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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 27, 1952

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Tuesday, may 27, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
The procedure for locking the stackroom was reviewed. Certain inconvenience will be experienced by staff members who use the staff quarters after
5 p.m. (they may ride up in the elevator but must walk down the public stairway
after this hour),'but the Librarian said that he did not believe anyone would
consider this to be more important than keeping the book stack locked. He asks
that everyone think of the stack as a closed area, with public entrance and exit
only at the Loan Desk, m&»which is to be locked when the building is closed.
Staff cooperation is essential to maintain control of this area. For the first
week or so of each session it may be necessary to see to it that persons leave
the stack promtly so that they do not become confused about how to leave the
building. Except in case of fire or other extreme emergency, no persons should
be allowed to leave by the south fire stair.
It was agreed that the Red Cross Room door on the stack side is to be
kept locked, as well as the door on the corridor, and the key is to be secured
by staff from the Reserve Book Room.
It was recommended that the door from the R.B.R. workroom to the stack
be locked during Summer Session, in (jsrder to require the public to use the Loan
Desk entrance. Faculty and student* will be expected to follow this route, and,
in order to make it less difficult for staff to explain to faculty who are
accustomed to using other entrance, a notice will be posted explaining the
regulation. The janitor will be responsible for locking the door from the 3rd
floor corridor to the staff locker room at 5 p.m. Ths Catalogue Division staff
will be responsible for locking the Division at the end of their normal work day.
Copies of the schedule regarding the locking of the stack will be given to the
janitor and to the Department of Buildings and Grounds.
Mr. Harlow asked Miss Alldritt to report on this project. Miss Alldritt
replied that the work was done, except for what lurks behind the plywood partition
in the cloak room. Everything remaining in Mysteria is shelved and everything
that goes into Mysteria' henceforth is to be shelved immediately. The room is now
in good order and the aim will be to keep it that way. There was not enough time
to check government documents to ascertain which are duplicates, but they are all
on the shelves, up to the number of copies agreed upon. The next step will be to
check the material with the documents held elsewhere in the Library, and to fill
gaps in the files; only then will it be possible to say how many are duplicates*
The object of the whole ©peration has been to complete first sets, and the several
other achievements are by-products of this endeavour. As soon as possible, the
plywood partition will be taken down and the material stored behind it examined.
Miss Smith believes that a great deal of it is wartime propaganda*
The usefulness of having the volumes of U.S. Serials set was mentioned, -2- . '"'
and it was agreed that additional material in this category would be desirable.
Some of it can possibly be obtained.
Mr. Harlow said that the clearing of Mysteria was a great accomplishment
and he thanked Miss Alldritt for carrying out a good piece of work.
Miss Smith reported that further investigation has shown that there are
more complications than had been expected in establishing entrees for B.C.
government publications. It has been decided to postpone decisions until after
the CIA meeting at Banff, where some advice may be obtained from Dr. Lunn.
Surplus copies of documents are now temporarily in the cloak-room, and
Mr. Lanning asked what should be done with them. Mr. Harlow said that the Assistant
Librarian from UCLA would probably visit the University in the next few days and
might be interested in some of them. Miss Mercer said that Miss Putnam at the
University of Washington is always anxious to obtain Canadian government documents.
If anyone wished, to examine them or to take a job lot, this can be done, but the
Library cannot list the documents and invite other institutions to choose any they
might like to have. Miss Alldritt inquired about space for the duplicates and l
suggested that they might be put with other documents on Floor 1. It was agreed
that this be done. It was also agreed that odds and ends of material might be
thrown out unless anyone knew that such items were wanted elsex^here. The possibility
of sending surplus material to a document exchange was also considered.
Miss Smith mentioned the impossibility of doing the Reference inventory
in advance of the general inventory unless tha latter is delayed for a few days.
While general examinations are under way, no work of this kind can go forward in
the Ridington Room because it is in use by many students. The solution probably
will be to postpone inventory a day or two. fMr. "arlow said that he would write
a letter to faculty who have not returned all theifc books, explaining why the
Library wants to have them returned at least once a year!.
Some books, for which there are no longer blocks to indicate that they
belong in the Cage or in some other special location, are finding their way to the
main stack shelves, and Miss Lanning asked what coiild be done to prevent this.
