic Institute of North America. Technical papers.
Book Club of California.  Quarterly news letter.
British Interplanetary Society.  Journal,
Library Association.  Conference papers.
Meditsinskaia radiologiia.
Progress in nuclear energy:
Series I.  Physics and mathematics.
Series IV. Technology and engineering.
Series V.  Metallurgy and fuels.
Studien zur Geschichte osteuropas; studies in east European
CAFIADA. Department of Agriculture. Marketing Service, Economics
Division. Canada production, trade and prices for principal
agricultural products 1925-1957. Ottawa, July 1958.
Board of Geographical Names. Gazetteer of Canada.  Northwest
Territories and Yukon, provisional. Ottawa, 1958.
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.
National Parks Branch, Canadian Wildlife Service. Translations of Russian game reports, vol. 4- Ottawa, 1958.
EUROPEAN PRODUCTIVITY AGENCY.  Register of research in the human
sciences applied to problems of work and directory of relevant
research institutions.  Belgium. Denmark-Norway-Sweden.
MANITOBA. Royal Commission on Education.  Interim report. August,
UNESCO. Bibliographical handbooks #8. Directory of current Latin
American periodicals, by Pan American Union. France, 1958,
UNITED NATIONS. FAO. Agricultural economics research in Asia and
the Far East, by the ECAFE/FAO Agriculture Division, Economic
Commission for Asia and the Far East. Bangkok, 1958.
FAO. The state of food and agriculture 1953. Rome 1958. -5-
UNITED STATES. Report of the Committee on Government Operations,
U. S. Senate.  Progress report on science programs of the
federal government.  Report No. 2498. Washington, 1958,
Memorandum of the Chairman to the Committee on Interior and
Insular Affairs, United States Senate. Flaterials concerning
coordination of projects in the Columbia River basin.
Committee print, May 7, 1958. Washington.
Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate
in the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of
Congress. Beneficial effects of federal aid to the states
for education. Committee print, November 1957 (revised
Flarch 1958). Washington 1958.
WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Publications of the World Health
Organization 1947-1957. A bibliography. Geneva, 1958.


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