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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 7, 1958

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October 7, T95^  "NoTTgl
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present: NH, SR, AMS, ML, RJL, EBM, MAT, DF, EF.
Mr. Bell attended on request.
Fisheries Collection
The fisheries collection owned by Dr. John C Briggs, a
new member of the Department of Anatomy, is a very comprehensive
one indeed. It is stored temporarily on level 6 of the Library.
Annual Report
Mr. Harlow asked Division Heads to submit the remaining
parts of their annual reports to him promptly.
Sample Study Tables
A dozen study tables of a new type (providing a single
2' x 3' desk for each student) have been set up in the Ridington
Room as an experiment. An upright panel separates adjacent desks,
but it may be that it is still too easy for a student to turn round
and talk to one behind him or to look diagonally across at an
individual in an adjacent row.  In the new library wing rows of•
tables of this type will be further set off by standing screens, and
it is probable that individual desks will be put about six inches
closer together in each row. Staff who have the opportunity should
observe how the new equipment is used.
Friends of the Library - Autumnal Meeting
Mr. Harlow distributed to each Division Head a copy of
the handsome Announcement, designed by Bob Reid, of a meeting of
the Friends, to be held in the Brock on October 21.  Library staff
are invited to attend. The Announcement is being mailed to 350 or
400 other persons. Members of the Council of the Friends will
meet at dinner on October 17.  Dr. Wallace Wilson, President of the
organization, has been very active in making arrangements.
At the public meeting on October 21 there will be
exhibits of notable gifts, particularly of the Murray collection,
about which Dr. Rothstein will speak, and a collection of gift
book-plates.  Plans for the addition to the Library will be discussed; they are a matter of considerable interest to the Friends who
made the new wing possible. Mr. Banham, the University's Information
Officer, will have a news release about the Murray collection ready
for publication the following day, and it is probable that
Mr. Holborne will provide photographs. 2
Thanksgiving Holiday
' The Library will be closed Saturday through Monday,
October 11 through 13, to celebrate Thanksgiving.
There is at times a good deal of double parking on the
Library lot, along both sides of the East Mall roads, and in the
open area in front of Brock Hall.  It would be almost impossible for
fire-fighting equipment to get through or to operate close to the
Library, and Mr.' Harlow plans to take up the matter with the Fire
Chief and, if necessary, the Provincial Fire Marshal.
Exchange with China and Japan
Exchange of publications between the UBC Library and the
National Library in Peking is now operative. A considerable number
of serials are coming in, and a new list of publications has been
promised by the Peking Library,
While Professor Dore was in Japan during the summer, he
helped to take care of some of the details relating to the new
exchange with the National Diet Library in Tokyo.  In lieu of a
full depository list, Professor Dore has checked material for
receipt on an introductory basis. These Japanese publications should
be coming in very soon.
Books for the proposed College Library
The University has approved an initial grant of $25,000
for the purchase of books for the new College Library, and ordering
is to begin at once. The collection is intended for students in
their first two years, and will absorb the function of the present
Reserve Book Room for first and second year courses.  Dr. Rothstein
suggested that the following kinds of materials will need to be
provided: books now in the RBR for first and second year students,
books on reading lists for these courses, books on essay lists, and
a small reference collection.  It was agreed that these were the
categories for first consideration.
In deciding upon the number of multiple copies to be
obtained, account has to be taken of the record of past use (for
material in the RBR), the areas in which the largest classes are
found, the pattern of instruction in the past, and any information
available about plans for future courses.  It appears that material
now on 2-hour reserve is limited to not more than 300 or 400 volumes,
and it is assumed that 2-hour loans will be used in the College
Library only for material that is direly needed by a number of
students. Mr. Harlow is writing to the Heads of the teaching departments on the campus explaining what is planned and asking for copies
of reserve lists, reading lists, essay topics, etc. 3
The question was asked whether one copy of each title in
the College Library should be provided for the main stack.  It was
said that^probably not more than 10$ of the College Library books
would be used exclusively by first and second year students, and it
is hoped that upper year students will not flock into the College
Library.  It seems likely that a decision should be made about the
duplication and placement of each title at the time of purchase for
the new collection.
