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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 30, 1956

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October 30,   1956.       No.  140
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:    NH,   SR,   AMS,  MML,   RJL,  EBM,  MAA,  EF.
Mr. Harlow particularly requests that the new doors between
the bookstack proper and adjacent areas be kept closed and
locked at all times.
Minutes No. 139
P. 2.  It is expected that the three-volume study,
"Indians of British Columbia," will be published by the University
of Toronto Press.
Friends of the Library
The new "Announcement and Invitation" to join the Friends
of the Library has been mailed to several hundred persons, and a
number of membership fees and larger contributions have already
been received. Any staff member who wishes to have a copy may
secure one in the Librarian's office.
Certification of Professional Librarians
The Librarian suggested that all members of the professional staff who have not already done so complete the requirements for certification under the present regulations of the
Department of Education. Applications, documents, and the fee
of $5 should be mailed to Mr. Harry Evans, Registrar, Department
of Education, Victoria. Applicants for professional positions will
henceforth be expected to have completed this formality.
Mr. Holborne, the University photographer, has sent over
to the Library photographs taken during the visits of the Russian
Fisheries delegation to the Library, of Sr. Bifulco, who presented
a valuable gift of material from the Italian Government, and of a
delegation of the Ukrainian-Canadian Society, headed by the
Rev. P. Sympchych, who presented a collection of Ukrainian materials
Mr. Lew, the Chinese Consul in Vancouver, and Mr. Grade,
the German Consul, also visited the campus recently and met faculty
members at tea in the Faculty Club. 1 z
B. C. WTeekly Newspaper Editors Conference
The editors of weekly newspapers in British Columbia held
a conference in Vancouver recently and spent one day on a tour of the
University. A letter of appreciation from Mr. Parker, the University
Information Officer, commenting on the tour of the Library, is appended to these Flinutes. Mr. Harlow remarked that the newspapers are an
interested and influential group in the formation of public opinion
and their acquaintance with the University should be encouraged.
Newspaper Publicity
It was noted by several persons at the meeting that the
Vancouver Sun has had several editorials lately dealing with the need
of Canadian universities for more financial support, and that library
needs had been singled out in more than one instance.
National Conference of Canadian Universities
Some weeks ago a copy of the Librarian's annual report for
1954/55 was sent to Professor Deutsch, and since then a request has
come from him for more statistical information regarding the position
of Canadian university libraries. He plans to use the material
during his attendance at the meeting of the National Conference of
Canadian Universities, which is being held in Ottawa shortly.
Bindery Production
The Bindery has produced 1257 volumes (fully bound) in the
month of October, the first time the output has exceeded 1000.
Mr. Harlow asked if the schedule agreed upon by the Division
Heads was being met, Miss Smith said that because Reference has not
had enough staff to prepare material her Division has not been able
to meet its assignment. Mr. Harlow asked Miss Smith and Mr. Lanning
to confer with him in an attempt to solve this difficulty.
Association of Research Libraries
Application was made again this year to have the University of British Columbia elected to membership in the ARL, but
without success. The four universities which were admitted are not
too much ahead of UBC in their book budgets, but they have a much
greater enrollment of graduate students.  In acknowledging the
assistance of the Executive Secretary of  the ARL, the Librarian said
that he still wished to see a Canadian university among the membership, and if Toronto and McGill were not interested, then this University would be next in line;
In discussing collections, Dr. Rothstein remarked that he
had read lately that the new Director of Harvard's libraries estimates that the drawing power of their famous collections is equal
to about |3000 a year in salary to faculty members. 22-
Current Student Enrollment
The present enrollment in UBC is 7600, as against 6400 last
year. There are 1648 first year Arts students; and 1817 stack
passes have been authorized so far. Miss Lanning said that many
carrel assignments have not been picked up by the people who asked
for them and that she is now re-assigning to other applicants.
Noise in the Library
Acting upon a suggestion by the Librarian, the President
in his annual talk to the students mentioned the problem of noise in
the Library and asked them to cooperate in reducing it. One student
has discussed the matter with Dr. Rothstein and suggested forming a
committee to try to persuade the students to maintain quiet. The
Alma Mater Society has given approval, and the present plan is to
have an anti-noise campaign beginning in January. The Division Heads
felt that the campaign should begin at an earlier date, and the Committee may be asked to promote the idea before Christmas.
Dr. Rothstein and Mr. Harlow have been trying to restrain noisy
groups in the main entrance of the building. When construction of
the new stack begins, there will be unavoidable noise, and one
letter has already appeared in The Ubyssey asking whether the work
could be postponed until summer"!! Mr. Harlow said that unfortunately
it has to be done when the money is available, and in this instance
it is necessary to proceed during the winter.
Freshman Library Lectures
The Reference staff have given library instruction
lectures to about 50 sections of 48 to 50 students each. The assignments have been well carried out, all things corsidered; Miss Smith
and Miss O'Rourke feel that the students have done better than in
previous years, some apparently getting help from students who have
already had instruction in former years. Miss Smith said that there
is a noticeable difference in the preparation of students coming
from larger centres where library instruction is given in the
schools and those from areas where such instruction is poor or lacking altogether. A further report will be given after the present
series is completed.
What Every Freshman Should Know
On Friday Dr. Rothstein is to speak to a group of teachers
at Haney, B. C, on what the University expects high school graduates
to know about library use. He asked for suggestions, and Fliss Smith
made several based upon her experience with the freshman class.
