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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 25, 1958

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Array J' °
November 25, 1958" No. 184
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MF1L, RJL, EBM, FIAT, DF, EF.
Annual Report
Mr. Harlow's Annual Report to Senate is being mimeographed.  It will be submitted to the Library Committee before it
is presented to Senate (at its December 10 meeting).
Delivery Schedule
Material for campus delivery must now be ready at the
delivery area by 9:30 a.m. for the morning round and by 1:30 p.m.
(instead of 2:00) for the afternoon.  Parcels that must be assured
of immediate delivery should be marked URGENT in order to receive
prior attention, since material is sometimes left for the following delivery period.
Requests for Mimeographing
Demands upon the one mimeograph machine in the Library
are so heavy that it is not now possible to run off stencils the
day they are received. Stencils should be sent to the Librarian's
office a minimum of two days before the material is needed, with
earlier notice required for long runs.
Japanese Flaterial
Dr. J. A. Ishiwara, President of the Japanese Canadian
Citizens Association in Vancouver, will present $1,000 to the
University for the purchase of Japanese books. This is the Association's Centennial project and will supplement the $3000 which
the Japanese government made available to Prof. Dore for the
purchase of material in Japan last summer, also to commemorate
B.C.'s centennial year.
Student Assistants
The Library is now using about 580 hours of student
help per week, and the total cost will at this rate exceed the
amount budgeted for this purpose. The Division Heads said that on
the whole the work of student assistants is better this year than
it was last year; they were asked by the Librarian to look at their
present schedules sharply with a view to making any possible
reductions. Observer from University of Washington
Miss Anna Leithe,- a UBC graduate and now a student at
the University of Washington Library School, has requested permission to observe and make a report upon the Biomedical Library
here as a part of her Library School program.  It was noted that
when UBC has its Library School there will be many students in
and about the Library observing and doing practice work.
Medical Service in British Columbia
Miss Doreen Fraser's recent studies of the Vancouver
Medical Association Library and of medical library facilities in
the province have stimulated an interest in a province-wide service
to the medical profession.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons
of British Columbia has set up a committee composed of doctors and
librarians to work out a provincial program to be presented to
medical societies and practitioners throughout the province.
The Committee has been working for many months, and a number of
members (including Miss Fraser, Fliss McDonald, of the Vancouver
Medical Association Library, and Fir. Harlow) discussed the proposal
at a meeting of the VF1A several weeks ago.  Next week a group will
visit the Victoria Fledical Society, hoping to enlist their
support.  The plan now envisages- a federation of a number of small
libraries serving the medical profession in different parts of the
province, with the VMA library as a center and under the aegis
of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
New University Journal
The University now plans to establish a new quarterly
journal, "Canadian Literature, a Quarterly of Criticism and
Review", with Mr. George Woodcock as editor and Mr. Bill Bell as
business manager.
Dr. Rothstein's Dissertation Translated
Dr. Rothstein has learned that his study of the development of reference services has been translated into Japanese by
a Japanese librarian in Osaka.
Gift from Dr. H. R. MacMillan
A collection of Canadian manuscripts, purchased in
eastern Canada, has been presented to the University Library by
Dr. H. R. MacMillan.  The material is chiefly in the field of
Building Plans
The Esthetics Committee of the University has reviewed
the plans for the Library wing and made a few changes; the plans
then go to the Screening Committee (dealing with matters of lighting, heating, etc.), then to the Administrative Building Committee
and the Board of Governors. x\
Monographs in Series
The Library Committee has questioned the treatment of
monographs in series which are accumulated in the Serials Division
until ready for binding, and which are analyzed in the catalog
at the time of binding.  Faculty have requested that such items
be entered in the catalog when received, so that their availability
is known, in the same way as are monographs not in series.
Firs, Turner said that the most practical solution would be to
classify each monograph as a separate, rather than as part of a
set, then bring series together in the public catalog with a series
card followed by unit cards for each part, arranged in series
number order. The monograph would go directly from Acquisitions
or Serials to the Catalog Division, and would not be handled as
an added volume in a series but as a separate.  It would then go
into a pamphlet binder or to pre-bindery shelves. Fir. Lanning
mentioned the increased binding load this might produce; he said
there was a good case for large items, but that many of the monographs are very small in content and should be bound together.
Fir. Harlow pointed out that the proposal applied only to material
which would, be analyzed in any event, not to series in general.
