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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 12, 1954

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 No. 53
TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1954, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow,       ..    Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss O'Rourke, Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Inventory: p. 1, eliminate last sentence, p. 1-2.
Book-plates are in hand again and the backlog is being
rapidly diminished.
Miss Margaret Clay, formerly Librarian of Victoria
Public Library, has returned recently from a trip around the
world and Mr. Harlow asked her if she would be willing to talk
about her travels to the staff of this Library.  She has consented
to do so and will come to the Library on January 20, to meet the
staff at 4 p.m. in the lounge.
Miss O'Rourke has received her official appointment as
Acting-Head of the Division during Miss Smith's absence.
Mr. Harlow inquired whether staff had read the Annual
Report of the Librarian to Senate, and most seem to have done so.
Miss Doreen Fraser prepared, during her summer at
Columbia University, a report on Canadian government publications
in the field of Medicine, "Documented Activities of the Dominion
and Provincial Governments of Canada of Interest to Medicine."
While it is not complete, it appears so useful a work that
Mr. Harlow would like to see it completed.  He requested
Miss O'Rourke to look it over, discuss it with Miss Fraser, and
consider the possibility of publishing at least the part dealing
with federal activities.
Standing orders for analytical cards are being maintained for a number of series, and the continuation of the
practice is now questioned.  Should we continue analysing all,
some, or none of the series involved? When this is decided,
should we subscribe to series or order only as the Catalogue
Division can handle? A large accumulation of cards is now on
hand (7 drawers in the Catalogue Division and 4 in Reference—for
the British Sessional Papers).  Some of the cards are for -2-
material which is yet unbound or which we do not have. Buying
cards as issued means a small continuing expenditure, whereas
buying them in lots calls for large individual purchases.  To avoid
ordering duplicates, it is now necessary to check the backlog
before an order goes in, which is also costly.  Reference uses the
consolidated index to British Sessional Papers, not the analytics,
and Miss O'Rourke said that the index would need to be consulted
anyway, if the cards were in the public catalogue.
It was recommended that the Library carefully examine
the series and decide which need analytics, which do not, and
start from there, keeping standing orders for a few. Mr. Harlow
asked Miss Alldritt and Miss O'Rourke to consider together which
series should be cancelled and which continued.  After this
preliminary discussion, Mr. Lanning will also review the titles
with them, and these conclusions will be discussed at next week's
Division Heads meeting.
Miss Lanning reported that there are now 269 in this
category, and that it is difficult to get some of them to return
books on time.  Some readers who pay the $1 deposit borrow only
one book and do not reclaim the deposit, so that the money accumulates. Mr. Harlow said that if breaches of regulations are
committed several times, the borrower's library privileges should
be cancelled and he should be so informed.  This means keeping a
list of persons who are not eligible to re-register.  Some have
borrowed from BMRR and lost the material, and it is difficult
when student assistants are in charge, as they are much of the time
in the evenings at BMRR, to prevent this happening. Mr. Harlow
suggested that students not lend material for home use to non-
University people, but ask them to come again when a librarian is
present. The staff at the public desks, including student
assistants, must know what they should do if a borrower comes in
the evening when senior staff members are not there.  The
Librarian doubts that we should accept the $1 deposit for single
loans.  Persons to whom loans are made should be registered as
Extra-Mural readers.
Books ordered since November 1, 1953, have had an
additional "multiple" slip put in each so that the notification
procedure could begin at any time.  The following tentative
arrangement was agreed upon, to be experimented with during the
week by Cataloguing.  Slips will be pulled out of books when they
reach Cataloguing and will be mailed to Departmental representatives at that time, with a mimeographed notice regarding the new
service.  Cards for volumes wanted immediately by faculty will be
brought into the Librarian's Office (to avoid traffic in the
Catalogue Division), with an indication whether items are wanted
for personal use or for rush to stacks or R3R.  If slips are
received in the Office before 10 a.m, (up to the maximum number
which can be handled by Cataloguing), the bookswill be rushed
and made available at the Loan Desk the following day (except
Saturday, Sunday) after 10 a.m.; if after 10 a.m., a 48-hour
schedule will be in force.  If the book is not called for at the -3- £&
Loan Desk within a week? at the end of that time it will be sent to
the stacks and the multiple form (which was brought in by the
professor and goes with the book to the Loan Desk) will be mailed
to the Departmental representative bjr the Loan Desk, with a note
that the book is on the shelves.  Slips for books rushed to the
stacks will also be mailed to the Departments by the Loan Desk.
The new system of notification will be publicized
through the Librarian's NOTES and a special mimeographed notice to
Books which are not needed immediately by faculty will
be catalogued in their turn, and Book Received notices will be
sent out in the usual manner.  If the call number is placed on the
new preliminary notice slip by Cataloguing when the book and slip
go to the Loan Desk, it does not seem that it would be necessary to
send the final (and now second) Book Received notice also; if
Cataloguing and Acquisitions can find some means to "clear" the
Order File without both pulling and mailing the second notice, it
would seem satisfactory.
Since it is not feasible to establish an undergraduate
library at present, the Librarian asked the advice of the Division
Heads about extending stack access to third year students,
preliminary to discussing it with the Library Committee.  All
agreed that the stackroom was quiet and that it did not seem to be
overcrowded. Miss Lanning remarked that the increased traffic
meant that Miss Rolfe, upon whom she has depended to do much other
work, must give most her time now to checking persons and books at
the entrance.  She also pointed out that there is only one narrow
stairway in the stack, and with so many people corning and going,
it causes delays in fetching books for students \tfaiting at the desk.
The Librarian will report the Library Committee discussion at next
Mr, Harlow asked if, when Reserve changes its stock at
the end of term, it could make a report upon material which is not
used.  The cards are not always a true indication of use, but
Miss Lanning said that the staff at Reserve are familiar with the
books and will know which are not in demand.  They do from time to
time pull off books which are not used, when shelf space is needed.
When material is not in use in Reserve, the faculty members
concerned should be so advised.  The Librarian would also appreciate
a report.
Zeitschrift fur die gesamte anatomie. v, 1-23, 1391-1921.
Zentralblatt fur biochemie & biophysik.  v. 1-23.
The Librarian announced that the President and Board of
Governors have authorized the purchase of the Oriental library
(chiefly Japanese material) of Sir George Sansom, formerly Director
of the East Asian Institute at Columbia University,
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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