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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 10, 1955

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TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1955, at 10 a.m.
No. 100
Present: Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Miss Smith,
Fliss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, Fliss Rutherford,
Fliss Fugler.
Fir. Lanning was unable to be present.
To observe the 100th meeting of the Division Heads since
Mr. Harlow came to the University, the Librarian provided coffee,
biscuits, and a delicious cake sent by Firs. Harlow. Mr. Lanning's
absence on this special occasion was much regretted.
Fir. Harlow reviewed some of the developments of the past
three and a half years, as reflected in the Minutes of the period:
All regular employees on the Library staff are now full-time
people, there being no sessional appointments such as existed some
years ago.
The Library Assistant position is a category of five grades
(instead of two) and provides more opportunity for university
graduates who may wish to remain in such work.  Some Library
Assistants go on to Library School after a year or two, but a
number have proved to be long time, valuable, members of the staff.
Stack access has been liberalized: in 1951 only graduate
students were admitted, in the spring term of 1955 all students in
the third or higher year of their course were admitted on request.
A small addition was made to the bookstack, and plans are
under way to stack the "well." Crowded conditions now prevail, and
the addition is one of the most outstanding present needs.
Book purchases from all University funds have been centralized
and are channelled through the Library's Acquisitions Division,
so that information about campus library holdings is available and
some control over duplication and departmental collections is
Development of the Bindery is another achievement.  This
successful operation carried on under Fir. Fryer's direction has had
a good effect within the Library and on the campus generally.
Additions to the permanent staff of the Library number about
10 or 12.
There have been several upward adjustments in staff salaries.
The addition of the Assistant Librarians to the administrative
staff is a major advance and they are, with Fir. Harlow, members of
several of the Universitv Faculties. 2 ff"
Quite important modifications have been made in Library
processes and routines, as, for example, in the Acquisitions and
Cataloguing Divisions.
An official policy in relation to campus library service has
been established on Senate authority, and Fir. Harlow believes that
relations between the teaching departments and the Library are
developing satisfactorily. The essential factor in maintaining
centralized library service is now to provide better service to the
departments than they can provide for themselves.
There has been a notable increase in the book funds, and we
can now compare ourselves favorably in this aspect with any library
in Canada.
Fir. Harlow then spoke of problems still confronting the
Library, among which are expanding service to undergraduates,
developing special services to faculty (such as a regular campus
delivery service), and improving coordination of the departmental
book collections (they have yet to be catalogued).  A staff Committee is already appointed to look into and make suggestions
regarding Loan Desk operations, continuing the studies which have
been taking place in Acquisitions and Cataloguing.
The Librarian thanked the Division Heads and staff both
for their backing and their pushing and asked for a continuing
active interest in getting things done.  He expressed regret that
more frequent meetings of the whole library staff seem not to be
possible; and he is very conscious that the entire staff is involved
in the development of the Library and its service.
Those attending the Conference to be held during the
coming week-end are: Miss Alldritt, Fliss Fiercer, Fliss Dwyer,
Miss Scott, Fir. Rothstein, Mr. Owens, Mr, Bell, and the Librarian.
Mr. Rothstein will be Chairman of a panel discussion, and
Miss Alldritt will participate as a member of a panel; Miss Fiercer
will be Acting Treasurer in Miss O'Rourke's absence; and
Mr. Harlow will speak briefly as B.C.L.A. representative to the
American Library Association and as Chairman of the Certification
Fliss Florton, who is Executive Secretary of the Canadian
Library Association, plans to attend the B.C.L.A. Conference, and
it is hoped that she will have time to visit the University Library
on Saturday morning.
A statement prepared by Fir. Rothstein after a reading of
a transcript of the testinuHry given by the Canadian publishers
before the Ilsey Commission on Patents & Copyright has been forwarded to the Secretary of the National Association of Canadian Universities.  Copyright will likely be placed on the agenda of the
current N.A.C.U.Fleeting, Mr. ROGERS from U.N.B.
Mr. Rogers will arrive in Vancouver on Flay 24 and will
stay on the campus.  He plans to spend Friday, June 3, in Victoria,
and to return to the University and remain here from June 6 through
10.  He has mentioned the problems in which he is most interested
and Mr. Rothstein has drawn up a tentative agenda for his visit.
The agenda leaves four or five free days at the end of the visit
for Mr. Rogers to spend in more particular attention to library
matters of special concern to him. Fir. Rothstein outlined the"
proposed agenda and mentioned a few of the problems which he thinks
the divisions should discuss with Fir. Rogers.
The travelling book store of the Hacker art publishers
is to be on the campus on May 24.
The microscopes which were inquired about at the meeting
on April 26 (Minutes No. 99) have been located in the Library
(in the "attic"). Miss Smith will advise Fir. Grant of Salmon Arm
of their availability.
Fliss Lanning reported that the outside collections have
been checked; losses in some are up and in others down from
previous years.  Books are coming in fairly well, although long
past the May 1 deadline.  The Circulation staff has typed 238
lists of missing books which will be sent to the delinquent
borrowers with a notice from the Librarian requesting their return.
It was agreed that some books, which have been missing for a period
of years and for whose return there is little hope, should be
removed from the catalogue.  Problem cases will be reported to
Fir. Harlow.
The services wanted from the National Library and a
consideration of what it is prepared to offer will be discussed at
the BCLA Conference.  It was suggested that someone take careful
notes at the meeting and report upon it, and Miss Scott will be
asked to do this. Fir. Harlow would like to discuss National Library
services at one more Division Heads meeting before the CLA Conference,
The Committee met last week and approved purchase of
files of research material amounting to $1113- The sum available
is $1000, and the Committee left to the Librarian the selection of
material to this amount. 7 (j
The Committee considered the arrangement of current
serials, about which there has been discussion in the past. The
Serials staff has prepared a subject list of the material (in card
form), and one teaching department has mimeographed its subject
list.  It was agreed that no change be made in the present alphabetical arrangement of the files without further discussion.
Mr. Harlow asked the Division Heads to prepare and submit
to him recommendations for staff salary increases and promotions;
the notes may be very brief, but they should be written and sent in
promptly.  Salary increases are not automatic but must be earned by
generally satisfactory performance, and the Division Heads should
give careful thought to their reports.
Reports of hours worked by student assistants must henceforth be on a daily basis for pa3^roll purposes, and Division Heads
are asked to keep their departmental records accordingly.
Miss Alldritt reported that there are author cards in
the public catalogue for all books in the Sedgewick collection which
are not duplicated elsewhere in the Library.
It was noted that members of the Library staff have
language qualifications covering a wide range, including French,
German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish,
Hungarian, Rumanian, Chinese, and Latin.
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 noon.
Miss Elizabeth Elias, who will graduate from the University of
Flinnesota Library School this year, has accepted the position of
Junior Librarian in the Catalogue Division, to begin in August.
Miss Elias was a teacher in Saskatchewan for some years before
deciding to enter library work.
Present vacancies on the Library staff are as follows:
Library Assistant in Serials (Fliss Wilschefski's position);
Clerk I in Reference (Fliss Besler's position); and Clerk' I in
Acquisitions (Mr. Bartlett's position).  Applications should be
made to Mr. Rothstein.
During Miss O'Rourke's absence Fliss Dwyer will serve as
administrative assistant to Fliss Smith.


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