It was noted that L.C. classifies separately most monographs published in series.  It was agreed that monographs in important
series (those now analyzed and an}' which will be so handled) be
sent to Cataloging as they are received, be cataloged (and perhaps
classified) as separates, with a unit card filed also under a
series entry, the Cataloging and Serials Divisions to decide upon
procedures for each series, and to consult other Divisions when in
"College Library" Books
Mr. Bell has checked the books now on reserve for 1st
and 2nd year courses and has indicated how many copies of each title
should be provided for the proposed College Library, based on two
assumptions: that at least one copy of each title will remain in the
stack or in the upper year reserve collection, and that when a book
is now on reserve, its loan period from the College Library will be
three days (instead of one week).  Faculty have responded well to
the request for reading lists, although the titles will need to be
winnowed down considerably. Books for the College Library will be
marked to distinguish them from the main collection.
Fame of the Flurray Collection - Friends
Newspapers in many parts of British Columbia and all
across Canada have published notices of UBC's acquisition of the
Thomas Flurray collection, and some letters from librarians and
book dealers have also resulted.
Subsequent to the acquisition of the collection by the
Friends of the Library, the Vancouver Sun published its editorial
on the-"Friends of Learning" (Oct. 10,1958), to which Dr. Wallace
Wilson, retiring President of the Friends, wrote an acknowledgment
letter to the Editor, stating the purpose of the organization.
This stimulated inquiries from readers, and some new members have
been gained. 4
B.C.L.A. Meeting
On November 23, a meeting of the British Columbia Library
Association was held in the newly completed Public Library building at New Westminster. Dr. Rothstein, a member of the Executive,
asked for comments and suggestions about such meetings. There was
some difference of opinion as to whether business meetings should
be combined with social gatherings and as to when progress reports
from committees should be presented.  It is not necessary to
follow the same pattern each time, and perhaps a meeting early in
the year would enable new librarians to meet their colleagues,
with possibly a conference preview being held well in advance of
the annual meeting.  Professor Dore's talk about Japanese libraries
and learning was very well received.
Library Loans
Fir. Harlow reported (as one of the measures the Library
can readily take) that loans made at the main Loan Desk and
Reserve Book Room in October 1958 showed a 23$ increase over those
for October 1957, although there was no freshman periodical
project this year. Reserve book use has increased more than main
stack use. The increase at the Loan Desk is proportionate to the
increase in student numbers, and indicates the amount of traffic
that can be expected in the Library.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m,
Mrs. Carol Anderson from her Clerk I position in the Catalog
Division, on November 21.
Fliss Catherine Stewart from her Clerk I position in the
Acquisitions Division, on November 30.
Miss Christine Baker from her Clerk I position in the Circulation Division, on December 17.
Fliss Beryl Yare from her Clerk I position in the Circulation
Kiss Marlene Sutton as Clerk I in the Catalog Division on
December 1, 1958.
Firs. Hilda Rempel as Clerk I in the Circulation Division on
December 3, 1958.
Firs. Janet Whitten as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on December 22, 1958. NEW ACQUISITIONS
Tuer, Andrew White.  History of the horn-book.  London, 1897.
Wise, Thomas James. The Ashley library, a catalogue of printed
books, manuscripts and autograph letters. 11 v. London,
1922-36.  (One of 50 copies on hand-made paper.)
New Subscriptions:
Animal Technicians' Association. Journal.
Comparative studies in society and history.
L'Enseignement mathematique.
Fire research abstracts and reviews.
Fortschritte der Hochpolymeren-forschung.
Geochemistry (English translation of Geokhimiia).
Journal of industrial engineering.
Institution of Electrical Engineers.  Journal.
International Folk Music Council.  Bulletin. Also the Journal.
Modern materials: Advances in development & applications.
Analyst. V. 54-61.
Archiv fur Gynakologie.  V. 1-103.
Archives neerlandaises de zoologie. V. 1-10 (1934-48).
Interieur. Wiener Monatshefte fur Angewandte Kunst. V. 1-15.
Norwegian North Atlantic Expedition. V. 1-28.
Stray feathers.  (A journal of ornithology for India.)
V. 2-11.
Zeitschrift fur Geburtshulfe und Gynakologie. V, 1-72.
CANADA. Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.
National Parks Branch - Canadian Wildlife Service,
FlacLennan, J. Munro. Russian-English bird glossary.
Ottawa, 1958.
MISSOURI. Geological Survey and Water Resources.  Koenig, John W.
Bibliography of the geology of Missouri. Rolla, Fliss., 1957.
UNITED STATES.  Department of Agriculture.  Agriculture Handbook
No. 154. Jacobson, Martin. Insecticides from plants; a
review of the literature, 1941-1953. Washington, D.C, 1958.
National Science Foundation, A selected bibliography of research and development and its impact on the
economy. Washington, D.C, 1958.


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