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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 21, 1964

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April  21.   1964...    No0  302
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library staff.
Presents  R.JL, RH, SR, IFB, AL, BB, MD, EM, EH? HA/ TKN, AMS, RB, EW,
The timetable for the renovations is appended to the minutes.  This
schedule, which is written into the contract, reduces to a minimum the inconvenience arising from construction.
Mr. Lanning remarked on the quantity and high cost of reprints, specifically mentioning the Kraus Reprint of Khinznaia Letopis. Mr. Lanning's
inquiry about the price produced a long distance call from New York
assuring him that the price was a fair one. Presumably the phone call,
which was lengthy, is covered by the cost of the reprint.
Miss Ng reported on her trip to Washington to attend the Annual Meeting
of the Committee on American Library Resources on the Far East and her
visit to six libraries with Asian collections.
Graduate theses are now being accepted in the Special Collections Division
instead of the Librarians Office0
Student Practice Work
Dr» Rothstein sent a letter to the librarian thanking the library for
assisting students from the. School of Librarianship during their field
work* Included in the letter were a number of quotations from'student
reports, all of which commented very favourably on our staff.
Until April 30
May 1-9
May 11 - June 30
Winter Session hours
8s45 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Friday - Saturday
- 8s45 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Monday - Friday
Science Division List
The Science Division is working on a Preliminary list of Periodicals
which is being prepared from punched cards.  This list will be printed
on to offset masters by equipment in the Tabulating Centreo The masters
will, probably be run off and bound by the Extension Department«  The
Woodward Library will be preparing a list of Serials in the same way. 2 -
Catalogue Division
The Catalogue Division has processed a record 53$158 volumes in the past
year (409527 books$ 12,631 serials) representing a 50$ increase over the
previous year^ (1962-63 — 35,559)o The increase is out of proportion to
the amount of extra staff made available in the same period. 'Yet despite
increased efficiency many back-logs of a clerical nature exists Departments are asked to contribute any help they can to the Catalogue Division
in the period before Summer Session.
Field Work
Mr. Herman Cline, Library School student from the University of Washington, has been doing field work here since March 31, 1964. Mr, Cline was
in the Humanities Division from March 31 to April 10; Technical Processes
from April 13 to April 17; and in the Circulation Division from April 20
to April 24.
Report on Automation
Mr. G. G, Turner reported on a recent trip to Washington University School
of Medicine Library at St. Louis and the University of Missouri Library.,
His findings are attached.
Staff Travel Fund
For the information of professional staff, conference travel grants were
made to the following people in 1963/64§
L. Brongers (C.L.A.)
M. Dwyer   . (C.L.A.)
D. Fraser (S.L.A.)
A. Leith (S.L.A.)
Bo Stuart-Stubbs (A.L.A. Conference on Western Americana)
G. Turner (C.L.A.)
Miss Laurene Adamovitch, Clerk I in Circulation, effective May 1, 1964»
Miss Jane DeFriez, Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective May 19 1964.
Miss Barbara Bennett, Library Assistant in Circulation, effective May 4, 1964o
Mr. Robert Jones„ Library Assistant in Circulation, effective May 4, 1964„
Miss Lynda Putnam, Clerk I in Serials, effective May 1, 1964.
Miss June Williams,,. Clerk I in Circulation, effective April 30j, 1964.
Mr. Robert Murby, Library Assistant in Circulation, effective May 30, 1964. t>e
Sheet A=-3s Under the title 'General Notes' delete Item No. 1.
Instructions to Bidders - Page 3 adds
Provided the tender is accepted not later than. May 25th, 1964s,
the following four stage schedule establishes the dates of
completion required by this contract.
STAGE 1  To be completed by July 17, 1964.
New stackweil level 2 including Receiving and Mail Rooms
and all stack units for level 2 except the units to be
relocated from room #503 to room #201, Ready for occupancy9
STAGE 2  To be completed by August 149 1964.
1. Room #705 complete except Office room #712.
2. Men's lavatory #706 and Women's Lavatory #707
except for plumbing.
3. New stackweil levels 3, 4, and 5 complete for
4o Relocate all stacks from level 7 except those
required in levels 6 and 7.
5, Offices #317 and #318, Rooms #316 and #321.
6o  Lavatories #313 and #314, particularly exterior
wall finish facing Rooms #315, #316 and #328.
7. Humanities area #517.
8. Fire stair No. 2 exterior work on all levels,
but not necessarily including work within the
stairwell. ■21.
2    -
STAGE 3 (A)   To be complete by September 4, 1964.
le The Reserve Book Department Rooms #322, #323, and #324
complete with stack units.