Filing Cards in the Public Catalogue
The Catalogue Division faces the problem of filing cards in
the catalogue while it is in use, and the crowded condition of the
catalogue itself, coupled with the extensive use made of it nearly
all the time the Library is open, makes the operation a difficult one. 22
Cards are filed at the time a truckload of books goes to the stacks,
and, normally, early in the morning.  The 8:30 to 9:30 hour has been
extremely busy of late, and the question was asked whether the work
might be started at 8 a.m.^ Miss Alldritt said that the job takes
about two hours and has to /finished once it is begun.  Another suggestion was that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, when
most students are in classes, fewer of them are using the catalogue
and filing might be done then. . Miss Alldritt will consider possible
alternatives to the present routine.
Library Committee to Meet on Wednesday
The first meeting of the Senate Library Committee in the
new academic year will take place on October 31st. Mr. Harlow will
summarize his annual report, now in preparation, and other matters
to be considered will be: the expenditure of $1,000 of Committee funds
on research materials, information about the Friends of the Library,
the new stack installation, discussion of the problems of noise in
the Library, location of the Library copy of Chemical Abstracts,
University policy regarding departmental reading rooms, inventory and
annual return of books, library service to medical practitioners and
to the theological colleges, salaries and status of professional
Survey of Vancouver Medical Association Library
Miss Fraser has finished a report upon her survey of the
Vancouver Medical Association Library and copies should be available
shortly.  She discusses the problem of providing service to doctors
in the Province.
Theological Training Centre
The theological colleges affiliated with the University are
making plans for the development of a training centre here, and in
this connection they are discussing an arrangement with the University
regarding library facilities and service.
Changes in Processing Routines
The plating of books has been transferred from the
Acquisitions Division to Cataloguing.  Consequently all serials are
now sent directly to Cataloguing, and monographs in series, formerly
sent from Reference and Serials to Acquisitions, now are also to go
directly to the Catalogue Division. One advantage noted is that a
duplication will be discovered before a volume is book-plated, thus
simplifying return to the dealer.  Books ordered and received by
Acquisitions go daily to Cataloguing, the only items remaining in
Acquisitions being those in process of having invoices prepared.
Material sent down from Reference should be put on Miss Alldritt's
desk for the present.  Further details will be presented next week.
Assistance in Curriculum Laboratory
Dean Scarfe will find money to engage a part-time assistant
to complete the staffing of the Curriculum Laboratory, and Dr. Rothstein asked for suggestions about personnel. xtt
Student Assistant Time Sheets
Mr. Harlow asked Division Heads not to send in time sheets
for student assistants reporting work periods of less than \  hour.
Smaller fractions should be carried forward in the Division records
and added to the following week's report. The Accountant's Department will not handle shorter periods than § hour.
Excerpt from Mr. Harlow's Annual Report
Excerpts from the Librarian's report for 1954/55 have been
published by Miss Elizabeth Morton in the CLA Bulletin for October,
1956 (as "Canadian University Libraries").
The papers given at the June session on Library Finance at
the CLA conference at Niagara Falls have been issued as Occasional
Papers #12 by the Canadian Library Association (including "Academic
Library Finance," by the Librarian).
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Miss Doreen Taylor is resigning from her position in the Reference Division on December 22 in order to accept the post of Librarian
in the British Columbia Electric Co. Ltd. We very much regret to
see her go, but this is the first major special library job in
Vancouver, and we wish her great success in this important work.
Mrs. Silvia Reeves has been appointed Librarian I in the
Bio-Medical Library, beginning on October 15, and Mrs. Maureen Pratt
joined the staff there as Library Assistant on October 10.
New Subscriptions:
Annales d'oculistique.
Compensation mectlcine.
East African medical "journal.
Instituta Okeanologii. Trudy.
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.  Studies and Texts.
Societe Beige de medicine tropicale. Annales.
Voprosy ichtiologii.
Electrical world,     v.  27-64  (I896-...1914)
Physical society of Japan.     Journal.    v.   1-10   (1946-1955)
Soil  science,     v.  15-18  (1923-1924).   (Very rare). ^7
Bibliographie der Pflanzenschutz-literatur, 1950. Biologische
Bundesanstalt ftlr Land-und Forstwirtschaft in Berlin-Dahlem.
Berlin 1956.
Canada. Northern affairs and national resources.  Sectional catalogue
No. 11, June 1956. Queen's Printer, Ottawa.
England. Commonwealth agricultural bureaux.  Index to horticultural
abstracts, vols. XXI-XXV,  1951-1955. East Flailing, Kent,
England, August 1956.
International Labour Office. Social aspects of automation. Bibliographical reference list no. 81. Geneva, June 1956.
Bibliographical contributions No. 8.  Bibliography on labour law.
(Cumulative supplement 1/2).
OEEC.  Bibliographies, No. 2, International trade, 1950-1955.
Paris, 1956.
Texas, University.  Bureau of business research. Public relations, by
William A. Nielander.  Bibliography no. 3>
UNESCO. Educational studies and documents, no. XVIII.  Literacy
teaching: a selected bibliography. Paris, 1956.
United States.  Department of Health, education and welfare.
Current literature on venereal disease, an annotated bibliography.
Washington, D.C, 1956.


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