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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 17, 1963

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November 19 and December 17, 1963. No. 298
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present on November 19s  AD, BSS, DF, RB, RH, MD, RJL, AL, MW, AMS, GD,
Present on December 17s MD, AD, IB, DF, RJL, JO'R,, AMS, GD, GGT, BSS,
Extension of Xerox Service
Commencing January 3, 1964, the Library Xerox Service will,
for those departments and individuals with Xerox Service accounts,
produce copy on receipt of a telephone or mail request, and will send
the copy by campus mail.
To establish an account, prepayment in the form of a deposit
by blue requisition must be made to the(Library Xerox Service. In the
case of departments, members of the department entitled to service
should be specified on the requisition. Some departments and individual faculty members with grants have already established accounts,
and in these cases no change is necessary before this extended service
is requested*
To obtain telephone or mail service faculty members should
phone or write to the Library Campus Delivery number (71l) and give
as full bibliographical details as possible, along with information
regarding the account to be charged.
To obtain rush service, it would still be best to bring the
material directly to the Xerox Service.
Changes in Hourly Payroll Records
IBM Card
The Tabulating Centre will prepare ..IBM cards bearing the
following informations
1. Employee's number
2. Employee's name
3. Division
4. Pay rate
5. "Week ending" statement
6. Days and hours of employment and these totaled
7. Hours worked each day and totaled for work
8. Signature of division head -  2 -  .
Each Friday the Tabulating Centre will deliver a card package
to the Library for distribution to the appropriate division. During
the following week the hours worked by the employee will be marked on
the employee's card. At the end of the week or on the following Monday
morning each package will be authorized and totaled by the divisions
and delivered to the Librarian's office by 9:30 a.m.
Each Monday morning the Librarian's office will total the
entire package (double checked), and then deliver the card package with
the total dollars (or hours) to the tabulating center.
The cycle will repeat on the Friday, but in addition to the
new card package the used cards from the previous week will be returned
to the Librarian's Office to serve as the Library's record of the payroll. This record will be held for one month.
Adjusting Records
Severance and Replacements
The Tabulating Centre does not require special notification
from the Library regarding severed staff. This information will be
forwarded to the Centre by the Payroll Office who currently receive a
copy of the "Severance Notice".
IBM cards for replacements filling vacant positions will be
completed (including the employee No.) by the divisions in ink and
these sent to the Tabulating Centre with the usual weekly package.
The Centre will amend the main records from this card and produce a
punched card the following week.
Changes in Hours
The Tabulating Centre will be notified of changes in employee's
hours of work by a sheet listing such changes submitted by the divisions
to the Librarian's Secretary. The Librarian's Office is not required
to forward to the Centre any employee's time card which records zero
hours. These cards will be retained in the Librarians Office for one
In addition to the above it has been decided to use IBM cards
for all hourly employees regardless of rate of pay, so please be sure
that there is a card sent to the Librarian's Office every Monday for
each employee in your division, working on an hourly basis. The
Tabulating Centre prefers that ink be used to fill in the cards..
(Please refer to Minutes 297 of Oct. 8, and 22, 1963 re Tabulating
Resignations of Permanent Staff
In keeping with University policy would Division Heads see
that, for members of their staff who are resigning, a letter of
resignation and severance notice are delivered to the Librarian's
Office one month prior to resignation. It would also be appreciated - 3 -
if, on a separate sheet of paper, two or three sentences of evaluation
of the employee could be written and sent to the Office together with
the resignation and severance notice.
Appointments •*.
Miss Alida Carlson, Clerk I in the Serials Division, effective
October 30, 1963.
Miss Susan Yuill, Library Assistant in the Acquisitions
Division, effective October 28, 1963.
Miss Joan Baker, Library Assistant in the Catalogue Division
effective November 22, 1963.
Mrs. Dorothy Ollenberger, Clerk II in the Curriculum
Laboratory, effective November 5, 1963.
Mrs. Lena Lee, Secretary II in the Circulation Division,
effective November 4, 1963.
Mrs. Diana-Rose Kerr, Clerk I in the Circulation Division,
effective January 2, 1964.
MissiPatricia Melendy, Clerk I in the Acquisitions
Division, effective January 6, 1964.
Miss Susan Hurford, transferred from Clerk I in the College
Library to Clerk I in the Catalogue Division.
Miss Carole Herbert, Clerk I in the Catalogue Division,
effective November 15, 1963.
Miss Valerie Ricardo, Library Assistant in the Catalogue
Division, effective November 22, 1963.
Mrs. Terry Olma, Clerk II in the Humanities Division,
effective November 30, 1963.
Miss Rhoda Price, Clerk I in the Acquisitions Division,
effective December 20, 1963.
Miss Magda Veto, Clerk I in the Circulation Division,
effective December 16, 1963.
Mrs. Marian Marx, Senior Library Assistant, in the
Acquisitions Division, effective December 31, 1963.


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