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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 29, 1952

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 NO. 13
TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning,
Miss Mackenzie, Miss Fugler.
Corrections to No. 12 Minutes;
page 2, para. 2, i. 19,,. "service desk" should read "service desks",
page 3, para, 5, 1. 2..„. "During the first hour of the day" should read
"during the first ten or fifteen minutes of the day in the summer months.."
The divisions moat involved with controlling access to the stackroom
have discussed the problems and difficulties involved;, Some members of faculty
have long made use of numerous routes into the stack, and some may not see the
necessity for changes now. The Librarian will send a letter to faculty
advising them of the ohanpe in policy and of the reasons for it,
Mr. Harlow has discussed with the F.>ctension Department the printing
of the proposed handbook and the price seems within reason, The inclusion of
a floor plan might actually confuse some new students rather than assist them,
and it would also add substantially to the cost. The possibility of getting
funds for this purpose from those provided by the University for the orientation
of new students was mentioned and will be investigated. The handbook is to
be distributed to new students when they register, and a stock will be available
at the service desks throit^hout the term. A reserve will be set aside for use
in Summer Session, 1953; no such orientation has ever been offered to Summer
Session students and the need for it was expressed. While there is bound to be
some waste of the booklets, Mr* Harlow feels that distribution should be on a
reasonably generous scale, since we are anxious that wide use of them be made.
After some consideration of the probable number of new students in the winter
session and the proposed use of the handbooks, it was decided that 7500 copies
should be ordered.
After preliminary work on the handbook by Miss O'Rourke, Miss Alldritt,
and Miss Mercer, the first draft of the present pamphlet was drawn up by Miss
Mercer, revised by Mr. Harlow, submitted to Division Heads, and revised again
by the Librarian, It is a brief introduction for new students, giving specific
instructions about how to do the basic things reauired to find and borrow books
and periodicals, how to secure information, and what service Is available in
the varioTis public departments. It is to be 4 pages in length, and space has
been a deciding factor in choosing content and expression.
Mr. Harlow has already had some proofs from Mr, Bob Reid for the new
plates and more will be submitted on Thursday next.
At present, monographic material in series, like periodicals, Is -2-
available for use in the Library only. It is now being questioned whether this
procedure should be changed. Periodicals loans are restricted because of the
variety of material contained in one volume, they are usually difficult to
replace, heavy bindings are easily broken, etc., but this is not necessarily
the case with monographs. A major physical difficulty in changing the present
practice would be to draw a line between certain monograph sets and magazines
or journals. A monograph series is not usually issued at regular intervals,
which a magazine is, but junior staff members would often find it difficult to
differentiate and we cannot undertake a project to identify this new category
throughout the stack. Periodicals and monographic sets are occasionally taken
cut of the Library without authority and there have been some serious losses
among them. We should consider whether an alleviating effect upon losses would
result from the relaxation of the regulation. It might be hoped that some
measure of easier borroxving would lessen unauthorized borrowing.
It was asked whether students might be encouraged to ask that
exceptions be made in cases of need, and leave the present regulation and
"Library Use Only" notation as they are* This is now done to some extent. It
was objected, however, that continuing a regulation and encouraging people to
ask that it be broken,, is not good policy, and that so many exceptions would be
made that the rule itself would become void. It was suggested that a monographic
series containing more than one paper might be loaned for overnight use only,
always being returnable at 9 a.m. on the day following. No agreement was reached
in this matter, and it will be considered further at another meeting.
The Librarian favored making material as freely available for use as
possible — the Library is tightening up in several ways., and perhaps some
relaxation in other directions would be desirable. If, by controlling the
stackroom and tightening its organization the Library can liberalize its service
and lend more material than ever before, it will be a recognizable gain.
The Librarian and Division Heads have reviewed the inventory process
up to its present state; now how do we carry on a "continuing" inventory? Very
little work of this kind can be done during the peak load periods of the winter
session, but at other times the Circulation staff could carry it on. A brief
discussion of method followed, but no procedure was drawn up. It was agreed
that faculty should return their books once a year for checking, as a part of
the continuing program of book control.
Some of the stack floors, particularly the north end of Floor 2,
sometimes have more lights burning after closing time than would seem to be
necessary, and at other times there are not enough turned on for safety. At
present no one is responsible for checking lights there at closing time, and it
was agreed that Miss Mercer and Mr. Lanning would decide what lights are to be
left on in the open areas and who should be responsible for them.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 P>m.


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