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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 25, 1957

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June 25,  1957. No.  155
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other- Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AF1S, MML, RJL, EBM, F1AA, DF, EF.
Congratulations to Dr. and Firs. Rothstein on
the birth of a daughter, Sharon^ a-^xdui,^. *s •
Summer Session 1957
An enrollment of 3000 students is expected for the Summer
Session. Although some courses in Education will be given in
Victoria, the larger number will be offered by the College of Education on this campus. Library hours, commencing on July -2, will
Monday through Thursday   8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
These hours apply to the Loan Desk and Reserve Book Room, and the
schedule for other Divisions will be announced later.
New Loan-Serials Desk
The carpenters have said that the new desk, except for the
stack entrance, will be completed this week.  Some temporary
arrangement may be necessary at the beginning of the summer term.
Mr. Harlow asked staff, particularly at the Loan Desk,
to keep a sharp lookout for faculty and others who may be bewildered
by the new arrangement in the stacks and to assist them as much as
New Stack
It was suggested that colored lights be installed at the
new stack stairs in order to indicate their location, both for
reasons of convenience and safety. Directories and floor plans will
be installed before July 2.
Staff at the Loan Desk are responsible for turning off
lights in the main bookstack at the end of the day, and Fliss Lanning
remarked that this is a 20-minute job. The lights should not be
turned off at the main switch, since it is then impossible to turn
on any individual lights on any of the levels. p
The shift of the main book collection was planned and
directed by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs,with the assistance of Mr. Bell, and
both have worked very hard at loading and unloading the book trucks
during the last month or so. Ttie girls from the Loan Desk staff have
also worked very hard and one of them, Miss Sharon Cliffe, has meanwhile won medals for the shot put and discus throw at the Kelowna
Athletic Round Table Tournament.  (Has the book truck routine kept
her in condition?) The Reference staff have been transferring
material to the Ridington balcon)?, and most of the "Z" classification will need to be shifted to provide shelf space for the .
Reference collection.  It is hoped to get the Fine Arts Room back
into operation by July 2.
New Bio-Medical Reading Room
The new quarters for Bio-FIedical use on level 6 are to be
provided with improved lighting, probably during the first week of
July. As soon as the area is ready, the furniture will be put into
place and the new facilities put into formal operation. The Bio-
Medical Branch at the Vancouver General Hospital is expected to move
into its fine new quarters sometime in July.
Return of Books
Books are still being returned by faculty after third
notices, but a final check cannot be made until the book shift is
completed. Departmental collections have been checked, and only the
Faculty of Agriculture, Fine Arts and Reference collections remain
to be cleared.
Stack Access
During the Winter Session, 1956/57, stack access was
granted to 2,432 persons.
Doors in Stack Area
Fir. Harlow asked that the recently installed doors in the
stacks be kept closed at all times and that all of them be kept
locked except the one in the old elevator alcove between the Loan
Desk and Reference stacks.
Examination Papers for Student Use
Several different plans were considered for handling the
examination papers kept for student use at Reserve.  It was decided
tentatively, subject to discussion with Mrs. Tucker, that they be
bound in thin volumes and mounted on a plywood board to "be placed
in the open area of the Reserve stacks at the east end.
CLA Meeting in Victoria
Fifteen members of the UBC Library staff attended the conference in Victoria: Miss Fiercer, Miss Alldritt, Miss Scott,
Miss Smith, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Mackenzie, Mr. Turner, Mr. Bell,
Miss Vogel, Miss Fraser, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning, Miss Cock,
Dr. Rothstein and Mr. Harlow. Fir. Stuart-Stubbs was prevented from 7/
attending by the urgency of the book shift.
One of the problems of the Association is to interest the
greatest number of members not working actively on the Council or
Committees. One means is the publication, Feliciter, which contains
a variety of information and comment relating to Canadian library
affairs. The long and often almost necessarily dull business meeting
of the conference could perhaps be shortened and enlivened by the
routine acceptance of most reports and a full discussion of all controversial matters.  It was noted that this and similar problems
might well be discussed during the winter by the UBC professional
library staff.
Immediately before and following the conference in Victoria
a number of librarians from other parts of the country visited the
University Library. Among them were: Fir. Bert Hamilton, Assistant
Librarian, Parliamentary Library, Fir. David Appelt, Librarian, University of Saskatchewan, Mr. Bruce Peel, Librarian, University of"
Alberta, Miss MacMillan of the Fisheries Research Board, Ottawa,
Miss Helen Creighton, formerly on the reference staff at McGill,
Miss Howe from the Ontario Agricultural College, Mr. Harry Campbell,
Librarian, Toronto Public Library, Fir. Florton Coburn, Librarian,
Edmonton Public Library, Miss Grant of the Calgary branch of the
University of Alberta, Fliss Dorothy Hamilton from Alberta, Fir. Jack
Hamilton from the Royal Military College, Mr. David Foley, Assistant
Librarian, University of Toronto Library, Father William Stewart,
St. Mary's University Library, Halifax, Miss Elizabeth McCullough
from Middlebury College, Vermont, Miss Hilda Gifford, Librarian,
Carlton College, Ottawa, Mr. C E. Dornbusch from the New York Public
Library, Miss Velma Cannon from Victoria College in Toronto, and a
number of others.
