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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 18, 1959

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September 18,1959.  No.199
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AF1S, EBM, FIL, DF, MAT, BSS and HM.
Note: Library Entrance for Staff. Flembers
Before 8 a.m.   enter through Receiving room and by double
doors to stack level 2 and elevator.
(Inside double doors locked at 8 a.m.)
From 8 to 9 a.m. Library entrance by way of public doors.
Staff may enter processing divisions
through the Reserve Book Room and elevator
to level 2.
After 9 a.m.    staff will normally have access and egress
through level 2 by way of the Mailing Room
and. Receiving Room. (Please use this route
rather than that through the Extension
All doors leading into the bookstacks are to be kept
carefully supervised or locked.
Orientation Courses for Students of First Year English
It is reported that there will be 80 sections of first-
year English- this year, and Fliss Smith stated that the Reference
Division, with two professional staff short, will not be able to
manage the normal full hour lecture to each this year.  She
suggests instead having a "blitz week" (the week before mid-terms,
about the 3rd week of October), giving 4 lectures a day, 9:30,
11:30, 1:30, and 4:30, on five consecutive days and notifying
all instructors and classes so that interested students can
attend.  If the plan should prove popular it could be continued
into the following week.
Know Your Library
The new issue of "Know Your Library" is now out and copies
are to be put in all divisions.
It was discussed whether the pamphlet should be revised
and extended when the new wing is opened, or whether there should
be supplements covering the subject divisions, map room, College
Library, etc.
Office of the United Nations
An office has been set up on the campus to look after
students from other countries who are sent here under the auspices
of the United Nations.  These United Nations fellows may be on
the campus for very short periods of time for orientation purposes
before going to other parts of Canada or the United States for
stays of several months. 2.
The purpose is to arrange a program of study or of
experience in governmental offices or in industry suited to the
particular needs of each fellow before he returns to his own
country and position.
Heading this special office is Mr. A Lepawsky, formerly
Professor of Public Administration at the University of California,
Berkeley. His assistant is Fir, Flaggs, an official of the Colombo
Plan, provided by the Canadian Government.
During their stay at the University some of the fellows
will wish to use the Library. They are to obtain library identification cards in the Librarian's Office (extra-mural cards marked
"U.N.Fellow") and should then be referred to Fliss Smith who will
introduce them to the Library. A desk on stack level 2 has been
reserved for these U.N. fellows.
Parking Permits
The old parking permits expire September 26.  Any full-
time staff members who have not sent in new applications can
get the forms from the Librarian's Office.  Cars not properly
identified will be impounded this year, involving a charge of
Work has now been completed.on the Extension Library.
The Binder/ is still under re-construction. The former
janitor's room has been taken into the Bindery area, a new wide
doorway through the wall on the North side leads into the future
pre-bindery space (the old "ramp"), and part of the corridor
which formerly led to the ramp has been walled off for Bindery
storage. Remodeling of the new Bindery space is still under way,
involving the shifting of equipment, the addition of new work
benches, and the installation of new lighting, (Tours for
interested staff can be arranged after the new operations have
shaken down).
The janitor's room has been moved to the women's restroom
area. This area has been reduced in size but is now being newly
painted, and new lights, chairs and coatracks will be installed.
Acoustical plaster has just been put on the ceiling of the
Flain Entry Hall.  Some improvement has resulted, but the test
will be made with the return of the mass of students.
In regard to the outside construction, two particularly
noisy jobs remain to be done; completing the removal of the stone
facing on the South side and taking the stairway out of the South
stair well (to convert it into a new elevator shaft). We expect
thirj to be done during the Christmas period. 3.
The flashlights in each division for emergency use have
been checked and are in order. Fir. Stuart-Stubbs is to draw up
a statement of procedure to follow in case of electric cut-offs
during the winter months.
Annual Report
Fir. Harlow still awaits reports from several divisions.
They have been received from the Biomedical Division and the■
Loan divisions.
Library School
The subject of the Library School came up again for
consideration at the last Senate meeting.  Fir. Harlow summarized
briefly what had been outlined in the report submitted by himself
and Dr. Rothstein to the Board of Governors.  The matter will go
to the Board of Governors at their next meeting.
PNLA Conference
The PNLA conference in Seattle September 1-5 was well
represented by the Library Staff.  Those observed were
Fir. N. Harlow, Dr. S. Rothstein, Miss A. Smith, Miss J. O'Rourke,
Mr. G. Turner, Mrs. M. Turner, Miss E. Mercer and Mr. B. Stuart-.
Stubbs.  The Personnel Institute, which preceded the conference
was attended by Miss Smith and Fliss O'Rourke.
- The meeting adjourned at 12:1-5 p.m.
Mr. Noel Owens - former member of the Library Staff,
Prof. L. A. Triebel - Professor Emeritus, Modern Languages,
University of Tasmania.
Fliss Terese Oulette - from Laval University Library.
Fir. M. Park-Taylor - new Librarian of Anglican Theological
Prof. C. R. Fay - from Cambridge University, here to give
a series of special lectures.
Firs. Pat Hodge promoted to Senior Library Assistant in
the Curriculum Laboratory. 4.
Miss Anna Leith as Librarian I in Reference Division on
September 1.
Miss Diana Thomas as Library Assistant in Reference
Division on September 1.
Miss Ann de Lotbiniere-Harwood as Library Assistant in
Circulation Division on September 8.
Fliss Rita Butterfield as Library Assistant in Circulation
Division on September 8^
Fliss Joan Hardie as Library Assistant in Circulation
Division on September 8.
Firs. Hilda Rempel as Clerk I in Acquisitions Division on
September ~W.
Miss Linda Brooke as Clerk I in Circulation Division on
September 14.
Firs. Norma Magnuson as Library Assistant in Fine Arts
Library, on September 14.
Mrs. Lorna J. King as Clerk I in Reference Division on
September 17.
Fliss Mairi R. D. Mitchell as Library Assistant in the
Biomedical Division September 21.
Mrs. Florence Gould as Library Assistant in the Cataloging.
Division on September'21.
Fliss Patricia Sexsmith as Clerk I in Cataloging Division
on September 21.
Firs. Christina Read as Library Assistant in Biomedical
Division on August 26.  ~~
Miss Helen Derwenko as Clerk I in Reference Division on
September 15.
Mr. David Jones as Library Assistant in Reference Division
on August 28.
Firs. Josephine Lane as Library Assistant in Circulation
Division on September 30.
Fliss Maria Z. D. Laddy as Librarian I in Biomedical
Division on September 30.
Mrs. Anna Bertsch as Clerk III in Curriculum Laboratory
on October 3.
Fliss Gloria Creemer as Clerk I in Cataloguing Division
on October 8.
Special Thank-you
The  Librarian's  Office wishes  to  express  appreciation to
Fliss Gloria  Creemer for her  services while  awaiting  a  renlacemeat
for Fliss Fugler.


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