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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 11, 1955

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October 11, 1955- No. 109
Reporting Division Head Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library staff.
At Heads Meeting: NH, SR, MS, EBM, MA, AR, IB, EF.
Because of the death of a brother, Fliss Lanning and
Mr. Lanning were absent. The funeral, which is private, will be
held on Wednesday, October 12.
A number of chairs have been received from Buildings and
Grounds, of which 45 are to be retained in the Library book
stacks and 30 are to go into Room 854 to accommodate Reference
lectures. The latter are to be returned to Buildings and Grounds
at the end of October.
Mrs, Strathers, the new member of the Geology and Geography
staff who will be in charge of the departmental reading room, has
spent a week in the Library becoming acquainted with operations
here and learning their relationship to work in the department.
Mr. Albert Boni (of the Readex Flicroprint Corporation)
visited the Library last week, and a number of people had the
opportunity to meet him. He is very actively interested in his
publishing program and in making the material as useful to
libraries as possible. He inspected our microprint reader and
agreed that it is defective. A new one, the latest model, will
be exchanged for it.
Mr. John Marshall, of the Rockefeller Foundation, spent
some time in the"" Library during his visit to the University last
week. He is particularly interested in the Humanities. In providing support for projects in Canada, the Foundation is beginning
to insist that their contribution be matched by local contributions, and the University was able to point out that the
Rockefeller grant for Slavonic Studies had produced some
considerable local gifts.
Mr. George Gray, also of the Rockefeller Foundation, is to
be at the University on October 12. He is an observer for the
Foundation, inspecting and reporting upon projects supported by
them. He is a science writer, and a few of his articles have
appeared in Harper's, the Scientific American, etc. OLD BIBLE CONTEST
On Sunday, the 9th, Fir. Harlow and Dr. Rothstein went to the
Georgia Auditorium where Fir. Harlow was one of the judges in
an "Old Bible Contest," sponsored by the Burnaby Kiwanis Club;
Fir, E. S. Robinson of the Vancouver Public Library and Fir. Tingley
of the British and Foreign Bible Society were the other judges.
The first three prizes were a folio edition of the Authorized
Version, published in 1617, a quarto edition of 1615, and a copy
of the first Protestant Bible printed in Italy, in 1605-6.
A couple of hundred bibles were entered.
The Acquisitions Division is advising all departments of the
state of their book funds as of September 30, and it appears that
about one-half of the budgeted funds still remain.
When serials, bound or unbound, come in to the Library,
as many of them as possible will be handled fully by Firs. Howell,
and forwarded immediately to the plating desk and to Cataloguing.
Items requiring more complicated checking will be routed b3^
Mrs. Howell to Miss Scott, and either she or Fliss Fiercer will deal
with them.  Serials will be shelved together in Cataloguing and
decisions regarding further handling vd.ll be made there by
Fliss Alldritt in consultation with Mr. Lanning and others.
Acquisitions will also consider, when ordering this type of
material, whether a consistent policy is being followed in ordering and will try to avoid the unintentional acquisition of odd
parts of series; the whole picture examined at time of
The above procedure affects only material intended for the
Serials Division at present.
In order not to repeat the critical conditions at the Reserve
desk which were experienced during the early part of this term,
Fir. Bell suggested" leaving most of the books for the preceding
year on the Reserve shelves until Christmas, at which time the
titles not specified for reserve for the current session would be
removed.  Faculty would be asked in Flarch, and reminded again in
September, to list material wanted on Reserve for the following
term, and additions would be made to the collection accordingly.
Much of the material is repeated every year. Fir. Harlowts only
query about this plan was whether too large a Reserve collection
would accumulate, depriving students of regular access to some
material, and requiring too much shelf space in the RBR.
The mechanics of checking the collection and removing books will
be discussed further. A
In the past this catalogue has been prepared by the Circulation
staff, but since it is a public catalogue and heavily used, it
should follow the same style and be as precise in arrangement and
content as any other public catalogue. The Librarian has therefore asked the Catalogue Division to be responsible for it henceforth, A shnrt form of cataloguing will be followed, providing,
however, the full author's name. If one book is assigned for
several courses, cards for each will be made for the course
catalogue. In order to make use of the catalogue more convenient,
a counter may be provided upon which the drawers can be spread
Professor Forward and Dr. Copp of the University faculty
attended this conference and (as members) received a set of the
papers presented, to be placed in the University Library.