Building Prospects
A President's Committee is holding meetings to allocate
the expenditure of a building fund of $25,000,000, spread over some
years.  The Library is one of three projects which appear to have a
high priority, but many needs are being pressed.  In any case, the
Library must have plans for the addition well in hand. The cost of
adding a wing providing reading rooms with 1200 additional seats and
more stack would be about $1,500,000. One session has been held with
the University architects.  The Librarian does not wish to duplicate
the north wing because distances within the Library would then be too
great and a more economic use of floor space will need to be made if
we are to accommodate another 1200 readers. He has found the
architects surprisingly flexible in their attitude to a completely
new conception.  Some of the proposals regarding the addition were.
discussed and further attention will be given to them in meetings of
the professional staff. p.
Mrs. Brearley on TV
Mrs. Anne Brearley of the Reference Division was interviewed on the "Almanac" program of CBUT on Tuesday evening. Her subject was, appropriately enough, "Almanacs", and it proved a pleasant
and interesting one, well presented in the few minutes assigned.
"Know Your Library"
Revisions, of this leaflet should be given to Mr. Harlow
Rental Collection
Miss Lanning asked where the Rental books should now be
kept, and it was decided to shelve them, at the start at least, just
inside the stack entrance, adjacent to the shelves of new books.
Freshmen and sophomores will thus not have access to them, but they
have not made much use of the collection. Fir. Harlow asked about
meetings of the Rental Book Selection Committee, and Fliss Mercer
said that it met informally. The Librarian suggested at least one
meeting a month, and Miss Smith wondered whether the membership
should not change from time to time.
Fledical Librarians' Fleeting
Miss Fraser reported attending a meeting in Seattle on
June 22 to plan the P.N.W. regional meeting of medical librarians
which will be held in Vancouver.  It will take place on Saturday,
October 19, 1957, with sessions at the Vancouver Medical Association
library, the UBC Biomedical Branch, and on the campus. The afternoon meeting will be held in the University Library, Room 852.
Dr. Kroll's survey of library facilities in the Pacific Northwest
will include services to the medical and allied professions, and he
has asked the medical librarians to provide the data, covering the
library point of view, with comments from doctors, nurses, dentists
and others concerned.  Preliminary reports b3>- individuals are to be
ready for the October meeting, and a final report will be compiled
by next January.
Vancouver Medical Association
The Vancouver Medical Association has appointed as its
librarian Miss Isabel McDonald, formerly a member of the UBC Library
reference staff and now returning from work in the Stanford Lane
Medical Library in San Francisco.  The VMA is also investigating the
matter of providing library service to doctors throughout the
province, following a recommendation in Miss Fraser's recent report.
The Association's library is to be re-catalogued and the UBC Library
will receive copies of the new catalogue cards.
Letters have been received from Melva Dwyer, on holiday in
London, and she is searching book stores for Fine Arts material.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon. f3
Firs.  Rosemary Brown from her position as Library Assistant
in the Bio-Medical Library,  on June 28.
Miss Beth Coles from her position as Clerk I in the
Circulation Division, on June 21.
Miss Peggy Fennell from her position as Library Assistant
in the Reference Division, on June 28.
Mrs. Colleen Murphy from her position as Library
Assistant in the Serials Division, on June 7.
Mr. Richard Sephton from his position as Library
Assistant in the Acquisitions Division, on June 26.
Mrs. Gisela Wiedersperg from her position as Steno*
grapher II in the Reference Division, on June 28.
Miss Catherine Arnold as Clerk I in the Acauisitions
Division, on May 21.
Miss Betty Frost as Stenographer II in the Reference
Division, on July 2.
Fliss Elizabeth Grant as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on June 26.
Miss Margaret Piercy as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division on June 24.
Mrs. Emily Woodward as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division on July 2.
Appointed to temporary summer positions are:
Miss Maureen O'Shay and Miss Pat Tankard in the Curriculum Laboratory, and Miss Barbara Lovat-Fraser in the Circulation Division.
New Subscriptions:
Admission requirements of American medical colleges
Akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin.  Institut fur
Slavistik.  VerSffentlichung.
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.
Guidelines.for the improvement of teacher education. If
New Subscriptions (cont.):
American council of learned societies. Bulletin.
Archives ltaliennes de biologie.
Art education.
Australian journal of education.
Beitrage zur geschichte der deutschen sprache und
Biokhimiya (English translation).
Bulletin des societes d'ophthalmologic de France.
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine (English
College and university bulletin.
College composition and communication.
Conference on physiology of prematurity.
English language teaching.
Hellenisme contemporain.
IBM journal of research and development.
Indiana University.  Publications. Slavic and East
European series.
Italian quarterly.
National art education association. Yearbook.
Society of American foresters.
South African journal of laboratory and clinical medicine.
American council on industrial arts. Teacher education
yearbook, v. 1-6, 1952-57-
Bantu studies,     v.   1-15,  1921-41.
Berichte uber die wissenschaftliche Biologie.  v. 35-62,
Botanisk tidsskrift.  v. 25-33, 1903-15.
California  journal of elementary education,     v.  18-24,
Aug.  1949-May 1956.
Dermatologisches zentralblatt.  v. 1-23, 1897-1920.
Entomologist, v. 7-89, 1874-1956.
Harper's weekly, v. 6-40, 1862-96.
Palaeontographica, Abt. B.  v. 78-101, 1933-57.
Royal Musical Association. Proceedings. 74-82, 1947/48-
Science education, v. 1-29, 1916/18-1945.
Yale University Library gazette, v. 1-22, 1926 to date.
Zentralblatt ftlr haut und geschlehts Krankheiten.
v. 1-27, 1921-31.


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