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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 22, 1960

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November 22, I960   No. 227
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR* AMS, IB, EBM, MD, AB, JS, ML, EC, DP, GGT,
Forest History Seminar
A Forest History Seminar is to be held on November 22
in the Division of Special Collections, preceded by a luncheon
In the Faculty Club given by %r.  Harold Foley, at which Mr.
Willard Ireland will speak. Displays will be set up by Mr.
Stuart-Stubbs of material supplied by some of the forest
Industries and by Mr. Wellburn of Duncan. In the afternoon
the speakers will be Professor Joseph Lawrence, who will give
the scholar's view of the value of forest history archives,
Dr. Roderick Haig-Brown, the professional writer's view, and
Dr. Orchard, (formerly Deputy Minister of Forests and Chief
Forester of B. C.) who will speak on the oral history project
in which he is engaged. There is a great deal of historical
material held In the B.'C forest industry, and it is hoped
the companies can be encouraged to preserve this material for
historical use and eventually place the most useful portions
of it in the University library or the Provincial Archives.
Annual Report
The Annual Report is about ready for mimeographing.
It must be in the hands of the Senate Library Committee by
December 2 (for consideration at a December 7 meeting) and
copies for members of the University Senate will be sent by
December 5 (for the Senate meeting on December 14).
Heating and Ventilation
Adjustments are still being made in the ventilation
system throughout the new wing and tests will be reported to
the architects shortly. Division Heads should report to the
Librarian any unsatisfactory conditions.
Examination Papers
At present, bound copies of examinations papers prior
to 1959/60 (for all four university years) are in the College
Library. Those for 1959/60 have been separated, and the 1st
and 2nd year papers will go to the College Library* The
chairman of the A.M.S. Library Committee has asked that those
for the 3rd and 4th years also be accessible to students, since
23 24
courses at this level are more specialized and reference to
the papers is very useful. Mr. Bell was asked to find a place
for these papers where they can be under supervision.
First Aid
The women's washroom off the new Staff Room will be
furnished with a cot for use in emergencies. The First Aid
box (now in the Librarian's Office) will be installed by the
house telephone In the area just outside the Staff Room door
on level 7.
Stack Doors which hre not for public Use
Greater care must be exercised to see that stack doors
which are intended for staff use only are kept locked.  This
includes such doors as those on stack levels 2 and 4, north end,
. and those in the south wing from levels 1 and 3 leading into
the College Library which have been found open on several occasions. Por the convenience:of the staff, the door from the
new Staff Room to level 7 is left open, which means that the
west door leading to the public stairway must be kept locked
at all times.
Committee of Planning Librarians: Miss Dwyer
Miss Melva Dwyer gave a short report on the meeting of
the Committee of planning Librarians which she attended in .
Philadelphia, October 23 to 25, during the conference of the
American Institute of Planners. Seventeen members of the
Committee were present, including two from Canada. It had
been suggested that the Planning Librarians form a section of
the Science & Technology group.of the Special Libraries but the
Committee voted to continue ;to affiliate with the American Institute of Planners, The Committee has several projects under way.
(1) The publishing of planning bibliographies. These
are issued to libraries at $8.00 for 10 .issues,
and the sale thus far has been very successful.
(2) A Handbook for planning Librarians^sinn^aration
to be issued through the aw^r» 1 .ncuin.f I■ fii,p »sv  planners.
(3) An indexing and abstracting service is to be started
by the American Institute of planners, to be under
way (it is hoped) by March. Librarians will do the
indexing, and eventually there will be a full-time
planner who will issue memoranda periodically on
trends in planning, housing, etc.
The three full sessions of the Committee took up most of
Miss Dwyer's time, but she also attended a panel discussion of
the AIP on "New Towns" and visited the Free Library of
Philadelphia, obtaining useful information from Mrs. Larrabee
of the Music Section, ,25
ALA Executive Board and CLA Council Meetings: Mr. Harlow
En route to Ottawa and Chicago for CLA Council and ALA
Executive Board sessions, Mr. Harlow was In New York briefly to
attend meetings of the ALA International Relations Committee.
At a dinner meeting, the discussion concerned relationships
with the International Federation of Library Associations (IPLA)
and the Federation International de Documentation (FID).  Sir
Prank Francis, Dr. Luther Evans (formerly Director-General at
UNESCO) and Mr. Verner Clapp (of the Council on Library Resources)
were present. While in New York, Mr. Harlow also visited the
United Nations library as a guest, of Mr. Stummvoll.
The meetings of the CIjA Council and Executive were held
in the Ottawa public Library;and the National Library, November
6 to 8. A ceremony opening Young Canada's Book Week was held,
at which Madam Vanier was present, and Mr. Harlow headed a
delegation to the Minister of Public Works to inquire when
construction of the National Library building would begin.
Mr. Harlowwas In Chicago from November 9 to 12, the
first two days as a member of the ALA Headquarters Visiting
Committee, then at meetings of the ALA Executive Board. During
the period ground was turned^ beginning construction of the new
Headquarters building.
Young Canada's Book Week, Vancouver.
Dr. Rothstein attended the public meetings which opened
Young Canada's Book Week at the Vancouver Public Library. Talks
were given by two members of the VPL staff, Mrs. Anna Smith,
speaking on the history of children's literature, and Miss
Marie Turnbull on the evolution of literary books for children.
The meetings were well attended by non-library people, and there
was a display of children's books, including the Marian Thompson
collection. \
Royal Commission on Publications
Vancouver hearings of the Royal Commission on Publications
commenced on the campus in the Faculty of Law building on
November 22, and Miss Smith may attend some of the sessions
as observer. The Commission will be concerned with matters which
affect publication of periodicals .In Canada {advertising, Canadian editions of U.S. publications, imports, etc.).
Staff Room
Mr. Harlow asked Miss Mercer, Miss Dwyer and Mrs. Brearley
to form a committee to advise on the arrangements and policy for
the new Staff Room. 26
Loan of Periodicals
Some comments have been made by faculty about the new
2-week loan period for periodicals, but the majority are being
returned on time; renewals and long-term loans can still be
arranged. Periodicals in the College Library, it was noted,
are non-circulating. Extra-mural readers are not normally
entitled to borrow periodicals; but graduate students with
extra-mural cards (this category should be clearly indicated
on the extra-mural card) may take journals for the one-week
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Work is now being done in the Provincial Archives in
Victoria on the card file which is being assembled for the
Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Any librarians who wish
to help with this work, and who would like to travel to Victoria
for a weekend, are welcome to assist in this undertaking.
(See Eleanor Mercer)
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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