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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 27, 1954

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TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 1954, at 10 a.m. '/
Present: Mr. Harlow, Dr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Fliss Mercer,
Miss Taylor, Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Mr. Lanning said that exception had been taken by the
Bindery to the statement that flush binding does not stand up to
heavy use (p. 3, par. 2), the point being made that it is not
designed for such*use. Mr. Harlow remarked that the binding
itself was not'^questidn—it is perfectly satisfactory for the
purpose intended—and that "flush" binding should not be specified
for material which is too thick or subject to heavy or continuous
use.  There are possible variations of this Grade B binding,
however, which might be satisfactory for medium use or for fairly
heavy use for a short period (for example, some DBS publications
used currently and then stored).
As an example, Mr. Harlow displayed a special type of
binding designed by Mr. Fryer for the Chinese books.  The title
is printed on the bottom edge of the books and it must be
protected against wear; a cover which projects slightly at the
bottom and is flush elsewhere provides for this.  The volumes are
also sewn, since they are two inches or more in thickness.  The
cost of this kind of binding is about 755' a volume, about double
that of flush binding but considerably less than full binding.
Dr. Ho has worked out a method of numerical reference from the
index to the spines of the individual volumes, and a method of
further classification will be decided upon later. Dr. Ho was
greatly pleased with the attention given'to the binding problem.
Dr. Andison and others have been concerned for some
time about acquiring basic literature in the Italian language, and
he has just reported that the Vancouver Italian Mutual Aid
Society has given §100 to the Library for the purchase of books.
The need for such material will be even more urgent if the proposed
program of Renaissance Studies which is now under discussion
is carried out during the coming year.  Several departments,
including English, History, French, German, Philosophy, Classics
and Slavic Studies, will be involved in this Medieval and
Renaissance program if it is approved by faculty and administration. Mir. Harlow and Mr. Rothstein are attending a Committee
meeting this week at which a decision regarding the proposed
inter-departmental studies program should be made.
Miss Lanning has planned the procedure for inventory
and will instruct her staff within the next few days. Nearly all
faculty cards have been checked against the circulation file and
checking the stacks against the file is almost complete.  Books
are coming in from faculty fairly well.  Reference has completed -2- /^
checking the music section and is beginning work on the other
Fine Arts materials.  The Ridington Room will be done when
examinations are over.
It was agreed that the "Second Notice" concerning books still
outstanding, which is to be sent to faculty about the middle of
May, should include material from other divisions as well as
The Library Committee at its meeting on April 21 approver
the expenditure from Committee funds of $100 to fill gaps in the
Canadian historical society publications, Mr. Lanning presented a
similar list pertaining to American historical societies, and it
was briefly reviewed by the group. Mr. Lanning emphasized chat
it was prepared from the point of viexv of Canadian interest.
Mr. Rothstein suggested the possibility?- of obtaining some American
material by exchange of duplicates, and mentioned some U. S.
university libraries and the U. S. Book Exchange. Mr. Harlow said
that the Library would need to send a shipment to the Book
Exchange in order to establish a credit there.
At a meeting of the Rental Collection Committee this week
everyone was agreeably surprised to find that the collection had
paid its way although it was operating in the red at the end of
last year.  A few new books have been ordered recently, and about
30-40 were bought last year.  There is light use of the collection,
but as long as it is paying its way it should perhaps be continued.
Books for it are hard to find; many suitable titles are obtained
for the main collection and much popular reading is not up to the
standard that should be maintained. Mr. Rothstein questioned the
need for a Rental collection in view of our present acquisitions
program and the existence of the Sedgewick Room.  The collection
does make material available while it is timely and assembles it in
one place where it may be easily surveyed.  It also includes a few
worth-while books that would not ordinarily be bought for the main
stacks. Mr. Harlow asked Miss Mercer and Mr. Rothstein to discuss
the matter.
The purchase by Dr. Tucker of a small number of recordings of French-Canadian songs has raised the problem of dealing
with them.  Fir. Rothstein recalled that it had been decided several
years ago that departments should not buy records out of library
fund allocations; this is still the case.  Such material is
usually for teaching purposes, is to a degree expendable, and is
purchased out of Departmental Supplies & Expense funds.  The
records bought by Dr. Tucker were ordered on the Carnegie Library
fund, are not considered expendable, and are library resources
much as books are.  It was agreed that their use should be
restricted and that they should be given some kind of cataloguing
and classification. Mr. Harlow requested that Miss Fiercer and
Mr. Rothstein consider the problem and make recommendations. -3- /6/
He added that if the Library accumulates a record collection,
departmental collections would still be valid as teaching aids.