2.  Walls dividing #322 from #318, #319 and #320.
3« Room #305 to have screens, desks, etc., removed.
New stacks to be installed ready for occupancy.
4. Xerox room #327.
5. Fine Arts Stack room #207.
STAGE 3 (B)  To be completed by September 11, 1964.
1. New Stackweil levels 6$ 7, and 8 ready for occupancy.
2. All work on level 7.
3. Circulation Department room #305, #306, and #307.
4. Fine Arts Department.
5o Humanities Division, level 5, rooms #512, #513, #514,
#515, and #516.
6. Science division, Level 5, rooms #506, #507, #508, and
7. Book returns on level 3.
.. 8. All lavatories.
9. Pneumatic Tube system.
10. Main Stack Entry on Level 3»
11. All smoke enclosures, fire stairs and exits,
12. Stacks all relocated.
13•  Ail wire caging within  existing stack areas removed*,
STAGE 4  Ail work not otherwise scheduled to be completed
by Contractor's schedule, except that after
September 20th, 1964, ail work shall be carried
out under the restricted hours described in
"Schedule of Work" Page 5 of the specifications* AUTOMATED SERIAL SYSTEM
This project was directed by Dr. Estelle Brodman, Librarian, and financed
by a U. S. Public Health Service Grant,  The objectives were publication of
the Library's serial record in book form, compilation of a subject listing of
currently received titles, and automatic cheek-in of journals and updating of
"PHILSOM" (Periodical Holdings In the Library of the School Of Medicine)
is the listing of the entire serial record, giving titles, holdings, history
information and cross-references, and published, semi-annually.
"PHILSOM CURRENT" (cumulative Recurring Receipts - ENtry of Titles)
is the supplement, published weekly and cumulative up to the next issue of
"PHILSOM".  "PHILSOM DAILY" is a daily non-cumulative listing of titles
received, supplementary to "PHILSOM CURRENT".
"PHILSOMS" (Periodical Holdings In the Library of the School _of Medicine
by Subject) is an alphabetical list of currently received titles arranged by
subject. No holdings, history information or cross-references from variant
titles are given, but subject cross-references are made. It is published semiannually, between issues of "PHILSOM", to spread the work load and to provide
an up-to-date list every three months.
Automatic check-in and claim cards are received monthly for each issue
expected during the month. When the issue is received, the card is extracted
from the deck and returned to the Computer Center to update the master record.
Cards remaining at the end of the month form the basis for claimingo
All input to the system (new entries and updating and change records)
is in card form, and is prepared on an IBM 026 printing Keypunch installed
in the Library.  The remainder of the work is done in the University Computer
Center, utilizing an IBM 1401 computer system for input-output functions and
an IBM 7072 computer system for preparing the master holdings record. The
programs are written in SPS (Symbolic Programming System) for the 1401 system
and Autsender for the 7072.
References  Irwin H, Pizer,, "Mechanization of Library Procedures in
the Medium-sized Medical Library;", I, The Serial Record
MLA Bulletin 51*313-338, July, .1.963. Uf-l
In contrast to the serials system just described, which is based on
computers, the acquisitions system at the University of Missouri Library
utilizes unit record equipment.  This consists of an IBM 858 cardatype,
026 printing keypunch, 080 sorter and 085 collator.  This equipment is used
for ail ordering, paying, and accounting for library materials.
The source document from which all operations proceed is a book purchase request verified and approved by the order department.  Cards are
punched to represent each request. From these cards purchase orders and
slips for various processes (LC card order slips, on order file slips,
numerical file slips, ete2j» are prepared on the cardatype. Once a week,
before the purchase orders are issued, the punched cards (encumbrance
cards) are used to post encumbrances to the ledger to ensure that funds
are available.
Invoices are routed through the accounting office on receipt, where
the appropriate encumbrance cards are pulled from an orders outstanding
file. Payables distribution cards are created from the encumbrance cards
on the cardatype by manually entering the actual invoice amount, and are
held until the invoice is approved by the order department. Each week
the payables distribution cards for invoices approved are sorted by
account, merged with the balance forward cards and posted to the ledger
using the cardatype. At the same time a new balance forward card is
Claiming of undelivered orders is accomplished by searching the
orders outstanding file for delinquent items with the collator and preparing claim slips on the cardatype.  Similar procedures are used to
maintain a quotation file.
Subscription records are also maintained on punched cards. Subscriptions to be renewed are selected from the file by the collator, sorted
by dealer, purchase orders are prepared on the cardatype and a new
accounting card created.
References  Ralph H, Parker, "Automatic Records System at the University
of Missouri Library",  College and Research Libraries
23:231-232, 264-2658, May, 1962.


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