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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 11, 1961

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July 11,   1961 No.  248
Reporting Division Heads Meeting anrt other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, JS, IB, GGT, HA (for DP), AMS, NTK, JO'R, MD
EBM, AB, ML, BSS, EC, and HM.
Information Desk
The Information Desk continues to be very busy and obviously
justifies its existence. At Miss Smith's suggestion, a record of
the more difficult questions (and answers) is to be maintained.
Location of the Public Catalogue
The Information Desk has had to be moved to make place
for the new catalogue cabinets; even so, the public catalogue area
is crowded. Mr. Bell and Mr. Turner were asked to see whether
relocation of the whole catalogue is feasible and desirable.
Library Lectures
The attendance at the Summer Session library lectures
has been disappointing, an average of only 37 persons turning out
for the first three meetings.
Reserve Books Catalogue
Miss Mercer asked about the meaning of the coloured cards
used in the "course Catalogue" for the Upper-Years Reserve Collection.
Mr. Bell explained that the-blue cards represented books "on reserve"
for the Summer Session only, the white cards books carried over on
reserve from the Winter Session.
Orientation of New Professional Staff Members
The orientation programme for the four new members of the
professional staff is well under way. Arrangements have been made
for them to visit each division. Photographs may help newcomers
identify the division heads and Dr. Rothstein will look into the
possibility of having a group photograph made by Mr, Holborne.
Student Library Cards •
New students who will be enrolling at the University in
the fall and who wish to use the Library during the summer must
present a letter from their department indicating that they will
be registered and a visiting student card will be authorized at the
Loan Desk.
101 102
"Know Your Library"
Printing o-f the 196l/2 issue of "Know Your Library" will
have to be arranged very shortly. Miss Smith was asked to check
with each division and see what changes are necessary.
School of Librarianship
The names of the faculty members of the new School of
Librarianship have been released by the President's Office,
They are:
Miss Rose Vainstein, Associate Professor, who has been
the Public Libraries Specialist in the U.S. Office of
Mr. Robert Hamilton, Assistant Professor, formerly Assistant
Director of the Library.of Parliament;
and     Dr. Robert Hagler, Instructor, formerly Order Librarian
of the Kitchener Public Library.
Salary Scale
Dr. Rothstein explained that when salary scales are revised,
the University pannot normally afford to grant regular increments
in addition to the across-the-board increases. Members of the staff
who wish to discuss this matter are invited to see Dr. Rothstein
at any time.
Theological Interlibrary Committee
Dr. Rothstein has received a report of the recent meeting
of the Theological Interlibrary Committee. The Committee is designed
to coordinate collecting policy among the Theological Colleges and
the University Library. Dr. Rothstein will arrange to have Miss
Smith represent the Library on the Committee.
Loan Desk
A student has suggested that a guide to the use of the
various types of call slips be placed on the card catalogue stands,
Mr. Bell was asked to provide them. Floor plans of the Library would
also be useful and Miss Dwyer undertook to do a scale drawing which
could be reproduced.
Plaunt Papers
Mrs. Dorothy Dyde has presented to the University Library
the papers of Alan Butterworth Plaunt, a former governor of the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The papers constitute an important
resource for the study of the development of Canadian broadcasting.
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs is preparing a press release and a. guide to the
Plaunt Papers. 103
Canadian Library Association Conference
Dr. Rothstein, Mr. G. Turner and Miss M. Dwyer attended-
the conference of the Canadian Library Association in St. Andrews,
New Brunswick, June 19-23.
Miss Dwyer was chairman of the Canadian Musical Library
Association meeting. Discussion centered on the newly published
bio-bibliographical directory of Canadian composers and musicians,
which Miss Dwyer had compiled. Miss Dwyer also attended the meeting
of the committee on College and University Libraries, The session
consisted mainly of a lively discussion of problems, A considerable
number of new college libraries have been formed and there seems to
be a need for a great deal of professional guidance for these.
Mr, Turner attended the Institute on Cataloguing Principles,
which discussed what Canada1s position should be at the International
Conference to be held in Paris next year. He also attended meetings
of the Cataloguing Section, which were mainly devoted to the Section's
report for the "Canadian Library Inquiry".
Dr. Rothstein's main duty at the conference was to chair
the final panel on the revelations and implications resulting from
the "Inquiry". He felt that the panel did a good job in identifying
the chief findings and in indicating guide lines for future action
by the C.L.A,
Divisional Reports - No. 2, Science Division, by Mrs. Anne Brearley
Contrary to expectations, most of the enquiries are made
not over the service desk but either at the turnstile or at the back
door of the Science Workroom. A large number of students working
in the Science Reading Room are not science students and do not ask
for help in the Division. Advanced and postgraduate students and
faculty in science more often request help when they are already
through the stack entry.
Much use is made of the Visible Index near the stack entry.
This is now out of date and does not distinguish between Science
and Biomedical journals. Now that the Science Division staff have
made an up-to-date file of their own serials they could revise the
science section of this Index. It is suggested that the Science
and Bio-Medical journal entries be typed on different coloured slips.
Most of the questions requiring subject knowledge ( use of
the card catalogue subject entries; indexes; and subject bibliographies)
come from third- and fourth-year students and from downtown firms
or organizations. Post-graduate students and faculty reauire expert
bibliographical information on abbreviated periodical entries and
conference proceedings. They use periodicals more than anything
else and Serials Division and Cataloguing Division have been very
helpful in "rushing" periodicals from the Bindery, 104
The USAEC reports on microcard have been well used by a
small number of research workers and faculty. Although the Science
Division has no collection of government publications, Social Sciences
has sent over a number of useful indexes to appropriate sets which
have been used to keep faculty aware of publications in their fields.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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