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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 11, 1951

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APRIL 11, 1951, at 9:00 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Rendell,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Miss Smith reported to the meeting that plans to close
the Library for three days early in May would have to be
reconsidered In light of the fact that the medical students would
not have completed their examinations until near the middle of
the month. They will probably make more use of the Medieal
Reading Room during the first two weeks of May than they have
hitherto.  It was recommended that if Miss Vlag Is willing to
keep the Medical Reading Room open in the evening, this be done,
but it will not involve keeping the Library open generally.
Miss Smith believes that the medical students ought to be
accommodated if it is possible to do so. She would suggest that
one door only be opened at a certain time each evening to allow
the medical students into the building. They would all be
working in the Medical Reading Room and there should be no need
to have staff on duty elsewhere in the Library.
During the three days the Library is closed for shelf
reading the few persons other than medical students who inevitably
drift into the building should be told that no service can be
given. A notice advising of the closing of the Library and
requesting return of books will be sent to all members of the
U.B.C. staff, timed to reach them on the last day of lectures.
Miss Smith announced that Miss Naomi Grigg, whose term
of service in the Library ends this year, has accepted a
position in the Faculty of Law, and that Miss Grigg will take
up her new duties on April 16.
Mr. H. R. MacMillan has presented to the Library three
valuable and interesting■documents in Canadian history, which the
Library is very pleased indeed to have.
Miss Smith reported that several librarians from
medical libraries in the city will tour the Library today. Most
of their time will be spent In the Reference Division, where most
of their requests are received and handled.
Miss Lanning mentioned that the set of International
Conciliation is blocked to the Cage, but that the set is not
complete.  Should it be completed and remain in the Cage?
Mr. Lanning said he could see no reason for keeping this particular
set in the Cage, and Miss Smith agreed that it was no more
valuable than other material which is kept on the open shelves.
Miss Lanning reported that those of her staff who had
some time to spare occasionally were checking pamphlet files and
putting them in order. Mr. Rothstein asked that anyone working
on the shelves take note of paper-bound sets which are now
complete and should be bound.
Miss Jefferd said she would like to withdraw from the
catalogue cards for items which have been missing for some time and should be presumed lost.
Miss Lanning asked if she should now re-order replacement
copies which she had ordered but not received during the fiscal
year just ended. Mr. Rothstein replied that the orders are still
valid and that in nearly all cases quotations will be received
before any orders are filled.  If there are any items on order which
are not now wanted, they should be withdrawn from the file.
Mr. Rothstein reported that invoices for practically everything of
importance, except one major order from Holland, had come in.
He will be able shortly to tell the Division Heads what they have
spent during the past year.
Mr. Rothstein als© suggested that a definite pattern be
followed in ordering during the eoming year. All scare, out-of-print,
and difficult-to-obtain material should be ordered as early in the
fiscal year as possible. It takes a long time to fill such orders
and invoices for them are slow in reaching the University.
Mr. Rothstein recommended placing orders generously because not all
the material can be obtained.  In November or December, but not
later, the situation should be reviewed. It will then be known, to
a great extent, which of the first let of orders will be coming in.
Then orders should be sent promptly for current, easily-obtained
material, so that all the money will be used and the invoices
received by the end of the fiscal year. Again, Mr. Rothstein
recommended, ordering generously on the assumption that not all the
orders will be filled. Any money which is not used in payment of
invoices by the end of March, 1952, will lapse.
In reply to a question about the budget, Miss Smith
replied that she did not expect to have the final budget until the
fall.  The question of keeping the Library open at night during the
next term will probably remain unanswered until then.
Once again the problem of preventing students using the
exits into the fire stairway from the stackroom and returning to
the stackroom by the same route was considered.  It was finally
decided that Miss Smith would ask for an estimate of the cost of
having a fire alarm installed.
A very large number of students have accumulated sizeable
Library fines, and Mr. Wood has protested against having to spend the
time and postage to deal with all of them. Miss Smith is to interview
the students instead of sending them to Mr. Wood.  The advantage
of charging a heavier fine was considered. Mr. Rothstein pointed
out that unless bills for a heavier fine can be sent out immediately
the fine is incurred the students will resent having it accumulate
at the higher rate. Miss Smith said that if the students were
properly warned it would be their responsibility if fines accumulated.
The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.


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