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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 7, 1962

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June 7,   19b2. No.   2to«
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
present: JR, SR, RJL, IFB, BSS, AMS, NTK, GGT, JO'R, AL, MD,
EBM, JS, EH, and HM.
School of Librarianship
Mr. Ranz read a letter from the School of Librarian-
ship in which Dr. Rothstein expressed his thanks to the Library
Heads of divisions for their supervision of students in the
field work programme. The students wrote enthusiastically
about their time at the University Library, expressing
appreciation for the experiences gained and the many courtesies
extended. Dr. Rothstein added that he hoped to have a similar
programme next year. Members of the Library staff suggested
that the students might do their field work in mid-February or
March when the University is still in session, thereby enabling
them to observe the regular work of the Library divisions.
Dr. Rothstein reported that he already has received a large
number of applications for next term and expects to have a
class of about 40.
Donaldson Collection
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs and members of his staff
have transferred the Donaldson Collection of Burnsiana to the
Special Collections Division of the University Library. The
collection has been unpacked, placed on shelves, and members
of the staff are invited to view it at their convenience.
This may well form the nucleus of a collection of Scottish
literature.  Friends of the Library are tentatively planning
a fall meeting and ceremony to mark this notable acquisition.
Library Instruction Project
The film has now been completed for use in the
special projector which Mr. Orcutt of the Extension Department
is lending for the library instruction project.  It will be
installed in the Concourse for use of Summer Session students.
Know Your Library
Miss Smith and the Heads of the subject divisions
have completely redone Know Your Library and copy will be sent
to the printer shortly.  It has been expanded to eight pages,
with more detail and illustrations than formerly. Each of
the divisions will also have an individual leaflet, describing
its collections and services.
65 66
BCLA Short Course
The British Columbia Library Association Short
Course for Public Library Association Personnel will be held
June 11-15 in the Buchanan Building. All members of the staff
are invited to attend a coffee party at 7:30 p.m. in the
Common Block on Sunday, June 10.
Negotiations with the Personnel Office for nonprofessional employees will be conducted through the Librarian's
Office. Mr. Ranz will see applicants first; then if they
appear to have promise, they will be interviewed by the Heads
of divisions where vacancies exist. This procedure will
centralize the matter of personnel appointments in a single
office and should lessen the possibilities for confusion.
The Circulation Division has completed inventory
of the small collections and the Q-QL section of the main stacks.
There are 547 volumes missing from the small collections (of
which 309 were from those in the Library building and 238 from
departmental libraries) and 245 missing from the Q-QL section
of the bookstacks.
Recommendations for salary increases, as submitted
by Division Heads, have been forwarded to the Personnel Office.
They will become effective on July 1.
New Librarian
Mr. Ranz expressed his great pleasure in joining
the Library staff, and voiced the hope that the many notable
accomplishments of the past may be a good omen for the future.
Mr. James Ranz, as University Librarian, on June 1.
Mrs. Mary Lagies, as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on June 1,
Mrs. Cornelia Hornosty, as Clerk I in the Catalogue
Division, on June 29.
Mr. Ronald W. K. Jones, as Library Assistant in the
Science Division on June 15.
Mr. Lajos Seboek, as Senior Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on June 22.
Mrs. Esther Vitalls, as Clerk II In the Acquisitions
Division on June 25, :    : ~~
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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