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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 7, 1961

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March 7, 1961    No. 235
Present:  NH, DF, SR, RJL, AB, BB, GGT, AMS, NTK, MD, JO'R,
EC, ML, JS, PS (for EBM), BSS, and HM.
Mr, Harlow noted the absence of Miss Mercer owing
to the death of her father last Saturday. The funeral is
this afternoon.
Open House
Miss Smith and the staff reported that a steady
stream of people passed through the Library during the two days
of Open House and that although not too many questions were
asked, the visitors seemed anxious to see all parts of the
building. Many people even walked to the top floor to Special
Collections to see the special exhibit of Yukon material set
up by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and his staff.  Considerable interest
was shown in the Shakespeare Folios and in the CBC "7 O'Clock
Show" which was run continuously in the central corridor.
Miss Smith expressed her grateful thanks to members of the
Library staff who so willingly co-operated to make the day a
success; to the Division Heads for re-arranging schedules to
have staff on hand for the whole period; to Mr. Bell for providing extra assistants for stack entries; to Mr. Williams for
providing and posting signs; to Miss O'Rourke and Miss Fraser
for obtaining the projectionists to run the film. Mr. Harlow
was pleased that it was possible to maintain service during
the period and expressed his appreciation to everyone who
took part.
Postage Meter
The question of whether a postage - meter would
be economical in handling the Library mail has been raised
again, and Mr. Harlow asked Division Heads to report the number
of letters, postcards, and parcels (not counting airforms)
which are sent out during a typical week.
Charter Flight to Europe
The Canadian Association of University Teachers is
sponsoring a charter flight to Europe this summer which members
of the Faculty Association of the University are entitled to
join.  It is a six-week trip, leaving Montreal for London on
June 30 and returning September 7> the 1st class return fare
being $299.00. Mr. Harlow has the necessary application forms
for anyone interested.
51 52
The BCLA is holding a "Career Day", sponsored by
its Recruitment Committee, at the Vancouver Public Library
on Wednesday, March 8. Dr. Rothstein will be a principal
speaker and will talk to a group of school librarians and
counsellors on the School of Librarianship at U. B. C
On Thursday, March 9, Dr. Rothstein and Miss
Marjorie Sing (from the Public Library) will be at the University
Personnel Office to interview university students who are interested in a career of librarianship.
Monthly Reports
Mr. Harlow has made notes from a series of recent
monthly reports submitted by Division Heads and wished to raise
the following matters for discussion.  Soon the reorganization
will have been in effect for a full University term and a
number of problems can now be considered in the light of
actual experience, for example:
(a) The relationship of the collections and services
of the College Library to the work of the subject
divisions, particularly to the Humanities.
(b) The duplication of reference works among divisions.
(c) The accumulation of back files of University
calendars in the Humanities--should some be discarded, be preserved selectively, or should they
be put in storage binding, cataloged, and shelved?
(d) Should the Z-shelf list now be copied for each
subject division or should the divisions continue
to consult the Catalogue Division by telephone
when the location of such material is in doubt?
(e) Is the Information Desk serving the purpose for
which it was set up? A great many routine informational questions are still being answered at
divisional reference desks.  Is the desk in the
Concourse sufficiently well marked?
(f) The possibility of changing the method of charging
books to a keysort system.
Mr, Harlow asked that requests for supplies, equipment, etc. not be put in the monthly reports but be submitted
as separate requests. The reports serve at least two or three
purposes; to give the Division Heads a regular opportunity to
review their work and discuss plans, and to Inform the Librarian
of accomplishments and proposals and secure his assistance. 53
Mechanical Maintenance
All requests to the Department of Buildings and
Grounds relating to the maintenance of mechanical equipment
should be directed to local 699; after 5:00 p.m. the telephone
local is 699 or 328 (off-campus calls through CA 4-1737).
IPR Library
The material received as a part of the Institute
of Pacific Relations library (some 4,500 to 5,000 volumes)
is now shelved by broad subject divisions in the Asian Studies
area. A list of the books will, be made (beginning with material
on India) and kept in the Acquisitions Division in order that
duplicate orders will not be made; Catalging will proceed with
the books as opportunity permits.
South Wing Elevator
It should be noted that the new elevator in the
south wing is for public as well as staff use and, while nothing
need be done to encourage wider use, it is available to students
who have stack access.
1961/62 Budget
The regular meeting of the Board of Governors will
be held tonight, at which time the Librarian, Dr. Cowan, and
a few other representatives of the Senate Library Committee
will meet with them at dinner and be given an opportunity to
discuss the requests outlined in the Annual Report and in the
letter sent by the Committee to the Senate.  It is reported that
the increase in the Government's grant to the University will
not be large this year, and this will doubtless be reflected
in the book budget for 1961/62.
University Librarian
The Ad Hoc Committee to select a University Librarian
has held two meetings, and a number of names have been suggested,
a considerable correspondence is being carried on, and the
position has been advertised in the library journals. No
decision has of course yet been made.
Dr. Rothstein visited Miss Fugler yesterday.  She
is still not picking up very quickly but seems in good spirits.
Miss Jefferd has recovered remarkably well and is
reported to be "very active". 54
Miss Marianne Forsyth, Librarian I in the Catalogue
Division, was marrie'd" on February 25 to Mr. Arthur Vespry.
Miss Diane Rose, Clerk I in the Catalogue Division,
was married on March 4 to Mr. F. S. Chute.
Our best wishes to both of them.
Miss Ngaire E. Coe, as Library Assistant in the
College Library on February 22.
Mrs. Eleanor B. Dahl, as Clerk II in the Serials
Division on February 27.
Mr. Otto Breuer, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division"7oh~~March 21.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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