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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 19, 1956

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 MINUTES '    " ■
July 19,  195^       II0TT3T
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, JO'R, EF.
Fliss Smith was absent on holiday.
Mr. Harlow will be away from the Library from July 23 to
August 3. Dr. Rothstein will be in charge.
Duplicate and Exchange Collection
The collection on floor 2 was checked by Dr. Rothstein and
Miss Scott, duplicate and replacement copies segregated, and the
balance placed where it can be examined by Mr. Spratt of Victoria
College,' Mr. Jones of the Burnaby Public Library, and others.
Mr. Harlow asked the Committee appointed at the meeting on
Flay 29 (Dr. Rothstein, Fir. Lanning, Fliss Lanning or Mr. Bell, and
Fliss Mercer) to prepare recommendations about mending procedures,
He also asked whether anyone planning to attend the PNLA conference at Pullman, Washington, could stop off at the University
of Washington to inspect the mending operations there. In regard
to securing replacements in lieu of making repairs or of rebinding, it was agreed that Acquisitions will supply "Books in Print"
to Fir. Lanning, who will experiment with selecting titles for
replacement on the next truckload of books headed for the Bindery.
Mr. Lanning and Mr. Fryer will work out a"schedule for handling
lots of books for rebinding (300 to 35O) in the regular binding
Stack Access during Summer Session
Mr. Alec Burns, President of the Summer Session Association,
requested stack access for 2nd year students, and it has been
decided by the Loan Desk staff and the Librarian that access will
be granted on a trial basis to all students registered in the
regular Summer Session, Mr. Harlow has advised Fir. Burns of the
new regulation, emphasizing the responsibility of students who
have stack privileges.  (See Announcement at end of Fiinutes
published in the Summer Session Bulletin of July 13, 1956.)
Fliss Lanning asked for a note in the Summer Session Bulletin
urging prompt return of books when due, and this request will
also appear in an early issue. -2- i3)
Faculty Identification Cards for Winter Session
Identification cards for the coming session will be of two
types, printed on yellow and grey stock. They will segregate library users into two general groups, Faculty and General, plus an
Extra-Mural group. An outline of types of borrowers and of their
library privileges will be mimeographed for the guidance of public
and staff.
Binding Schedule for Summer, 1957
By agreement between Fliss O'Rourke and Fir. Lanning, Abstracts
and Indexes for binding next summer will be put into the hands of
Serials by May 4, 1957, and will be returned to Reference bound,
catalogued, and lettered, by July 2.  The material will come out of
the Bindery about June 20, which will give the processing divisions
time to plate and catalogue the books. Fliss O'Rourke reiterated
the pressing need of Reference for rush binding, and it was
suggested that a routine be followed betx^reen Reference and Serials
by which a few such items could be handled from time to time throughout the year.
Curriculum Laboratory
The schedule for making alterations in the Library to provide
a temporary Curriculum Laboratory for the College of Education was
advanced, and the work was completed before the beginning of Summer
Session.  Shelving from the Normal School has also been installed.
For the present the Red Cross room must be eliminated to provide
a passage into the Curriculum Laboratory, and the present cloak
room on Floor 3 will be converted into a Red Cross room xdth provision made for keeping coats in the several Divisions. The Laboratory will operate independently, and the College of Education will
provide essential staff. Fliss Shopland, formerly Librarian of the
Normal School, will be in charge, assisted by others of the College
Large quantities of material from the Normal School must be
unpacked and shelved, and Fliss Scott, with assistance from Loan Desk
and Serials staff, will take charge of the work. Miss Fiercer and
Miss Alldritt will begin work on the card catalog.
