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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 13, 1957

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M      I       N       U       T       E       S
August 13,  1957      No.  157
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Tint ere st
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:    NH,  SR,  AF1S,  FflL,  RJL,  EBM, Mr.  Stuart-Stubbs.
Miss Alldritt and Miss Fugler on vacation.
Annual Reports of Divisions.
The Librarian asked that Division Heads have their
annual reports covering the year 1956/57 in his hands by
September 15. If there is any doubt whether specific data are
to be for the fiscal or academic year, Division Heads should
discuss the matter with the Librarian in advance.
Report of Committee on Library Education
"Training Professional Librarians for Western Canada;
report of the Special Committee on Library Education of the Public
Library Commission" has just been issued by the Commission, and
copies are being distributed at.President MacKenzie's request to
the University Senate and Board of Governors. Copies for general ,
distribution have not yet been secured,, but a few are available
for reading in the Librarian's Office. Mr, Edgar S. Robinson was
Chairman of the special committee and Samuel Rothstein, Secretary,
The report concludes (p.24):  "On the basis of the data
and reasoning presented ... the Joint Committee on Library
Education finds that there is a strong case fori the early establishment of a library school in western Canada, Only the existence
of additional training facilities, located in the region itself,
is likely to produce the supply of professional personnel urgently
needed by western Canadian Libraries." It is the Committee's
opinion that "the logical location for the school is at the
University of British Columbia": the book collection of the
University Library has long been developed with such a school in
mind, provisional quarters already exist in the north wing of
the library building, and the Vancouver and Victoria regions offer
a wide variety of modern library practice to which students and
faculty of the school would have ready access, "The Joint Committee
on Library Education therefore strongly recommends that the
provincial government and the University of British Columbia give
careful consideration to the establishment of a graduate library
school at the University of British Columbia within the' next three
years." 2 /"3
Summer Session Courses for Teacher-Librarians.
Something of a foretaste of the demands which a graduate
library school will place upon Library collections and staff has
been experienced during the seven week summer session just concluded.
Education 390 ("Sources of Information," given by Dr. Rothstein)
and Education 490 ("The Library in the School," by-Miss Nora Beust)
have been offered for the first time on the campus, and since the
field of school librarianship is one in which the Library has had
little experience before the establishment of the College of
Education last fall, the book collections and reading facilities
were not well enough developed in many respects. The assistance of
the Vancouver Public Library in lending material for the summer is
much appreciated, and a program to acquire essential books is now
under way, Duplication of some of the much used reference works
will also be necessary, and Fliss Smith and Dr. Rothstein are to
prepare a basic list,
"Sources of Information" and a course dealing with the
development and organization of school libraries (Education 491,
given by Fir. Walter Lanning of the College of Education) will be
offered this fall and winter for credit through the Extension
Faculty of  Commerce Courses.
New and expanding courses in Commerce and Business
Administration intended chiefly for off-campus persons in the
business community will result in additional Library use both
during the summer and fall periods. Miss Smith will discuss the
needs and demands with Mr, Oberg, Fir. Wilson, and others.  Part
of the problem will be to indentify people registered in the courses
when they come to the Library,
Mr. Walter Koerner to Visit Library.
Mr. Walter Koerner, a member of the Council of the Friends ,
of the Library and chairman of a special committee on Library Needs,
and a donor on several occasions Of funds for the purchase of
materials in the fields of Slavonic Studies, the Humanities and
Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Asian Studies, will visit the Library
on August 13 in order to become better acquainted with its facilities,
collection, staff, and needs. He has a strong personal and official
interest in library development, particularly as-it relates to the
improvement of research facilities on the campus, and it is expected
that he will want to tour the bookstacks and Divisions, look into
matters of financial support, and ask questions about problems,
needs, and plans. Mr. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein will try to arrange
his visit in relation to his interests as they are expressed.
Specific needs in relation to the development of the
collections were discussed by the meeting, and English (the Ph.D.
program), History, Asian Studies, Fine Arts and Music, Classics and
Archaeology were listed as being among the areas requiring urgent
attention. Among the Library's strengths are•the collections in
Slavonic Studies, French Canadiana, Canadiana, Forestry, and
Fisheries, /of
Periodical Directories.
Inquiry was made concerning the status of the proposed
visable-file directories which are to be set up in the Reference
room and the book stacks. The directory to the most important
journal files in the Library which are covered by the published
indexes is about completed, but the complete directory of current
journals which is being prepared by Serials is not yet well along.
The Librarian inquired whether both could be installed by the end
of September,
Withdrawal of books.
Miss Elizabeth Smith of Home Economics has sent a list
of books to the Library which she wishes to have withdrawn from
the collection. Fliss Anne Smith and Miss Lanning will check the
items and make recommendations. The titles are undoubtedly out of
date for class use, but a few of them obviously have research
interest and should remain in the collection.
University Calendars.
The policy of preserving university calendars was
reviewed. Those from Canadian universities and a few-from the
U. S, which are most used will be bound and cataloged, the remainder
held in an unbound and uncataloged state while they are in demand.
The binding of Canadian calendars is somewhat in arrears, and
Reference will gather series together for early handling.
Fir. Lanning will decide upon the type of binding.
Photographic Reproductions,
Mr. Harlow asked staff who take orders for photographic
copies which are to be made in the Library to bear in mind that
the "reflex" copying method used here produces copies which
exaggerate the contrast between black and white, that is, blacks
reproduce darker and greys lighter than in the originals.  By this
means dark lettering (for example) on a grey or brownish background
can be reproduced as dead black against white. But if a half-tone
or other printed illustration containing both grays and blacks is
reproduced, much of the grey upon which the quality and detail of
the picture depends'will disappear; if the print is exposed to
reproduce the greys, detail in the darker areas will disappear into
solid black. The process is an excellent one for-copying the
printed page, line drawings, black and white maps, etc.
It should also be remembered that if materials are
tightly bound, with too sparse a binding margin, it may be impossible
to copy the complete text at the inner margin.
When in doubt, ask the applicant to make inquiry at the
Librarian's Office, or explain that it may not be possible to make
a satisfactory copy by the method used.  In some instances the
more expensive photostatic method used by the Photographic Service
in the Extension Department, or the preparation there of a film
negative and enlarged print, may be required to produce the desired
results. - MS
Miss O'Shay receives award.
Miss Maureen O'Shay has been awarded the Lomer Scholarship
for attendance at the FlcGill University Library School and also one
of the bursaries made available by the British Columbia Library
Association. She will go to McGill in the fall.
New Book Store.
"W. J. Duthie Books" opened in August, 1957, at 901 Robson
Street, Vancouver (phone Tatlow 2718), Mr. Duthie is a former
publishers agent in this city (Meclelland, Stewart & Macmillan) and
plans to offer a wide selection of new books.
The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m,
In the last announcement of staff promotions it was
overlooked to state that Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs has been appointed
as First Assistant in the Cataloging Division, with the rank of •


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