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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 29, 1950

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SEPTEMBER 29, 1950, at 10 a.m. •
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
The meeting first considered the closing of the Library
on Saturday afternoon when a game is held in the Stadium.  It
has proved practically impossible to prevent students hanging
our of the windows in the Periodicals Reading Room and it would
require the services of two commissionnaires to prevent them
going up to the roof.  It was decided that the Library should close
at 1 p.m. on the Saturdays when a game was scheduled.
Dr. Dunlap brought up the question of improving the
seating practices in the. reading rooms.  Miss Smith reported
that her Division has already started to clear off books and coats
from places which are obviously, being reserved for long periods.
Dr. Dunlap recommended the same procedure in all reading rooms,
and suggested that a check at intervals of half an hour be made
for the first week or so. Mr. Rothstein was doubtful of the wisdom and effectiveness of the plan.  He felt that policing the reading rooms would be more trouble than it was worth, and he felt
that if a space was available the students should have the use
of it. Miss Jefferd remarked that,if the Library made an attempt
to police the reading rooms and filled, the Library would be in
a worse position than it is now.  The effort to keep the tables
clear would require a good deal of staff time.  Miss Smith said
she was willing to try the plan, but she did not feel confident
of success.  Mr. Rothstein suggested that a few tables at
strategic points in the Reference Room might be labelled as being
for the use of persons using reference books.  Dr. Dunlap
remarked that this might be the solution for both the Reference
Room and Periodicals Reading Room.  Miss Lanning said she has
tried to encourage students who require seats in the reading room
to push into the middle of the table books left at a place where
no person is working. When the Library becomes very crowded and
space is at a premium the Circulation staff will do this from
time to time.  It was decided to adopt Mr. Rothstein's suggestion
and put notices on a few tables in the Reference and Periodicals
Reading Rooms and to allow the rooms otherwise to be used as study
The housing the President's books is to become
the Faculty Reading Room, and the matter of dealing with the
President's books arises.  It was suggested that the books should
be packed and stored until the President is ready to move them
into his house.  A number of possible places for their accommodation were considered, and Mr. Rothstein mentioned the Kla-How-Yah
Room.  It was decided to investigate the possibility of shelving
the books there.
The shelves in the Faculty Reading Room will be empty
when the President's books are removed, and it was decided that
there should be a small collection to furnish the shelves.  The
Reference Division will examine the Library's collection of
duplicates and choose a suitable number for this purpose. Miss Jefferd brought up the matter of blocking in the
stackroom the books which are to go to the Medical Reading Room.
Dr. Dunlap said this was a good occasion to consider the whole
practice of blocking.  His opinion is that it would be folly to
block the 3,000 volumes which it is expected will eventually be
placed in the Medical Reading Room.  Miss Jefferd said she would
be glad to see an end to blocks. Mr. Rothstein said that the
University of California Library used coded symbols as part of
the call number to indicate in what collection a book is to be
found. Miss Smith described a colored plastic band which she
had seen used for this purpose.  It was thought that the plastic
band, while excellent in some respects, would make the catalogue
too bulky.  Another solution would be to have a card in front
of the main entry in the catalogue indicating the location of a
book. Dr. Dunlap suggested using a rubber stamp to add a code
symbol to the call number. Miss Smith agreed that something
added to the call number would be desirable. Mr. Rothstein
pointed out that it would save time to know from the call number
where a book is located. Miss Jefferd agreed that the problem
should be tackled now.
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 noon.


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