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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 14, 1958

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October 14,1958.       No7~T8~2
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:   NH,   SR,  AF1S,   MML,   RJL,   EBM,  MAT,   DF,  EF.
Friends of the Library
A general meeting of the Friends of the University
Library will be held in Brock Hall on October 21 at 8:15 p.m.,
and staff are cordially invited to attend. An exhibition of
notable books received as gifts will be displayed, and during the
evening the acquisition of the Murray collection will be announced
and commented upon by Dr. Rothstein, The Murray collection is
the first major achievement of the Friends and is indicative of
the interest being taken.  Such collections of research material
are probably available to the Library only through the use of
funds from outside sources.  A dinner meeting of the Council of
the Friends will take place on October 17.
Processing Materials for the College Library
Mrs. Turner reported upon proposals for processing books
for the new College Library.  It is believed that a full catalogue
will be required, in part to train students to use the main
Library during their upper years; the catalogue will therefore
probably follow the same general pattern as the main catalogue,
though some reduction in the number of "see also" references
might be possible. A separate shelf list of the collection will
be kept in the Catalogue Division. For those books which will
move between the Main Library and the College Library on temporary
loan, the location file at the Loan Desk will probably suffice.
The prefix "Col" to the call number on the card and on the spine
of the book should be sufficient to identify the material.
There was some discussion whether books coming in before
the opening of the College Library should-be kept out of use to
save them from damage and loss. There is, however, no space for
storage and'the Librarian favors putting the books into the main
stack in their normal places and having them withdrawn when the
College Library is ready to receive them (using the separate shelf
list as a guide).
Red Cross Room
Library staff are asked to note and bear in mind that
there are first aid supplies, a couch, stretcher, and blankets in
the cloakroom of the Catalogue Division.  In case of emergency,
the person who learns of it first should telephone the Health
Service immediately (Local 333) and then report to the Librarian's
office. /2_
Firs.   Lois Warren as  Library Assistant   in the  Curriculum
Laboratory,   on September 29,   1958.
New Subscriptions:
American Medical Association.  AF1A News.
Biochemical pharmacology.
Bulletin of southeast asian history.
Journal of applied mechanics.
Who's Who in Canada.  Biographical service.
Flowering plants of Africa, v. 1-26 (1921-1947).


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