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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 22, 1960

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March 2.2, I960.  No. 213
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, AF1S, EBM, ML, MAT, DF, and HM.
Library School Student Field Work .
Miss Smith has drawn up the following schedule for-MIss
Flargaret Sawatsky, student of the School of Librarianship,
University of Washington, who will be at the U.B.C. Library
for four weeks, beginning March 28:
Flarch 28 - April 1
April 4 - April 9
April 11 - April 12
April 13 - April 22
Acquisitions and Cataloging
Circulation and Serials
Biomedical Library and Branch,
Reference Division.
Students in Building after Closing
The night patrolman has reported finding some students
in the washrooms of the Library after 10:30 p.m. Miss Lanning
reported that a student assistant makes the rounds of the stacks
every night, turning out all lights and making a general inspection of carrells.  Staff also see that no one remains in the
Ridington and Reserve Book Rooms, and the janitor should see
that the washrooms are cleared. All staff in the building at
closing time should be as certain as possible that all persons
leave and should ask for the aid of janitors and patrolmen if
problems arise.
Requests regarding the maintenance of heating and
ventilation systems in the Library are to be reported to the
Librarian's Office, where the};- will be forwarded to Mr. Funnell,
Head Steamfitter, Department of Buildings and Grounds.
Loan Desk Location File
A suggestion that the Location File at the Loan Desk be
moved out into the public area beside the public catalog v/ill
not new be put into effect.  It would be difficult for the public
to use (■ t least in its present form) and it would comprise a
bottleneck if full use of it were made. It is intended that the number of cards will be cut down
by indicating on cards in the public catalog which material is
permanently located in reading rooms, in the subject divisions,
the Biomedical Branch, or elsewhere. This will be a long range
rather than immediate project.
Provincial Medical Library Service
The Provincial Medical Library Service, sponsored by
the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B. C, came into
existence on January 1 of this year.  It is under the direct -
control of an Executive Committee responsible to the College,
with a Standing Advisory Committee representing the doctors
of the province.  The latter Committee held its first meeting
on Flarch 18, when the proposals of the Library Service were
fully explained and its immediate objectives outlined.  It was
emphasized that local medical libraries are an integral part of
the service and continued support must be given to them.
Meetings of ALA Executive Board and NCCUC Committee
Mr. Harlow will leave on Friday, March 25, to attend a
meeting of the ALA Executive Board in Chicago.
On March 29 and 30 he will be in Ottawa to attend a
meeting of the Committee on University Libraries, recently
appointed by the National Conference of Canadian Universities
and Colleges, and he will be back in the Library on Friday,
April 1,
Fliss Joan C. Hardie as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on April 14.


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