Oversize volumes are also part of the problem. Mr. Harlow suggested marking with
an asterisk or other symbol any volume requiring special shelving because of size0
He recommended that a certain size be established as normal and that everything over
that be shelved separately; the present practice is to adjust the shelves to
accommodate as much of the material as possible in its normal place. The use of
symbols was discussed and it was remarked that students frequently overlook putting
the symbol on a call slip. Miss Alldritt recommended having a sign at the catalogue
explaining the full call number and its importance. Mr. Harlow asked Miss Lanning
to study the block situation and report at the next meeting, when the matter will
be discussed further.
Miss Mercer asked if the shelf-list cards which formerly said "Block-
Reference" should now say "Reference". The Inventory disclosed that hundreds of
cards for which the shelf-list gave no direction were for material in Reference.
She wrote "Reference" on the shelf list card in these cases, and the practice will
be continued for added material by Cataloguing. -3- (^
Miss Mercer urgently needs storage space for material that is already
on hand and for more that will be arriving soon. Miss Smith suggested partitioning
off part of the Green Room, but while this will set aside space, the problem of
shelves remains. Mr. Harlow undertook to inspect the stacks with this need in mind,
meanwhile suggesting the use of the old Bindery room for temporary storage.
The old Bindery quarters will be U3ed for storing supplies, and the big
table will be used for checking uncoming book orders which require a good deal of
space for the purpose (e.g., the text-books for Education). Mr. Lanning suggested
that any spare space in the old bindery be used for the temporary accommodation of
material which is now left at the delivery door, and this was agreed to. The door
to the old bindery quarters is to be kept locked when not in immediate use.
Mr. narlow said that the Library could probably be more generous about
stack permits during Summer Session.
Miss Lanning asked if she might grant stack permits to graduates during
Summer Session, and Mr. Harlow replied that permits for graduates and final year
honours students should be granted at the Loan Desk; he wishes to know about
exceptions only. The Librarian told that he had given former Professor Ashton
permission to come and go by the delivery door entrance, to use the old elevator,
and to work in the stack; he is not able to climb stairs.
For several years the Library has been open two evenings a week in Summer
Session. It was agreed that this year the same procedure would be followed, and
that on Monday and Tuesday the Library would be open from 8  a.m. to 9 p.m., on other
days from 8  a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception that one member of staff should be on
duty at the Reserve Book Desk at 7:45 a.m. each morning. Students who have 8 o'clock
lectures should be able to leave their reserve books before going to lectures; in
the past, many books have been left at the entrance because the building was not
opened until 8 o'clock. It was agreed that since the book stack is now locked,
there was no need for any other desk to offer service until 8 a.m. The hours for
the Reference Division will be: Monday and Tuesday, 8  a.m. to 9 p.m., other days,
8  a.m, to 5 p.m.; for the Serials Division: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Microcards for 13 vols, of a set are now in the Catalogue Division and
others will be arriving, some probably for numbers of a periodical in the middle
of a bound volume. Mr. Lanning asked how this material should be handled. Mr.
Harlow believed that the microcards should be in the Reference Division (with the
microfilm.) and that the catalog card should indicate that certain sections or
volumes are available on microcards, obtainable at the Reference Desk. Microcards
should be catalogued essentially in the same way as books. Mr. Harlow said that
if special money could be obtained, he wished to purchase a set of the British
Sessional Papers on, microfilm, and this would be a very large mass of material.
:      After some months of negotiations, Dean Weaver and the Librarian sent to —4— '
the President a proposal for the establishment of a branch library at the Vancouver
General Hospital. The Board of Governors has now approved the proposal and has
written to interested groups there explaining what is Intendend and asking for
contributions towards the cost of providing library service in the branch to the
whole Hospital* The branch library will specialize in clinical material, but other
medical publications required by doctors at the branch, will be loaned from the
University Library. Contributions from other groups will be for library service,
not for material, all of which will belong to the University Library. Further
information is expected to be. available shortly, and the Library will then decide
on routines to be followed in connection with the branch.
Miss Smith said that some journal indexes are being placed in the Bio-
Medical Reading Room, and asked whether, if this practice causes inconvenience,
duplication would be justified. When the index is not with the bound file, it
sometimes means that a lot of time is -unnecessarily spent in searching individual
volumes for a specific article. The matter will be discussed fully at another
The new oversewing machine is to be installed on June 2, and the machinist
who will come to do the job will probably remain here for a week to supervise
operations. Otherwise, the Bindery staff is proceeding with enthusiasm in its new
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon.


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