Professor Forward has since compiled a list of the Conference
sessions, which serves as a general guide to subject divisions.
From this the user may refer to the abstracts, which are arranged
in the same order, and if he wishes then to turn to the papers
themselves, the serial number will guide him to them. The papers
are now being bound in serial number order and will be available
in Reference, Copies of the list of Conference sessions and an
explanatory note are being mailed to faculty. The bound set will
be for reference use only, but a partial duplicate file may be
loaned if required. Fir. Harlow commented that this arrangement,
initiated by Professor Forward, is an example which we might more
often follow in making library material known and available to
Up to last Wednesday, the Librarian's office had issued 1575
stack passes.
Mr. Harlow has now compiled new and more detailed specifications for the planned stack addition and will consult with
Mr. Hughes, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, about them
this afternoon.  The electrical work will probably be done by the
University,  Separate bids will be asked for on the following:
1. Structural work and book stacks for the "well" proper.
24 Deck over Serials.
3. Book stack and carrells for deck over Serials.
4. Additional carrells in general book stack.
5. New steel stacks for Fine Arts Room,
If money is available after No. 1 has been provided, it will be
spent on the succeeding projects. ■4 /£
When Professor Soward was in Japan last summer, the Japanese
Government provided 50,000 yen ($150-$200) for the purchase" of
library materials for the University of British Columbia. The
books are being purchased in Japan by a Japanese member of the
Canadian Embassy there, and some have been received. It is also
probable that the University will release funds for more library
material in the Oriental Studies field (chiefly Japanese),
looking to the establishment of a more complete program,
Noted for discussion at next meeting: rush cataloguing of
pamphlets for Reference, and Sedgewick books in public catalogue.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m,
Mrs, Joan Irvine will join the Acquisitions Division as
Clerk I, replacing Mrs. Helen Hutchinson, some time in October.
Mr. Serge Katarinich, at present employed in the Kitsilano
Branch of the Vancouver Public Library? will start work in the
Serials Division on November 1, replacing Firs. Rosenthal, who is
unable to continue her work in the Library.
The largest and most important university library on the
Pacific Coast, at the University of California, Berkeley, celebrated the addition of the two millionth volume last week.
A copy of the Shakespeare First Folio, given for that purpose,
is the 2,000,000th volume.
QUOTES. The following is copied from the October 7, 1955, issue
of the UCLA Librarian:
"We Help Germinate an Idea
"Not quite a year- ago, we reported a friendly controversy we
were having with Neal Harlow, Librarian of the University of
British Columbia, over the alleged difficulty one of our former
faculty members was having in using a UCLA Library card at
UBC. A warm rejoinder from Librarian Harlow let it be known
that our account of the incident was probably much exaggerated,
and that had he personally known about the problem, the card
from LA 24 could have been exchanged at par for a Canadian-type
card. Having said which, Neal suddenly saw how clumsy our
interlibrary passport arrangements have become, and he therefore proposed we urge upon UNESCO rthe institution of an
International Commission on Universal Open Stack Entry to
rescue for humanity the inalienable rights of all to free
access everywhere.'
"A copy of our October 22, 1954, issue v/hich printed
Mr. Harlow's eloquent proposal found its way to 19, Avenue
Kleber, Paris I6e, which is the headquarters of the United n
"Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
Last week we received a copy of the following letter from there
addressed to N. H. at British Columbia:
'Dear Neal,
The enclosure shows what can happen to a good idea when it
gets into UCLA Librarian. And to think that it didn»t take
even one yearJ
The best to you.
Luther H. Evans
Enclosed was a copy of a UNESCO memorandum, dated 12 September,
1955, Subject: Proposed international library card,' in which
the Director-General proposed 'to study the possibility of
establishing a system for the issuance of an international library card which would permit its holders to have access to
materials in university and research libraries in those countries
which agree to co-operate.' Contained in the memorandum is the
text of two resolutions adopted by the General Conference of
UNESCO at its eighth session, concerning the development of
The proposed international library card, Dr. Evans states, is
designed to avoid as many as possible of the time-consuming
formalities which research scholars are usually required to go
through to obtain library privileges in other countries.
Reactions to the scheme are being sought from various persons
concerned in the member nations of UNESCO.
Any other little international problems we ought to let UNESCO
know about, Neal?"


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