The Normal School material stored on Floor 2 will gradually
be sorted for reclassification into the general collection of the
Doors to Stacks
Doors are being installed to separate the main stacks from the
Reference and work areas, on levels 2, 3, 4 & 5« It is expected
that the work will be done immediately in order to shut off these
areas during the summer period. ~*~ /£,
The Loan Desk has completed its part of inventory and
Fliss Lanning reports 423 books missing from the main stack, 35 from
Reference, 56 from Reserve, 11 from the Bio-Medical Reading Room and
10 from the Bio-Medical Branch. Reference will report on the Sedgewick and Howay-Reid Collections. There are still about 400 volumes
missing from last year, and about sixty professors are still delinquent in their return of books (most of them for a few items only),
Fliss Lanning asked that staff of other divisions look over the
lists of missing books and report any information about them.
It was decided that henceforth when paper back books are lent
before binding, the call number will be written on the outside cover
by the cataloguers, for ready identification on borrowers' shelves.
Exhibition of Adult Education Publications
An exhibition of material on Adult Education has been arranged
in the main hall of the Library by the Extension Department and is
being supervised by Extension staff.
Bodley's Librarian to Visit UBC
Fir. J. N. L. Myres, Librarian of the Bodleian at Oxford, will
visit the University of British Columbia on September 7 and 8.
Fir. Harloxv expects that at that time the University will arrange an
initial meeting of a Friends of the Library group. A general meeting
will also be held if this is possible.
Theological Education Centre
The theological colleges affiliated with the University are
considering developing here a centre for theological education for
western Canada. Dr. Kingston, of the Anglican College, has tentatively discussed library development with the Librarian. The organization and operation of such a centre would be in cooperation with
the University, and will be a matter of active interest to the
University Library.
The Library has received $3,000 of College of Education funds
for material in Education, and $500 for books for a course in
History which will be required of Education students.
A second $500 grant has also been provided for material in
International Studies by the British Columbia Forest Products Ltd.
The microprint edition of the British Sessional Papers for the
19th Century has now been paid for in full from the Gilbert Tucker
Fund. Some parts of the set are still to come. -4- /2 3
The Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver is contributing $500
annually to the Library for the purchase of Canadiana.
Two grants of $1000 each have been awarded by the Koerner
Foundation to the Library for the purchase of Canadiana and for
material in the Humanities.
Dr. H. R. FiacMillan has recent^ purchased a number of rare
historical items from Francis Edwards in London and had them shipped
directly to the Library. This is the largest and most important
gift yet to be received from Dr. FlacFIillan.  (Flore details later) .
Another shipment is on the way.
Handling Bulk Shipments
The handling of large shipments of material was discussed.
Duplicates on floor 2 should be thinned out as soon as possible in
order to make space available, and revised procedure may need to be
Dr. Sanderson of Toronto Public Library
Dr. Charles Sanderson, for many years Chief Librarian of the
Toronto Public Library, was taken to the hospital in Toronto on
June 20 with a hemorrhage of the brain lining, and there is no
hope for his recovery.  He had appeared in good health at the CLA
meetings in Niagara Falls.
Survey, of Vancouver Public Library
Dr. Leon Carnovsky of the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago is beginning a survey of the Vancouver Public
Library as part of a public administration services survey. He will
return for a longer visit about mid -September, at which time the
staff may have an opportunity to meet him.
Western Books Exhibition
The Exhibition this year, which will be shown in the Universit3>-
Library late in the autumn, contains two British Columbia books:
"The Doukhobors of British Columbia," edited by Dr. Hawthorn, and
published jointly by J. M. Dent and the University of British
Columbia, and the UBC "Record of Service in the 2nd World War."
The first was designed by Bob Reid, the second designed and printed
by him.
Two New Exchange Items
The "Papers of the Shaw Festival"(Lecture Series #26), and the
President's Report for 1954/1955 have been received in the--.-Library
and will be distributed to the exchange list.
New Deans
Dr. John W. Patterson is the new Dean of Medicine, coming here
from the position of Assistant Dean of Medicine at Western Reserve
University in Cleveland; and Fir, Neville Scarfe has arrived from
Winnipeg to become Dean in the newly established College of Education. -5- )*•
Dean Gordon Shrum and Associate Dean Fred Soward of the Faculty
of Graduate Studies took office on July 1, successors to Dean Henry
Angus, retired.
