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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 24, 1961

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October 24, 1951  No.25,6
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, BSS, IB, GGT. AMS, DF, JO'R, JS, MD, EH, ML,
AL, NTK, PRS (for EBM) and HM.
Miss Scott's Resignation
Dr. Rothstein announced the resignation of
Miss Priscilla R. Scott, Librarian II in the Acquisitions
Division.  In December, Miss Scott will be joining the staff
of the Victoria College Library as Head of the Public Services
Division. He expressed regret at her departure but at the same
time extended the congratulations of the Library staff on her
Library School
Dr. James Kidd, secretary-treasurer of the Social
Science Research Council of Canada, who will receive an
honourary doctorate degree at the Fall Congregation will speak
to the students of the Library School on Thursday, October 26,
at 10:00 a.m.
Conference on Continuing Education
On Wednesday, October 25, the Department of University
Extension is holding a day-long conference on Continuing Education. Dr. Rothstein and Peter Grossman of the Vancouver Public
Library have been asked to represent the profession of librarian-
ship at this meeting, -  ■
British Columbia Library Association
The Fall meeting of the British Columbia Library
Association will be held at the University Library and School
of Librarianship on November 19th, The programme will feature
a panel discussion by Dr. Kaspar Naegele and members of the
faculty of the School of Librarianship. They will discuss
Dr. Naegele's well-known study on "The Librarian in the Pacific
Northwest" with particular emphasis on its implications for
library education.
> Mr. Erik Spicer, Parliamentary Librarian of Canada
will visit the Library and School on November 4 and 7.
20 21
Miss Sarah Rebecca Re^td, Executive Secretary of the
Library Education Division and also Executive Secretary of the
Committee of Accreditation of the American Library Association,
will be visiting the School of Librarianship on November 10.
Dr. Rothstein was invited to attend the meeting of the
Students' Council on Monday to discuss the problem of the
carrel allocations. He explained the situation in detail. No
recommendations for change will be made and carrels will continue to be assigned only to students in Graduate Studies.
A letter has been received from the Alumni Association
asking that a half-hour tour of the Library be arranged for
Saturday, October 28, at 1:45 p.m. Miss O'Rourke and other
volunteers offered to conduct the tour.
.■»—WW—<■ i ii .H..I.I ■....Num. T.imwii
Miss Fraser reported on her investigation of photocopying services.  She sent letters to ninety libraries—
45 medical libraries and 38 university libraries of the same
size at U.B.C.  She received 30 detailed replies.  Sixteen
university libraries have their own photoduplication machine
which is operated by a full-time staff member and does all the
work for the library.
Sixteen libraries use the Xerox .914.. Most others
use Verifax, Thermofax or Copi-Ez, none of which seem quite
satisfactory. Most requests for library materials wanted on
inter-library loan are done by photoduplication without charge.
Journal articles for reserve reading are also photodUplicated.
Five libraries also have photostat machines and fifteen have
microfilm cameras.
The Xerox 914 Is generally considered to be the best
machine on the market at the present, but a special machine
for illustrations and half-tones is also needed.
Most of the medical libraries are buying Xerox 914
machines and some now have Copy-Ez. It seems desirable to
have the machine operated by a single staff member but few
libraries attempt to adhere vigorously to this plan.
The average charge made by libraries for duplication
is 5^ and 6$  per page, although Stanford University charges
12.9^ per page. 22
It was reported that the local rental charge of a
Xerox 914 would be $105 per month. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs will
contact the local agent for the Xerox 914 machine, discuss our
problems and situation, and arrange for a demonstration.
Dr. Rothstein thanked Miss Fraser for her informative
study and suggested that a report of her findings be made
available to the libraries which had replied to her
Division Report - No. 9, Serials Division, Mr. R. Lanning
The Serials Division is responsible for all serial
publications received by the Library, including additional
subscriptions and indexes. These are entered on the Kardex
records which are now relatively up-to-date and easily used.
The Division suffered from a large-scale turnover in staff
during the spring and summer during which time some operations
got behind. With additional help and greater stability, the
situation has improved in the last few months.
The location and routing of journals to the
divisions present some problems'.  Some journals should probably be relocated (i.e. from Social Sciences to Humanities).
A new system of routing new periodicals is being undertaken.
Henceforth journals will be sent to the subject divisions on
Mondays with each division then routing them to the teaching
departments on Thursdays of each week. The subject divisions,
under this scheme, will maintain the "charging" records and
will be responsible for getting journals back to the Library.
Many queries are received regarding volumes which
have been sent for binding.  It would be advisable to install
a telephone in the pre-bindery area to which all such questions
would be sent. The pre-bindery "section" would maintain records
showing the date and progress of all materials sent for binding
and could thus report at any time on the whereabouts of a given
Many paperbacks now being sent to the Bindery may
not really be worth rebinding.  A problem would arise, however,
in the selection of what should be bound.  It is considered
that materials which are heavily used should have first
priority for rebinding rather than obscure volumes which,
although in poor condition, are hardly used at all. '
A schedule for binding quotas was arranged at the
beginning of the year.  Some divisions are not sending material
to keep up these quotas with the result that the bindery
preparation section is catching up with the backlog. However,
the work load In the bindery prepartion is increasing because
of the increase of periodicals coming in. It is felt that a
new position should be established for a senior librarian to
be responsible for binding preparation. 23
New Telephone Number
An extra telephone has been installed in the Reserve
Book Collection to take care of calls for the reserving of
books. The number is 799.
Miss Priscilla R. Scott, as Librarian II in the
Acquisitions Division on' November 24.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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