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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 28, 1949

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March 28, 1949, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Miss Smith reported to the Department Heads that it would be
necessary to have some staff present in every department of the
Library on Saturday morning.  A number of calls from other parts
of the campus come each Saturday for Acquisitions, and there are
occasional inquiries for the Catalogue Department.  It is hoped that
arrangements can be made to permit each person to have one full day
off.  This adjustment will be made within each department. •
In this connection it was pointed out that sufficient staff for'
a 55-day week is not sufficient staff for a five-day week, and it
remains to be seen whether the five-day week can be continued.  The
new arrangement will mean that the Howay-Reid Collection will be
available on Saturday from 9 a.m. till noon.  The new schedule will be
in operation during April and May.  It is hoped that the 5-day summer
week will be in effect during June, July, and August.
Mrs. Rowley, whose mother died recently, has asked for two weeks
of her holiday now to permit her to make necessary adjustments in
domestic arrangements.  Mrs. Rowley's request has been granted.
Miss Smith reported to the meeting upon her conference with
Mr. Bailey regarding keys for the Library.  It was decided what and
how many keys would be required.  As re-keying all the buildings will
be a very long job it is not likely that the Library will have its
new keys for several months yet.
Mention was made of the fact that the janitor sometimes had
to be sought high and low, and the suggestion was made that a rough
schedule of where he worked at certain hours would be very useful.
We shall ask Mr. D3rer for this information, and a note will be given
to each department.
A commissionnaire started work in the Library at noon last
Saturday.  His regular hours are to be 2 to 10 p.m. Monday to
Friday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday.  Other measures regarding
the enforcement of discipline have already been circulated.  Each
Department Head will instruct the members of his or her Department
regarding their duties.
Miss Smith informed the meeting that funds had been made
available to Miss Leeming and Mr. MacKenzie to purchase books in
England for their courses here.
The Acting Librarian stated that a meeting had been arranged
with herself, Mr. Bagshaw and Dr. Shrurn, and she thought it likely
that the discontinuance of the gramophone record loan service might
be under discussion.  If it should prove so, she wished to have the
opinion of other Department Heads as to the stand she should take.
She herself felt that it would be a pity to let the records go out
of the Library's custody. Miss Lanning was of opinion that some of the Library's records, which are impossible or extremely difficult
to replace, should not be permitted to go out.  She felt that it would
be unwise for the Library to give them up unless and until it is
absolutely certain that the loan service will never be resumed by the
Library.  Miss Jefferd felt that the records ought to be made
available for use, and that if the Extension Department could give a
service of this kind the Library's records, except the irreplaceable
ones, should be included in it. Miss Smith pointed out that when the
gramophone booths are installed, and it is intended .to go ahead with
this plan, the Library will need a stock of records itself.  The
suggestion was made that records belonging to Extension be housed in
the Extension premises, but that the Librae's stock remain in the
library building but be available to Extension if that department
gave a loan service.  It would be the duty of Extension staff to get
the records from the Library and re-file them here after use.
■Miss Smith stated that Dr. Morsh had invited the Library to send
in an account for supplies and expenses in connection with the
purchases for Clinical Psi^chology.  Each Department Head had submitted an estimate, these had been adjusted to provide for the coming
year as well as the closing one, and the figures submitted to
Dr. Morsh.
Mr. Rothstein asked what should be done with book orders coming
through in April, probably before the budget had been approved.
The answer was that such orders should be filled pending the
establishing of departmental appropriations.
Miss Jefferd asked if she could give her staff any information
regarding holidays, but it appears that as long as the present
uncertainty prevails no definite plans can be made.
A short, general discussion followed regarding possible further
budget adjustments, and the effects on staff. No information is
available upon which to base future plans, and everything will have
to await word from the Bursar or President.
Miss Lanning reported that her stackroom cleaning crew had
practically vanished.  The fund out of which the students were being
paid will lapse on March 31, but there does not seem any hope of
getting..workers before the end of term.
It proved, on Investigation, that the "Information" linked with
"Library" in the telephone directory referred to Mr. Perrault's
office in Extension.  But as Mr. Perrault's office does not function
after 5 p.m. on week days or noon on Saturdajr, a certain number of
calls will come to the Library.  The Extension Department will be
asked to supply the Library with information so that inquiries may be
answered as far as possible.
Miss Lanning reported that members of the English Department
borrow a good deal of the book stock intended for students.  She would
like this practice to be drawn to Dr. Daniells' attention.
The question of pulling out reference material from the general
stacks came up, and while it was appreciated that nothing could be
done about it at the moment, it was agreed that this must be undertaken as soon as time permits. Miss Lanning asked how much help could be offered by
other Departments for inventory.  It was decided that practically
all the library staff could assist if the Library were closed for
a week. Mr. Rothstein stated that if he had about an hour free
each morning to deal with important rush items in the mail he could
devote the rest of the day to the job.  At determined effort will be
made to keep people out of the building while the staff does the
work. Miss Lanning will prepare a schedule and plan of work.
Miss Lanning suggested setting up a service desk at the stack
entrance on Floor 3.  She realized that lack of staff made this
plan impossible to carry out at the moment, but offered the idea for
future consideration.  It was agreed that the plan was an excellent
one.  It Would eliminate the unnecessary climbing of stairs about
which many members of faculty now complain, and provide a direct
entrance to the stacks for those entitled to go there.  The idea
will be kept in mind and re-considered as and when conditions permit
carrying it out.


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