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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 12, 1960

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July 12,  I960. No.  217
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, EBM, RJL, ML, DF, GGT, JO'R, AB, JS, ES,
MD, and HM.
Mr. Harlow welcomed the heads of divisions, including
new divisions, who were■attending the meeting for the first
time — Mr, Jeff Turner, Cataloging Division; Miss Joan   }
O'Rourke, Social Science Division; Mrs. Anne Brearley, Sciences
Division; Mrs. Joan Selby, Humanities Division; and Miss Edith
Stewart, Extension Library; Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs, Division
of Special Collections, was on holiday. He explained that it
was important to have the entire administrative staff get
together and exchange information and points of view. He
expressed his pleasure over the caliber of the new appointments
and hoped it would be possible to have the now considerably
larger group come together for weekly meetings. The absence
of Miss Smith on sick leave was noted with regret.
Progress of the new wing is well on schedule. The
contractor has indicated that everything may be ready by the
1st of August, although the official deadline is the 15th.
Installation of steel shelving, counters, study desks, etc.
is going ahead rapidly.
Mr.-Greco, of Luxfer Ltd., is installing new bookstacks
and has completed three floors in the new wing. The entire
shipment has not arrived from England but the remainder is
expected within a week or two. This part of the project is,
up to now, well on schedule. The shift of the book collection
has been completed on levels 7 and 6, of the new building, and
level 5 will be occupied shortly.
The Division of Special Collections is nearing completion
and the Howay-Reid collection will be moved about the 1st of
August. Remodelling of this room will then take place.
The Fine Arts material will be moved into its new stack
area after the Summer Session and remodelling of this division
will be completed.
The pneumatic tube system has been installed in the old
building and is nearing completion in the new wing. A test of
this will be made soon. Remodelling of Floor 8 of the north wing for the new
Library School is now almost completed.  The area now consists
of a faculty common room (with kitchen), main office (Director,
Assistant Director, secretary), four faculty offices, a student
common room, a large general "laboratory", two classrooms, a
projection room, -and several smaller spaces for mimeographing
and storage. It is probably one of the best situations for a
school (including the viewl) on the continent.
The Curriculum Laboratory now occupies almost all of
the old faculty club (except that the old private dining room
has been reserved by the College of Education for a committee
room). The Laboratory is not normally open during the summer
and it will remain closed while the remodelling is carried out.
There will be new counters, shelves, and a large reading room,
with additional storage space in the basement.
The Library's "Front Yard".
Many comments have been made about the paving of the
forecourt of the Library. Its purpose is to direct traffic
away from the small "main" doorway to the two new entrances
in the north and south wings; and the use of brick and concrete serves two uses, to reduce the glare of the surface and
to tie in the area with the court of the Buchanan Building
which is similarly treated.
Opening Ceremonies
It is expected that the new wing will be officially
opened on the day of the Fall Congregation, which, this year,
is on Thursday, October 27th. The initial ceremony will
probably be held on Thursday night. This will comprise the
fall meeting of the Friends of the Library and an important
guest speaker will be present. President MacKenzie has
suggested that other sessions be held, in the form of seminars,
and plans are being tentatively made for three. One will
probably emphasize the importance of developing local research
collections, another the function of bibliography and related
services in supplementing them. A third may be a discussion
of the services and materials which the new building and
organization will be particularly well equipped to offer.
Dr. Rothstein suggested that the B.C.L.A. might co-sponsor
one of the sessions since its fall meeting is scheduled to be
held in Vancouver at that time.
The opening ceremonies will be held in the new wing of
the Library building, probably at the entrance of the new
Science division (with a P.A. system carrying them to other
parts of the Library).  Other meetings will possibly be held
in the Buchanan Building. Newspaper Publicity
Clippings have been received regarding the drive by
the Pacific Region, of the Canadian Jewish Congress, to raise
funds for a collection of Judaica in the Library.
There were aiso clippings from various newspapers in
the province relating to the attendance of local library
personnel at the short course which was held on the campus
during the first week of June, and a number about the Montreal
CLA/ALA Joint Conference
Mr. Harlow reported that the joint conference of the
CLA-ACB and the ALA in Montreal was regarded as a great success.
