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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 10, 1957

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September 10, 1957.  No. 153
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present: NH, SR, AMS, EBM, MAA, DF, Fir. Bell for Fliss Lanning and
Firs. Adams for Fir. Lanning, who are on holiday, EF.
Fir. Harlow has received a long and most interesting
"epistle from New Mexico" from Fir. Lanning, of which copies have been
made for circulation to staff members who wish to read it.
New Directory in Ridington Reference Room
The Reference Division has completed the visible file of
journals in the Library which are indexed in the Wilson Indexes,
PAIS, and the Canadian Index. The call number of the journal and
the place in which it is indexed is given for each title.
Serials Directory
The Serials staff are working on a complete list in
visible file form of periodicals being currently received in the
Library.  It will be split into three sections, located in pertinent
areas of the stack, and will give call numbers.
Bio-Medical Library
A list of journals of interest to students using biomedical material has been prepared. Miss Fraser reported that all
the "R" volumes have now been removed from the stack, and only a
few remain in Cataloguing to be reclassified in "W". About 1800
were reclassified during the past year, bringing us almost to the
end of this ve^ expensive library operation.
"Know Your Library"
The 1957/58 edition of "Know Your Library" is now available. The new type, which makes a better-looking page, is smaller
than the old and leaves a few lines of space for additional material
in future issues.
French Canadiana
A list of Library's holdings in French Canadian literature
has been prepared, and will be distributed to a number of institutions on the exchange list.  During the summer, while the list was
being produced, six or eight hundred additional items were added, so
that it is not now complete, and another edition will follow.
It is thought that the collection is comparable with any on the continent, but bibliographies in this field are in any event not
numerous and the list will in itself be a contribution. Mr. Walter Koerner's Visit to the Library
Mr. Walter Koerner visited the Library as planned, spending about three hours examining the collection and discussing
library matters, including finances, with Fir. Harlow, Dr. Rothstein,
and Miss Smith. Mr. Koerner (who is personally contributing
$15,000 a year for 3 years towards the purchase of material in the
humanities and social sciences) showed himself genuinely interested
in books for their own sake, as well as in the cost of the Library
in relation to research operations in industry.
Joint Conference of PNLA and MPLA
Dr. Rothstein, who had just returned from the joint meeting of the Pacific Northwest and the Flountains and Plains Library
Associations in Bozeman, Montana, reported briefly upon the conference. About 300 delegates attended.  The Fiontana State College
campus was very attractive, with fine buildings for its 3,000 students, but its distance from the town was an inconvenience and
informal social meetings difficult to arrange. Of special interest
to Dr. Rothstein was a library education meeting, attended by about
45 delegates, including Dr. Morton Kroll of the PNLA Ford Foundation
Project and Dr. Lieberman, Director of the University of Washington
Library School. One common problem is drawing up a program of
library training that will provide for both the teacher-librarian
and the professional librarian. The PNLA is planning its Golden
Jubilee celebration for 1959 and is much concerned about the
deficit which its current operations are incurring.
Dr. Rothstein felt that there were perhaps too many people
speaking on panels, often on topics which were too general in nature.
There were a couple of very good papers, one on the work of the
original association, and another given by Fir. Willard Ireland on
the work of the National Library of Canada. The controversial
question of the removal of ALA headquarters from Chicago to
Washington came up for discussion.
It appears that the Library Demonstration Project in the
United States, supported with federal funds, will mean a greater
demand for professional staff and an attempt to recruit those trained
in Canada.
En route home, Dr. Rothstein picked up a number of
duplicates at the University of Washington which will be very useful
here, and he plans to select more when he is in Seattle again in a
few weeks.
The 1958 meeting of PNLA will be held in Victoria, and
Mr. Robinson has invited the delegates to meet in Vancouver the day
before.the conference opens to visit the new Vancouver Public
Library building.
