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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 8, 1963

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 Li I
January 8,  1963.    No.  284
Representing Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to
the University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present:  IB, GD, MD, DF, EH, RJL, AL, EM, TKN, JO'R, JR, SR, JS, BSS
Staff Room
Because of difficulty in securing and retaining a regular
assistant to prepare coffee, an automatic coffee dispenser will be
installed in the Staff Room in the near future. Fuller details will
be supplied as soon as they are-known.
Two-Hour Reserve Books
Because of increased evening use, two-hour reserve books will
not be checked out for overnight use until 8 p.m. Previously, students
have been permitted to check out multiple-copy two-hour reserve titles
at 4 p.m. and single-copy titles at 9 p.m.
Reserve Book Collection Telephone.
Mr. Bell announced that the Reserve telephone will be disconnected at 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday, in
order to prevent people telephoning from their homes for renewals
when it is already too late for them to bring books in by the 3 p»m.
deadline, thereby inconveniencing students who have "Holds" on these
Book Location Records
With the growth of the Library and the development, both
actual and potential, of substantial collections outside the central
collection, the problem of indicating to the public the location of
materials not in the central collection has become acute. The present
SfSrtem is not entirely satisfactory and improvements need to be made,
if possible. The entire problem was discussed at length by the
Division Heads, with particular attention being given to Mr. Turner's
report, which has been circulated prior to the meetings. It is hoped
that a decision can be reached at the next Heads meeting.
Book Selection and Canadiana
Presently the bulk of our Canadian acquisitions are supplied
on standing order from two dealers, one French and one English. This
results in our receiving a very broad representation of Canadian publications, the majority of which we have accepted in the past. It may
be, however, that we have been too uncritical, and that we have been
cataloguing many books which have absolutely no potential literary or
historical interest. In the future incoming shipments will be subjected
to greater scrutiny: books will be scanned by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs before 2<
they are turned over to the Acquisitions Division; in doubtful cases
the opinions of staff members and faculty members will be solicited.
In addition it was decided that a shelf for doubtful materials would be
established in the Cataloguing Division and periodically reviewed in the -ia
same way.
The concensus was that while we should be attempting to acquire
practically anything relating to British Columbia, we need to be less
inclusive where other Canadian publications are concerned, the principal
criteria being literary and historical interest.
Miss Susan Hubbard as Library Assistant in Humanities Division
on an hourly basis, effective 7 Januaryil963.
ftfrai" Carol Pfeiffer as Library Assistant in College Library,
effective 2 January 1963.
Miss Nancy Ellis as Clerk I in Circulation, effective 31
January 1963.
Mrs. Dani Chute as Clerk I in Cataloguing effective 31 January
Clerk I in Circulation, 1 February 1963.


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