Records for general lending should be kept by the Extension
Department, and the Library should probably be for library
use only as soon as playing facilities can be provided in the
library building.  Miss Fiercer said that it would be useful to
have a central list of what is available on the campus.  Property
identification marks and perhaps a call number will be placed or.
each record label.
The Library Committee discussed the Librarian:s pr posa]
that all third year students be admitted to the stackrooru
Mr. Harlow said that doing so would probably involve change?
necessary to accommodate increased traffic on the stack stairs
since at least another 300 or 400 students would neec1 to be
handled.  The Committee gave its approval for the experiment
during the coming Fall Term upon condition that the physical
facilities can be provided and that control of the stack can be
maintained. Miss Lanning remarked that it seems impossible to
keep students out of the carrels assigned to faculty and. that
faculty are not willing to eject the students.  Notices posted
to reserve space for faculty use are torn off, and Miss Alldritt's
suggestion that the notice be painted on the wall will be acted
Mr. Harlow asked what had been done about this material
which had been offered by the Provincial Library.  Miss Taylor
said that some statutes had arrived yesterda}^ and been sent to
the Law Library, as arranged with Miss Priestly, but that she was
not sure what decision about responsibility for Australian federal
and state publications had been reached by Miss O'Rourke.
The long run of this newspaper previously mentioned
has found a home in Duluth, in a branch of the University of Minnesota.
Mr. Bauer has sent to Fir. Harlow a set of the Library
Leaflets issued by the University of Washington.  They contain
some useful suggestions which might be useful here, and Mr. Harlow
asked the Division Heads to look them over and make comments.
They cover instructions on the use of the catalogue, use of the
reference room, the stacks, reserve books, etc. Mr. Rothstein
noted that they were serially numbered and he did not believe that
students would collect and keep the leaflets together.  The
Librarian believed that if they were kept in stock on the appropriate public desks and were read even once it would be worth
while to publish them. I.
-4~ hz
It is now time to consider the revision of this leaflet
for next Session.  A group of professional librarians which has
begun to meet recently to discuss academic library matters has
expressed willingness to suggest revisions, and the Librarian would
like to have them, the Heads, and any others go over the present
edition carefully. Mr. Harlow wishes to keep the leaflet"to its
present size if possible.  He would like to consider issuing
additional leaflets on the use of the catalogue and of refere..- -.p
Some time a decision will need to be reached regarding
the kind of cataloguing to be given to government publications
which are considered to be important enough to be bound.  If
material is worth keeping it is perhaps worth binding, and if that
is done it should go into the main stack, where some kind of
cataloguing and classification is required.  He will discuss tne
matter with some of the Division Heads and bring it up again at
a meeting soon.
Mr. Lanning said that material from Reference is moving
through the Bindery fairly steadily.
The Librarian would like to make an annual inventory of
keys issued to the various divisions.  A few master keys have been
issued to individuals upon the Librarian's authorization, and a
larger number of special keys are available in the divisions for
staff use.  Lists of keys known to be in the Library will be sent
to the divisions by the Librarian.
This will be held at the University of Washington
Library on May 1.  Mr. Harlow has received notice of it, and he
mentioned a few items on the program, including a discussion by
Miss Boughton of the School of Librarianship in Seattle.
ROOM 750
Mr. Lanning reported that this room has been cleared of
material formerly on the floor.  The room is now to be used
chiefly for University Archive purposes.
Biochemische Zeitschrift. v. 1-249, 1906-1932.
Archiv ftlr experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmacologie
V. 1-1667~T873"-193 2
v. 167-186 (less 7 vols.) /03
Beitr&ge aur pathologischen Anatomie und zur allgemeinen
Pathologie. v. 980112, 193&-1952.
Zentralblatt ftlr die gesamte kinderheilkunde. v. 1-39,
Zeitschrift ftlr experimentelle Pathologie und Therapie.
Handbuch der pathogen Mikroorganismen (Kolle) complete in
19 vols#
Sociedad de Argentina de Biologie, Revista. v. 1-22, L925-46
(less 7 vols., of which Library already had 3).
Archiv ftlr slavische Philologie.  v. 22-31, 1900-1909..
Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, v. 1-29, 1923-1952=
Archiv ftlr Anatomie und Physiologic 1377-1915 (lacking 19ul)
Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, v. 10-20,
 1928-1938. ^^ **
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Miss Joan Titterington has resigned from her position in the
Librarian's office and she will be replaced, on a temporary basis,
by Miss Mary Ross.  Miss Ross has app]ied for a Library Assistant
position but will serve here for the time being.
Miss Patricia Wood will join the Circulation Division on
May 5, replacing Miss Esther Zipursky.


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