Dr. Rothstein brought greetings to many members of the
UBC staff from many people at the Conference. Library Privileges
A mimeographed statement of the privileges available to
holders of "Type A" and "Type B" library identification cards has
been circulated to service areas.  One or two amendments need to be
made, and. it is requested that the sheets be returned to the
Librarian's office for revision. Type A (green) is what has formerly
been known as the "Faculty" card, and Type B (cream) the "Staff"
Chinese Publications
Some months ago, at Miss Smith's suggestion, letters were
written to the heads of a number of Far Eastern governments asking
for an exchange of publications,. A reply has now been received from
the Chinese National Library in Peking, with a list of material
available and an invitation to select the items that we wish to
receive; it also asks what material we plan to send in return.
Dr. Ho and Professor Wang have checked 18 or 20 items on the Chinese
list, and these and a few others will be requested and our interest
expressed in securing some series of "documents" published by the
government. We will need to secure some Canadian government publications and other material to send on exchange.  Dr. Lamb has said that
parliamentary publications could be made available, and Dr. Rothstein
suggested that it would be worth while to purchase material for this
1957/58 Session
Registration for the coming Winter Session will begin next
Tuesday. Fliss Lanning will be back on that day and Loan Desk staff
will go on duty in the Armouries. From 8,200 to 8,400 students are
Library Addition
Mr. Harlow has inquired about the status in the building
program of the proposed addition to the library building. There are
several projects actually in the architects' hands (Medicine, Dormitories, and additions to the Chemistry and Biological Sciences
buildings), and the architects have a large number of men working on
the campus in addition to draughtsmen in their town office. It will
probably be at least a month before a decision is made about other
projects, including the Library, Cafeteria, Fine Arts Building, etc.
Fyfe-Smith Gift
The late Mrs. Mary Fyfe-Smith left part of her library to
the University. Acquisitions will provide cartons to pack the books,
which will be picked up on Wednesday, October 2.  Contributions from
Library staff of strong cartons, about 18" x 12'' x 10" will be
welcomed by Miss Mercer.
Mrs. Henry Bulwer, who has been interested in the University for many years, has invited Miss Anne Smith to make selections
from her personal collection for the University Library. Telephones
Mr. Harlow understands that the new telephone system
should be in operation in a week or two. The equipment, which was
ordered over a year ago, is not now adequate, but there is some hope
that more may be available by Christmas time.  All members of the
professional staff will be listed in the new University directory.
Campus Parking Regulations
Parking permits will be issued on application to all
full-time members of the University staff for the coming year.
Authorization to Enter Library After Hours
Staff who need access to the building outside of regular
hours should apply through Division Heads to the Librarian for a card
authorizing them to enter. Unauthorized entry is to be reported by
the patrol.
Curriculum Laboratory
The Curriculum Laboratory has been extended by moving the
east wall father into the stack area, and providing additional
shelving. Mr. Walter Lanning has an office there, as well as in the
College of Education building.
Short Course for Museum Curators
About 10 curators of small local museums in British
Columbia attended a course at the University last week. Under the
direction of Dr. Suttles it offered talks by several members of the
University faculty in specific fields and gave the curators an
opportunity to meet each other and to discuss their common problems.
The conference was made possible by the Leon and Thea Koerner
Foundation to which applications had been made by several curators
for assistance in classifying and cataloguing their collections.
New Westminster Public Library
Mr. Harlow and Fliss Mercer will attend the ceremony of
turning the sod for the new library building in New Westminster, to
take place this afternoon.
Mr. Inglis Bell has been appointed the new editor of the
Bulletin, with a 6-member committee (including Geoff Turner) to
assist in producing it. Mr. Florton Jordan of the Vancouver Public
Library will be the business manager, and it has been decided to
solicit advertising to help pay the costs of a better publication. Carrels
There are now 183 carrels in the Library. Six, set aside
for typing, have not been fully closed in yet, and pending their
completion they will be assigned as ordinary carrels. Miss Fraser
asked about setting aside carrels for students using bio-medical
material, and Mr. Harlow asked her to discuss the matter with
Mr. Bell.
