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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 4, 1949

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HEADS, Held in the Librarian's
Office, Monday, April 4, 1949, at
10 a.m.
Present:  Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Rothstein,
Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Mr. Lanning was absent from the meeting.
Miss Smith told the meeting that she had received a letter
of resignation from Miss Mary Campbell, Library Assistant in the
Circulation Department, who has obtained summer employment
elsewhere.  Miss Campbell's resignation will be effective May 2.
Miss Smith explained that the situation in the Library is so
uncertain that she could not encourage Miss Campbell to stay on,
and that while it would create a difficulty for the Circulation
Department, she felt it only fair to Miss Campbell to accept her
The question of arranging staff holidays was considered
fully.  After some discussion it was decided that all staff should
be on hand for the American Library Association Regional Conference
August 21 to 25, and it was also agreed that it would be almost
impossible for the service departments to take holidays during
Summer Session.  The month of June, and a two-week period
commencing August 26, appear to be the most suitable times for
vacations, particularly for members of the service departments.
The possibilities in each department will be investigated and
reported upon at next week's meeting.  It should be borne in mind
that the new budget may affect staff holidays.  We do not yet
know what the situation regarding library staff and hours may be.
The Circulation Department will send out notices regarding
return of books and the closing of the Library, in time to reach
all members of the teaching staff before the Easter weekend.
A sign giving the same information will be posted in the Library.
Inventory will commence On May 2, and the building will be closed
for general use for the week following.
Miss Lanning asked if the small room housing Howay-Reid
material could be cleared and made available for the use of the
Circulation Department, before inventory if possible. Miss Jefferd
will discuss the matter with Mr. McCloy and see what can be done.
Three other small jobs remain, to be done before inventory:
1. Check small shelf lists.
2. Check Reference shelf list.
3. Check Reserve shelf list.
The question of handling government documents in inventory
has arisen, and it was agreed to hold a conference between the
Circulation, Reference, and Catalogue Departments to determine
how the problem should be solved.
The use of Reserve books during the ALA Conference was
discussed, and it was agreed that the books would be obtained at the Reserve desk as usual, but that they would have to be taken
elsewhere in the building for reading.
It is planned to have a display for the Library staff of the
books chosen by the Book Selection Committee, probably in the
staff lounge.  It was reported that a desire had been expressed
at the last Staff Association meeting for a bookcase or bookshelves
in the lounge.  After some discussion it was recommended that the
Staff Association committee responsible for furnishings, etc.,
should explore the possibilities of unpainted furniture.  If
suitable shelves or bookcases, modern in appearance, can be
obtained at a reasonable price, the Association funds could be
used for their purchase, and the staff might undertake to paint or
finish the articles themselves.
Miss Smith reported on the question of library certification,
which has been under consideration by the Department of Education.
It is felt that the decision reached is of such vital
importance, particularly to junior staff members who are just
embarking upon a library career, that the Heads of the Departments
should discuss the question with their own staff. . It is pointed out
that all staff members, and especially junior members, should be
prepared to speak on this question when it arises at the forthcoming B.C.L.A. Conference.
So far as is known at present, Good Friday will be the only
holiday during the Easter season this year.  Examinations commence
on Saturday, April 16..
The possibility of having staff meeting at a more convenient
time was discussed.  It was felt that Monday morning should be
left free for work, and that any other time, preferably early in
the week, would be more suitable.  It was finally agreed that
staff meeting should be held on Monday afternoon, at least until
the end of'the present term.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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