It was, first, said to be the largest conference ever held in
Montreal, from 46OO - 5000 people having attended. The CLA
obtained excellent speakers for their sessions, and several
ALA members commented on their high caliber. The expense of
the conference for CLA was also very high, and the ALA/CLA
Liaison Committee has asked that a careful evaluation of the
first joint conference be made before another, suggested for
1965, is undertaken. At the final joint session the two new
presidents -- Mr. Harlow as President of the CLA and Mrs.
Frances Lander Spain as President of the ALA — were inaugurated,
Dr. Rothstein was the main speaker at one session of
the Reference Service Division of ALA. He gave a very excellent
paper on "Reference Service: a New Dimension in Librarianship",
for which several requests to reprint have been received. He
also substituted for Miss Anne Smith on a panel which discussed
the training of library staff for reference service, and participated on a panel discussion of the bibliographical control
of material in microform. He noted that the University, of
Missouri Library has prepared an index covering the microprint
set of three centuries of American plays. A catalog is to be
issued listing material available in microform.
Fliss Mercer attended the meeting of the Committee on
Foreign Desiderata. The Bowker publishing company had offered
to reproduce and distribute want lists for research libraries,
and a sample mailing had been issued. A report upon this trial
was made.
Miss Dwyer took part in a panel at a joint meeting of
the Canadian and U. S. Music Library Associations which discussed the services they should expect from a national library.
Both Dr. Lamb and Mr. Tanghe of the National Library of Canada
were present, and about 75 members attended the session. There were six speakers. The Canadian speakers asked that
the National Library attempt to obtain more Canadiana and
collect Canadian music manuscripts which could be reproduced
for performance (with the permission of the composer concerned).
Mr. Harlow had a full schedule of ALA and CLA meetings
and was one of the speakers at the final joint session.
CLA Program for 1960/61
During the coming year an "Inquiry" is to be made into
the state of library services in Canada. A good deal of
interest in this program has been aroused through Mr. Harlow's
recent speaking tour to six provincial library association
meetings. Plans are to be made at the St. Andrews conference
in 1961 to develop and extend certain selected Canadian library
services on a national basis.
Shift of Current Journals
A decision will have to be made shortly on the relocation of current journals in the new subject divisions,
and a rough subdivision is now being prepared by the Serials
Division. Government publications, for the most part, will
remain in Social Sciences, with some in Sciences and Bio-
medicine. U. N. publications will all remain, for the time
at least, in the Social Sciences.
Library Lectures
Re-organization of the library lectures for students
in English 100 courses for the fall term was discussed. Because
of the opening of the College Library, the content of these
lectures will necessarily change and Miss O'Rourke and
Firs. Brearley were asked to look into this. After this year,
the rooms formerly used for lecture purposes will be in the
new Library School and it will be necessary to look elsewhere
for space, probably in one of the new seminar rooms in the
south wing, and perhaps also in the Buchanan Building.
Miss Anne Smith is reported to have left the. hospital
again after another series of tests. She will likely not be
back to work for some time.
Miss Marian Searle, Librarian in the Reference Division,
and Mr. Stephen Johnson, Librarian in the Acquisitions Division,
were married on July 7. Our congratulations and best wishes
go to both of them. Transfers
Miss Marion Florrison has been transferred from the
Cataloging Division to a Clerk I position in Acquisitions.
Firs. Wilma Ross has been transferred from the Acquisitions
Division to a Clerk II position in Cataloging.
Miss Diane Blair, as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on June 23.
Mr. Otto Breuer, as Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division on July 18.
Mr. David Higgs, as Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on July 1.
Miss Anne Murray, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on July 11.
Miss Janet Beattie, as Library Assistant in the
Curriculum Laboratory on July 30.
Mrs. Katherine Brooks, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on July 30.
Mrs. M. Grove, as Clerk I in the Circulation Division
on June 17.
Mrs. Florence Weinberg, as Senior Library Assistant
in the Cataloging Division on August 12.
Mrs. Anne Whitten, as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on July 12.


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