The annual conference will be held in Pullman, Washington,
from August 29 to 31. Fir. Harlow will take part in a panel on
Faculty Relations and sit as Chairman of the Board of Managers of the
Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center. He hopes that other members
of the professional staff are planning to attend.
CLA and ALA Conferences
Reports on these meetings will be given at a later meeting.
East Flail Road Pavement at Last
Trucks at present have access to the delivery entrance of the
Library, but when the road surface is actually under reconstruction
it may be necessary to make special arrangements for deliveries.
Quoted from P. 2 of Summer Session Association Bulletin, July 18:
The following is a quote from a letter received from Fir. Neal
Harlow on July 17th:
" You.may therefore announce at once that all persons
presenting regular Summer Session Library Cards at the
Library Loan Desk may have access to the main book stacks.
Please also say that this is being undertaken on a trial
basis to ascertain whether it will be feasible and useful.
Students will have some new responsibility in helping to
maintain satisfactory working conditions in the book stack.
They will also need to remember that with a collection of
300,000 books all about them, it will be necessary as
before to consult the card catalog, printed indexes, and
bibliographies, if they are to find the material wanted."
Since this is a rather special privilege and will put a rather
heavy load of supervision on the library staff, we hope that the
students will co-operate to the fullest extent with the Library
We should also like to stress the experimental nature of the
project. We are very grateful to Fir. Neal Harlow and his staff
for yet another service provided for Summer Session students.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. -6- '       y
Fir. Bill Bell has been promoted to First Assistant in the
Circulation Division, as of July 1.
Fliss Janet Mackenzie joined the Reference Division as
Librarian I on July 16.
Firs. Norene Brackett transferred from the Catalogue Division
to the Extension Library and was promoted to Stenographer II on
July 1, and Firs, Yvonne Forsythe returned to the Acquisitions
Division to her former position there.
Fir. Bob Neale resigned from his position as Stackroom Attendant on 30 June, and Fir. George, Imejson was transferred from the
Acquisitions Division" and promoted to Stackroom Attendant on
1 July.
Miss Darien Timberley began work as Library Assistant in the
Bio-Medical Library* on July 9, replacing Firs. Muriel Pritchard who
had resigned in Flay; and Firs, Florence Weinberg will be promoted to
Library Assistant in the Catalogue Division on 1 August,
Miss Denise Peterson joined the Circulation Division as Clerk I
June 11, and
Doris Robinson replaced Fliss Lucille Goreski
Clerk I on 18 June, foilowing mss Goreski's transier to the
Purchasing Agent's office,from the Catalogue Division.
Fliss Flaureen Cruise and Miss Betsy Goard are working on a
temporary basis as Clerks I in the Catalogue Division, and
Mr. M. S. Mikulko replaced Mr. Imeson as Flail Clerk, also on a
temporary basis, on July 3.
On  August 1, Fliss Patricia Brooke will join the Circulation
Division, and Firs. Anne Hellawe'll and Fliss Carol Cobb will join
the Catalogue Division, all as Clerks I.
Other resignations are: Miss Elizabeth Elias from her
Librarian I position in the Catalogue Division on 30 June,
Mrs. Gretl Fischer from her Library Assistant position in the
Reference Division on 30 June, Firs, Isabel Has tor from her position
as Library Assistant in the Catalogue Division, Kiss Mary Ellen
Babcock from her position as Clerk I in the Circulation Division,
and Miss Jean More from her Clerk I position in the Catalogue
American Surgeon
Der Chirurg
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Useful review article on the newer developments in classification (e.g., the Colon classification, Farradane's "analets"
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Excellent general review of history, functions and prospects
of the National Libi-ary.
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Canada." Journal :f Cat. & Class. 12 (April/56), 33-88.
How the Union Catalogue is compiled.


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