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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 23, 1961

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May 23,   1961. No.  243
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters nf Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, AMS, IB, GGT, NTK, MD, EBM, DF, AB,
JS, MW (for JO'R), BSS, and HM.
Dr. Frank Rogers
Miss Fraser reported the visit of Dr. Frank Rogers
(Director of the National Medical Library, Washington, D. C.)
to have been a successful one. He spent much of his time
with doctors in Vancouver and Victoria, in the interest of
the B. C. Medical Library Service, and with members of the
Faculty of Medicine, discussing the Biomedical Library.
Pamphlet Covers
Two changes have been suggested on the memorandum
circulated by the Catalogue Division regarding pamphlet covers
(Appendix B to Minutes #242, p. 82):
The third paragraph, item 3, should read, "All material
which can be put into pam covers and is intended for
the Law Library or other campus reading rooms, is being
rushed to RBC, or is otherwise to be put into use
The final paragraph on p. 82 should read, "All other
material is to be bound, with the exception of Delta
and HR material and Extension plays."
The payroll period is being changed, effective
June 4, 1961, from Tuesday-Monday to Sunday-Saturday.
Payroll cheques will be available as usual on the Friday
following the payroll week.  It is necessary, therefore,
that time sheets for all hourly employees be handed into
the Librarian's Office on Monday mornings.
Time sheets for the week ending June 3, (handed
in Monday, June 5) should include hours worked only for
May 30, 31, June 1, 2, and 3.
83 84
Categories of Library Materials—Semi-final Statement
Miss Smith's Committee (including the Heads of
the subject divisions, Cataloging, Serials and the Loan
divisions) has reached a tentative agreement regarding the
materials which are to go into the several categories:
A. Library Use Only (For use in the Library building only)
Abstracts, indexes, bibliographies, catalogues.
Government publications - i.e., debates, statutes,
sessional papers, journals.
"Anchored sets" (to be used in stacks only).
Reference tools, and selected sets of great
reference value.
B. Serials (Can be borrowed by members of faculty for two
weeks and by students registered in Graduate
Studies for one week)
Government publications issued serially and not
elsewhere listed as Restricted or for
Library Use.
Bound journals
Society transactions and proceedings
Annual surveys and annual reviews.
C. Restricted Use Only (Normally non-circulating, but
available on restricted loan at
discretion of Heads of Subject
First copies of administrative annual reports,
statistical series, and all Canadian and
B. C, publications other than above-.  (if
the latter are in heavy demand, duplicates
should be ordered immediately).
First copy of some separates which are of
specific reference value (e.g. U.S.Dept.
of Commerce, BSDA)
Society Publications
Fine arts books with plates
Some bibliographies.
D. Circulating (Two week loan period, or as specified).
Monographs in series.
Multiple copies of non-serial publications, of
selected sets, and of Royal Commission reports.
Note: Categories of all new material is to be indicated by
the Heads of the subject divisions to Cataloging before the
publications are cataloged. 85
Student Library Cards
Library cards for students next term will be of
distinctive colours according to stack privileges. Cards for
1st and 2nd year students (who are not permitted access to
the main stacks) will be of one colour; 3rd and 4th year
students (undergraduates with stack access) will be another
colour; and graduate students will be of a third colour.
Control of Stack Entrances Between Terms
During slack periods stack entrances must be
manned by regular staff members, or, if no one is available,
the entrances in all subject divisions are designed to be
closed, and the doors to the stacks should be locked and a
sign posted referring users to the entrance at the Loan Desk.
Full reference services and access are to be provided as far
as possible.
Staff Room
Coffee service in the Staff Room will be
Interrupted during the summer period. Beginning June 1,
Instant coffee (powdered coffee and hot water) will be provided at a charge of 5$  per cup, or members may go out for
their 15-mlnute rest period. Any persons using the Staff
Room are expected to wash, dry, and put away their cups and
utensils after using.
From June 1, all staff members will be permitted
one 15-minute coffee break a day (in the morning or the
afternoon) according to University Personnel regulations,
and Division Heads are expected to see that this provision
is respected.
Distribution of Journals
Mr. Lanning was asked to prepare a routing slip
in accordance with the procedure suggested in Minutes No. 242
(p. 78) for use in a trial period.  It was agreed that journals
going to Nursing and Pharmacy be distributed by the Biomedical
Library rather than by Serials directly since these already
go first to BM. for scanning.
Asian Studies
It is probably that an institute of Pacific
studies will be set up at the University, and Professor
Holland wishes to have a central place on the campus where
scholars can carry on research in this field. The Librarian
has proposed that this centre be in the Asian Studies Library, 86
where most of the research material will in any case be
located.  Some filing cabinets of uncataloged pamphlets and
other material will probably be moved In, and some volumes
from other sections of the book collection will likely be
charged there.  It may be that a short section, of steel
shelving may need to be removed to make space for study
more adequate. Professor Holland has approved this plan.
Fine Arts Bookstacks
Additional stack space is necessary for the Pine
Arts Library, and approval has been given by the Finance
Committee for the erection of a steel stair between stack
levels 3 and 4 (at the south end).. Work should begin right
The paper -signs at the new Library entrances
will be replaced with permanent lettering on the glass above
the doorways.
Thacker Collection
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs travelled to Hope', B. C, last
week to pick up the collection of books willed to the Library
by Mr. T. L. Thacker, mostly material in the sciences.
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Manitoba
On May 25 a ceremony will be held, unveiling a
plaque to the memory of Miss Elizabeth Dafoe and naming the
University of Manitoba Library the Elizabeth Dafoe Library.
Students Visiting from other Universities
It is the policy of the U. B. C Library to grant
library privileges to students from other universities who
are visiting Vancouver for the summer and can present student
registration cards. Mr. Harlow recently wrote to McGill
University inquiring whether their policy permitted a similar
use by students from U. B. C. Miss Simon replied that a
similar arrangement is followed there, although students must
use space in the undergraduate library and must make a $5.00
deposit, returnable upon departure.  They must present a
current student identity card or a letter from their librarian
and are given a guest card for temporary use.
School of Librarianship
Dr. Rothstein reported that he expects to have the
appointment of the complete faculty of the School of Librarian-
ship approved by the Board of Governors at their May meeting, 87
and an announcement will be made immediately afterwards.  He
has received over a hundred applications and inquiries from
prospective students and he hopes to enroll a first class of
not more than 30 to 35 members.
Miss Fugler is reported to have gained some
strength in the past week. Visiting hours are from 3-4 p.m.,
but staff members must phone the University Hospital before
Miss Anna Leith will become Head of the Science
Division with her appointment effective about August 1, 196l.
Miss Helen Derewenko, Clerk I in the Science
Division, was married to Mr. W. W. Esakin on May 19; our
congratulations and best wishes to them.
Miss Lynda Brooke, Clerk I in the Fine Arts
Library on May lb".
Mrs. Roswitha Nielsen, Clerk I In the Biomedical
Library on May 1.
Mrs. Evelyn Roth, Clerk I In the College Library
on May 19.
Miss Sylvia Minard, Librarian I in the College
Library on June 16.
The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


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