Should books in the College Library be permanently marked
as located there, or are they to be interchangeable with main stack
material? It is thought there will probably be a good deal of interchange, and since books from all parts of the Library will probably
be returned in the same book chutes, some means of readily identifying College Library volumes needs to be devised. Marking the spine,
using colored, date-due slips and cards, stamping the edge of the book,
were some of the suggestions.
It is probable that full cataloguing needed for
College Library books, and the Librarian suggested that new books for
the collection should be processed as they come in and put into the
main stack, keeping a separate shelf list for later transfer and use.
Mr. Harlow named the following committees: Dr. Rothstein,
Miss Lanning, and Mr. Bell to be primarily responsible for selection
of duplicates; Dr. Rothstein, Fliss Smith, Miss Lanning and Mr. Bell
to select reference material, bearing in mind that the College
Library should have only a minimal collection; Dr. Rothstein,
Miss Mercer, Miss Lanning and Mr. Bell to act as a committee on
Acquisitions; and Dr. Rothstein and Mrs. Turner to consider processing.
What is to be done about the reserve collection for the
upper years? Two possibilities are: to turn the books over to the
new divisional reading rooms, or to set up a 3rd and 4th year reserve
collection alongside the Loan Desk (perhaps in the area of the
present Serials Section).  This will be discussed at the next meeting.
Mr. Harlow asked Fliss Smith to discuss with Fliss O'Rourke,
Mrs. Brearley, and other members of her staff the proposed remodelling
of the Ridington Room, which is to become a divisional reading room.
Tentative plans are those presented in the original statement concerning the new building plan.
College of Education
Fir. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein met with Dean Scarfe and a
dozen other members of the College^ Education to talk about the
Curriculum Laboratory which is to be established in the new Education
building and its relation to the Library and to library service.
The Laboratory will apparently be the centre of the new College
building and will include a reading room and stack space and large
laboratory areas. A small addition may be made to the reference
collection (e.g., additional encyclopedias), and it is possible that
a small changing collection of new books may be provided.  Since
Education encompasses virtually all subject fields, students and
faculty will expect to use the main Library for other materials. I
Flissing Books
There are 1265 books still missing according to the
inventory records (for a two-year period), and Division Heads
interested in replacements are requested to look at the card file
of missing titles at the Loan Desk.
Mail Box on East Mall
A large mail box, to take parcels as well as letter mail,
has been returned to the point behind the Library and its use is
recommended to library staff.  Otherwise it may be removed again I
Mr. Hiroshi Sakimoto, formerly of the National Diet
Library, Tokyo, now librarian of the International Civil Aviation
Organization, Montreal, visited the University en route to Montreal.
Dr. W. C Costin, President of St. John's College, Oxford, also
visited the Library; he is chairman of the library committee of the
Bodleian Library. Fir. Tsuru, Japanese-economist, is at UBC as a
visiting faculty member until December, and Mrs. Tsuru is very
generously giving time to listing the Japanese books in the Library.
Reports of Building Committees
Fir. Bell asked whether the reports of the several building
committees which Fir. Harlow set up last spring could be circulated
for general information. They concern proposed changes in the
present library arrangements and the plans for the addition.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon,
The death of Fir. George Imeson is announced with much regret.
Mr. Imeson was stack supervisor in the Library for some months, and
had recently been discharged from the Pearson T. B. Hospital with
a clean bill of health.  He died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Mr, David Johnston as Library Assistant at the Loan Desk, on
Se pt ember T7,' 1958.
Miss Audrey Kovacs as Library Assistant in the Serials Division
on September 15, 1958.
Mrs. Josephine Lane as Library Assistant at the Loan Desk, on
September 18, 1958.
Mrs. Sheila Nathan from her Library Assistant position in the
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Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.
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Library.  List No. 1
QUEBEC. Department of Flines. Annotated list of publications of the
Department of Mines of the province of Quebec, 1883-1954.
Queen's Printer, Quebec, 1954.


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