Prize for Best Personal Library
Several colleges and universities offer prizes to the
students with the best personal collection of books, and the possibility of beginning such a competition at UBC was considered briefly.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.
Mrs. Barbara FlcAlpine as Librarian I in the Reference
Mrs. Stella Carney as Library Assistant in the Circulation
Division, replacing Mrs. Tucker.
Miss Margot Hausdorf as Library Assistant in the Circulation Division, replacing Mrs. Bate.
Miss Sheila Flcllwraith as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division, replacing Miss Dearing.
Miss Stella Smith as Library Assistant in the Circulation
Division, replacing Mrs. Hodge.
Mrs. Anna Bertsch from Clerk I to Clerk II. Firs. Bertsch
will assume the duties of Miss Eleanor Cock in the curriculum laboratory.
Mrs. Frances Tucker from her Senior Library Assistant position in the Circulation Division.
Fliss Eleanor Cock from her Senior Library Assistant position
in the Curriculum Laboratory.
Miss Enid Dearing from her Library Assistant position in
the Serials Division. 6
Herbert, Edward Herbert, baron.  De veritate, provt disting-
vitvr a revelatione, a verisimili, a possibili, et a
false,  3d ed, London, 1645.
Iredale, Tom, Birds of New Guinea.  Illus. by Lilian Medland.
Melbourne, 1956. 2 v.
Kant, Immanuel. Kant's gesammelte schriften. Hrsg. von der
ktfniglich preussischen Akademie der wissenschaften.
Eerlin, 1910-55. v. 1-18/20-23.
Lexikon des gesamten buchwesens herausgegeben von Karl LSffler
und Joachim Kirchner unter Mitwerkung von Wilhelm
Olbrich.  Leipzig, 1935-37. 3 v.
Montreal. University.  Library School. One thousand bio-
bibliographies of French-Canadian authors.  (Flicrofilm) .
Propylfien Weltgeschichte. Hrsg. von Walter Goetz. Berlin,
Propl&en, 1931-33. v. 1-2, 5-10 to complete set.
Stanojevic, Stanoje. Narodna enciclopedija srpsko-hrvatsko-
slovenska. Zagrib, 192.5-29. 4 v.
Zibrt, Cenek. Bibliografie ceske historie. Prague, 1900-12.
5 v.
New Subscriptions:
Archiv ftlr Fischereiwissenschaft
Avian diseases
British catalogue of music
British mycological society. Transactions
Coming events in Britain
Excerpta medica. Sec. XVIII. Cardiovascular diseases
International review of education
Jahresberichte ftlr deutsche geschichte
Japanese sociological review
Journal des traducteurs
Junior bookshelf
Landscape; magazine of human geography
Li shin yen chiu
London. University School of Oriental and African studies.
London oriental bibliographies
Socio-economic history
Toronto. University. Ontario College of Education.  Information series
Zeitschrift fur immunitatsforschung und experimente.lie
Zentralblatt ftlr bibliothekswesen
Acta jutlandica. v.1-26, 1929-54.
Anglistische forschungen. #1-89, 1901-56.
Archivio glottologico italiano. v.1-39, 1873-1954.
Association of American physicians.  Transactions,  v.25-55, .7
Sets (Cont.):
British Flycological society. Transactions. v.21-to date,
1937-to date
Educational screen, v.23-35, 1944-56.
txcnlFquer rolls of Scotland, v. 1-15, 1264-1529.
Scottish Historical society. Publications. Ser. 1, v.1-61,
1887-1911;   Ser.  2,   v.1-20,   1911-20;   Ser.  3,   v.1-35,
Zentralblatt ftlr gynakologie. v.17-33,  56,   53,  1893-1934.
Act (Leeds)
Progressive education
Liverpool Biological society. Proceedings


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