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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 5, 1959

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May 5,  1959- No.  194
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to
University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, ML, RJL, MAT, Miss Priscilla Scott in place of
Miss Mercer (in London), Fliss Joan O'Rourke in place of
Fliss Smith (in Texas).  SR acted as secretary in place
of EF (in California).
11 p.m. Closing
The Library remained open until 11 p.m. for the period
March 31—April 20 inclusive; service and accommodation were restricted to the main reading room (Concourse) and the stacks. Fliss Lanning
reported that a large number of students used the Library at this
hour, ranging from about 175 on Flonday nights to about 50 on Friday
nights (not counting people in the stacks).  Deportment was good and
the extra service hours seemed to be appreciated by the students.
Fliss Lanning felt that the principal demand came in the period
immediately preceding examinations and that there was no reason to
stay open until 11 once examinations had started.  It was noted that
use was apparently not limited to campus residents, judging by automobile traffic leaving the campus about 11 p.m.
Return of Books
Second notices have now been mailed to the faculty members
who have not returned books. Miss Lanning could not yet say how many
books were still out, but there has been no particular difficulty
this year.
Meeting of the Senate Library Committee
At its meeting of April 17, the Senate Library Committee
made allocations of book funds to the various teaching departments.
The total funds available for books and magazines (not including
Medicine, Law, and Education, which are separate appropriations,
nor non-University funds) has increased from $97,705 in 1958/59 to
$111,680 in 1959/60.  Of this amount, the departmental allocations
together amount to $27,300, an increase of $3,900 over last year.
The W. Koerner-Rose fund being exhausted, the Slavonic Studies
Department received an allocation for the first time.
Private Orders
For many years the Acquisitions Division has bought books
for members of the library staff and faculty.  Dr. Rothstein
reported that these private orders give rise to serious difficulties,
particularly in accounting and in collecting sums due. Mr. Harlow
asked Miss Scott to prepare a notice indicating the limitations on
this service, to include payment by cheque (not cash) immediately -2- d:
upon receipt, and restriction to scholarly materials for the individual's own use.
University Microfilms, of Ann Arbor, now uses xerography,
a photoprinting process, to reproduce single copies of out-of-print
books.  The Library has ordered a xerographic copy of Stanley's
Birth of Western Canada, unobtainable by regular means. Though
expensive (two and a half cents a page, plus cost of microfilm),
xerography promises to make available many important and scarce
"See also'* References in the Public Catalogue
The receipt of the new edition of the Library of Congress
List of Subject Headings raises again the question whether "see also"
references should continue to be made. Mr. Harlow pointed out that
the task of revising the "see also" references in the public catalogue in accordance with this new edition represents a formidable
drain on staff time.  The question is: are these references useful
enough and used enough to make the task worth the cost? Can the List
itself be used instead? on this point are admittedly inconclusive, and opinions here also vary.  On the whole the public
service librarians prefer the retention of the references, the
technical processing staff prefer that they be dispensed with.
Further study will have to be given to this matter; in the meantime
a copy of the subject heading list is to be placed at the catalogue
for the use of readers and staff.
Library Building
Mr. Harlow reported that plans for the new wing and
remodeling of the present building are some weeks behind schedule.
Bids for the new wing are due to go out in mid-May and construction
should begin about June 15. Remodeling of space in the present
building (on floor 2, for the Extension Library) will begin in May.
Mr. Harlow called attention to the excellent job done by Stephen
Johnson in re-arranging the duplicates on floor 2 in preparation for
the remodeling.
Faculty Club
All professional librarians who are now members of the
Raculty Association should have received invitations to join the new
Faculty Club. Anyone who has not such an invitation should inform
Fir. Harlow.
Flay 14.  8 p.m. The professional staff will meet in the
staff lounge. Fir. Harlow will discuss building plans.
June 13-19. Medical Library Association in Toronto.
Doreen Fraser will attend.  Canadian medical school libraries and
Canadian contributions to medicine will be discussed. Fliss Fraser
is treasurer of the M.L.A. /
June 21-25.  Canadian Library Association, in Edmonton.
June 21-26.  American Library Association, in Washington.
Bill Bell will participate in a panel discussion of state library
journals.  His invitation reflects the success he has had in editing
the British Columbia Library Quarterly for the last two years.
While in the east, Fir. Bell will also visit publishers and others on
behalf of Canadian Literature, a new journal to be published by the
University, beginning in September.  Mr. Bell is business manager of
Canadian Literature and Fir. Stuart-Stubbs is circulation manager.
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs is also circulation manager of Prism, a journal of
creative writing to be published in Vancouver.
Japanese Government Publications
The first shipment of Japanese government publications,
received from the National Diet Library in exchange for Canadian
documents, is now in Vancouver, waiting to be cleared through customs
Chinese Collection
Fir. John Bossons, a former student at U.B.C, now at
Harvard, has sent a donation to the Friends of the Library, after
reading an account of the receipt by the Library of the Chinese
Biomedical Library Exchange Program
Miss Fraser has arranged with Dean McCreary to receive
copies of current Canadian medical journals from staff to send on
exchange for foreign medical journals.  The Biomedical Library
already receives material from the U.S.S.R. on a similar basis and
hopes to extend the program.
Fliss Gill Flew, Librarian I in Reference, on Flay 29.
Miss Joyce Marr, Library Assistant in Acquisitions, on May 14=
Firs. Margot Smyth, Library Assistant in Circulation, on May 29.
Firs. Lynn Allardyce, Clerk I in Reference, on Flay 16.
Mrs, Merle Jeffers, Clerk I in Cataloguing, on May 29.
Firs., Flarlene Marguet, Clerk I in Cataloguing, on May 2.
Fliss Shirley Davidner, Stenographer II in the Extension Library
on Flay 1, 1959.
Miss Eleanor Russell, Library Assistant in Circulation, on
May 25, 1959.
Miss Helen Derewenko, Clerk I in Reference, on May 13, 1959. ■4-
Fliss Priscilla Scott will transfer to the Cataloguing division
and Mr. G. G. Turner to the Acquisitions Division on July 1, 1959.
Some Lines Upon the Receipt of an Order Card
To order books at U.B.C.
One simply sends a 5 x 3,
An order on a yellow card,
This surely cannot be too hard
A task for any normal brain,
And yet we find time and again
Requisitions incomplete.
Poorly written, seldom neat,
No publisher, no price, no date.
It really makes us quite irate.
One of our most common queries -
Is the item in a series?
If it is, and we can't tell
And nothing rings that warning bell,
'We cannot always blame ourselves
For extra copies on the shelves.
And when an author's name is wrong
It doesn't take us very long
To find we have a duplicate
And this is something we just HATE!
We can't afford mistakes like these
For money doesn't grow on trees.
So someone, somewhere, help us PLEASE!
(Joyce Marr)


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