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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 15, 1950

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NOVEMBER 15, 1950, at 11:00 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Dr. Dunlap said the chief matter for discussion this
morning was that of time to be taken off in compensation for
holidays. The question has come up, and Dr. Dunlap outlined
his idea of how it might be handled. When a holiday falls on
Saturday, those who work a five-day, 37i hr. week are entitled
to three hours off. When a holiday falls on a week day, those
whose day off it ordinarily is are entitled to seven hours off at
some other time. Dr. Dunlap said he realized this meant a lot
of juggling of time tables, but he did not believe that anyone
should be deprived of time off for University holidays.  He also
stated that he would prefer to have the time taken during the week
the holiday occurs.
Mr. Lanning remarked that he believed it would be easier
for the service divisions to have the time taken off at Christmas
when the Library is less busy. Miss Lanning said that in the
case of her temporary staff it would be easier for the Division to
have them take the time when they reach the end of their period of
employment in May.  Dr. Dunlap did not think it wise to postpone
the adjustment, and he felt that if an extra day were to be taken
at the end of the employment period it might confuse the calculation
of termination pay. Miss Lanning said that in the case of half-days
she would not experience too much difficulty, but that full days
off would be a serious problem. Miss Smith said that, making
allowance for sickness and other unforeseen happenings, her
Division seldom had a full staff on hand, and that arranging for
additional time off would be extremely difficult. Miss Lanning
said that her division was following the practice of the Vancouver
Public Library, which is that the first holiday is not made up,
but subsequent ones are, the arrangement being at the discretion
of the Division Head. Dr. Dunlap remarked that he thought it
unfair to deprive persons of the first holiday in a given period.
Miss Smith said that in some American libraries with which she is
acquainted no allowance is made at all for holidays because it
would create too many difficulties in time tables.  She would prefer,
if time is to be allowed as Dr. Dunlap has suggested, that it be
taken at Christmas and not during the intervening period.  It was
agreed that there would be little difficulty about this in the case
of holidays falling within the Fall Term.
In discussing holidays generally, Dr. Dunlap said the
annual holiday should extend for three calendar weeks and have
added to it time for any University holidays occurring within the
three week period.  He would discourage any tendency to take the
annual vacation in instalments. When extra time is to be taken
off for Christmas holidays it.should be made up before Christmas
and at the convenience of the Division concerned. The decision finally reached was as follows:
If a holiday falls on a regular work day (Monday
through Friday, inclusive), all full time Library
employees on a monthly rate should work seven
hours less than the usual number (37§ or 3$);
and if a holiday falls on Saturday during the
period classes are in session, full time employees
should work three hours less than the number
regularly worked.
Miss Smith pointed out the special problem in her
Division, where a large number of her staff wish to go home to
distant places for the Christmas vacation. Dr. Dunlap said
that, at the discretion of the Division Head concerned, the
person asking for extra time may have it on the understanding
that it be made up in advance. This matter was one which each
Division Head should arrange with his staff.
Dr. Dunlap informed the meeting that a change had been
made in the Bindery and that Mr. Dunsmuir was now in charge
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 noon.


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