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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 29, 1953

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss O'Rourke, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
As a matter of general interest Mr. Harlow said that the
Library Committee is expected to meet on Friday, October 9.
On the agenda will be discussions of Departmental allocations of
the Book Fund, the Librarian's Annual Report, and a proposed open
stack library (cf. Minutes No, 39); expenditure of part of the
Committee Fund will also be authorized (for research materials).
The Library has received a letter from the U.S.3.E.
stating that they are ready to receive the material (chiefly surplus
Canadian government documents) which we have to offer.  The Library
pays the shipping costs to Washington, D.C. and the shipping costs
of material sent in exchange, plus a small service charge per item.
Exchange is on a piece-for-piece basis.  The Library does not have
to make lists of what it is sending, but the Exchange circulates
lists to participants and will accept want lists from us.  The
service charges range from ten cents to one dollar.  It was pointed
out that we would clear out space-taking surplus material and get
useful items in return, and that we would not have to spend time
making lists, which is the cause of usual dela3rs in duplicate
exchange programs.
For a long time the Library has had difficulty in getting
an adequate number of copies of the student paper regularly, and
Mr. Harlow discussed the problem with the News Editor recently.
As a result, the Library is to receive 25 copies of each issue
direct from the printer.  In return, the Library will collect three
copies for the Publications Board and bind them each year at the
Board's expense.  The copies are to be distributed as follows:
3 to the Librarian's office, 12 to the Serials Division, 2 to
Reference, and the balance to other divisions. The Serials Division
keeps one copy for the Provincial Library. Miss Jefferd suggested
sending one to Miss Smith, and it was agreed that this be done.
The arrangement with the printer should carry over from year to year
and any interruption will jeopardize the completion of The Ubyssey's
own files.
There are two kinds of orders: (1) those charged to the
Library Supplies and Expense Account for materials for interlibrary
loan purposes, which are sent to the applicant and are often
considered expendable; (2) those charged to the Library Books and
Magazines Account, which are library acquisitions and to be treated
as are other library materials. When the latter kind of material IS
is ordered at the request of a faculty member (book length material,
etc.) it is to be considered a library item and is not to be handed
over to the person who asked that it be obtained.  Orders on Supplies
and Expense are to be sent through the Librarian's office, those on
Books and Magazines through Acquisitions.  Serials occasionally
orders microfilm to fill gaps in serial files, and these are to be
handled as are other serials purchases.
Mr. Harlow met previously with Serials, Cataloguing, and
Acquisitions to discuss methods of keeping uniform statistical
records, in order that results may be coordinated for purposes of
report and comparison.  Such library statistics are kept, generally,
to show the growth of the Library's collections and the amount of
work being done in the different divisions.  It was agreed that
physical volumes be counted, not the bibliographical units,and that
periodicals and annuals (i.e., material published at regular intervals) will be counted as serials. Monographic series, and
continuations will be counted as books.  It was decided that the
Catalogue Division should count their items as they leave the marker,
and that Acquisitions will count by truckload as the volumes are
plated.  Serials will not count the volumes processed, but only those
bound, the record of which is kept in the Binderjr,  Cataloguing,
Acquisitions, and Serials will keep statistics for their own
purposes, to show the kinds of work done, what the work load is,
or for experimental purposes.  Serials will deliver to Acquisitions
truckloads of material which are all serials or all books.
Miss Jefferd inquired about flush-binds, which entail a good deal of
marking work in the Catalogue Division, and it was reported that the
Bindery provides the record of the number of flus^feinds.  Serials
will keep a .count of the total number of titles received.
For the President's report, information is requested about
members of the staff who have attended conferences and held offices
in professional organizations.  Division Heads will provide this
information by Friday, Oct. 2 (Report due on Oct. 5).  Additions to
Library accommodation are to be mentioned, such as the addition to
the stacks, Level 2, Bio-Medical Branch Library at Vancouver General
Hospital, incorporation of the library of the Institute of Chartered
Accounts, and the like.
Mr. Harlow said that a statement relating to the Library's
interests in this area is contained in a preliminary report.  The
information had been compiled by Miss Smith and it is a very good
statement.  After the next meeting of the Committee, Mr. Harlow will
pass the report on for interested staff to read.
Serials and Cataloguing have agreed that Serials will send
the receipt form to Cataloguing without a carbon copy. Miss Jefferd
said that her division wants a receipt for everything that is to be catalogued and classified, but not for material which is only to be
added to the "Library has" card. Miss Mercer said that the present
form does not have enough space between the items at the top, and she
made suggestions for revision.  Serials agreed that the form is
difficult to use, and Miss O'Rourke suggested that it be arranged in
alphabetical order.  The form will be reconsidered when the new stock
is mimeographed,
Mr. Harlow has been informed by Buildings and Grounds that
under the present regulations he is to grant parking permits only to
Division Heads and to others whose work requires them to come and go
during the day.  Reserved parking, according to the President's
Committee on Buildings and Grounds, is not intended for persons who
come and stay for the whole work day. Miss Fraser and Miss Marguerite
Stewart are required to come and go between the Library and the Branch
at the Hospital and will be recommended for parking stickers.  The
Committee plans to permi-^parking back of the Library, but only for
half-hour periods (for persons to return books, apparently!).
Mr. Harlow added that he was discouraged by his experience with
parking arrangements last year and the unwillingness of permit-holders
to abide by the original agreement.
The Arbuthnot-Cassidy subscription agency, through whom the
Library has placed a large number of serial subscriptions, has fallen
down in some aspects of its service, and Mr. Harlow wishes to discuss
the problem with Mr. Arbuthnot.  He asked for specific information
from Serials about our difficulties in order that he may go into the
matter with the agency promptly.
According to the Universit}?- Calendar, the University will
be closed from Saturday, October 10 through Monday, October 12.
This means that the week commencing October 5 will be a 35-hour work
week, and that commencing on Tuesday, October 13, will be a 31-hour
work week. Divisions may treat the two weeks as a unit of 66 hours
if they wish, for scheduling purposes.
In the event that money is available for additional student
help, Mr. Harlow asked that divisions wanting more assistance send
him a note justif3^ing their request.
_      As a matter of general interest, Mr. Harlow said that the
Council are conducting a campaign supporting the inclusion of a
public library building and auditorium in the ^30,000,000 by-law to
be voted upon in Vancouver on December 9«  Many organizations in the
City are being asked to back the campaign, with supporting ,
recommendations, letters, etc.
Miss Suzanne Vabre will leave the Librarian's office tomorrow,
to return to Montreal, and Miss Joan Titterington will take her
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
The Reference copy of Rand McNally's Road Atlas is
unaccountably missing; if any member of staff can help to apprehend
it, please do so: signed, Reference Division.


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