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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 6, 1958

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 M  I  N  U
May~cT7-I7pT No. 174
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AF1S, RJL, ML, EBM, MAA, MDEF.
Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center
Mr. Harlow reported on the action taken at the meeting
of the. Board of Managers of the. PNBC, held at Seattle on Friday,
April 25, Fir. Harlow was invited-to the meeting as a. consultant
(as former chairman of the Board), but, since he held Mr, Ireland^
proxy, he was also able to vote.
The Board approved most of the recommendations of the
Swank study, but deferred action on a few due to lack of time for
debate (the meeting lasting seven hours, with lunch but no coffee
break). The Board voted to:
1. Discontinue immediately the filing of Library of Congress
cards into the main catalog. The-cards themselves will continue
to be received for the time being, but they will be retained in
2, Eventually to eliminate from the Catalog the Library of
Congress cards for which the PNBC records no locations,
3« Place an order for the forthcoming reprint of the L. C, book
catalog, this to serve as the editorial authority in place of the
L, C, cards,
4. Interfile the regional cards at the back of each catalog tray
with the main card Catalog.  (Hitherto cards submitted by reporting
libraries were held in a supplementary file until Library of . .-.■
Congress cards for these books become available).
5. Replace the present Board of Flanagers (made up of PNLA members
representing each state or province) by a Council made up of one
member from each library submitting cards to the PNBC, an executive
to be elected by the Council to supervise the work of the Center.
Opening of the Trail Flunicipal Library
With Mr. Davison, Superintendent of the Public Library
Commission, Fir. Harlow attended the official opening of the new
quarters of the Trail Flunicipal Library which took place on
Wednesday, April 30,  Prior to the ceremonies he also addressed a
luncheon meeting of the Trail Rotary Club, where he compared the
need in the Province to develop routes for the communication of
ideas with that for the improvement of roads (the Minister of
Highways and Public Works had visited the city a few days earlier).
The Trail Flunicipal Library, which occupies fine quarters
in the Municipal Sports Centre, represents the culmination of many
years of effort by Dr, Charles Wright and others. Trail has long
had a private library association but facilities have been very
inadequate. The present organization serves the three adjacent
communities of Trail, Tadanac, and Warfield, ft
Trutch Papers
Through the assistance of Mr, Bruce McKelvie, the
University Library has received a very important body of
manuscript material relating to the early history of British
Columbia.  The donor is Mrs. Charlotte Morgan-Kelly of Ladysmith,
Fliss Morgan-Kelly is the niece of Sir Joseph Trutch, first Lt.
Governor of British Columbia after Confederation and is also the
niece of Sir Anthony Musgrave, last Colonial governor of British
Columbia, The papers consist mostly of correspondence-between
Sir Joseph Trutch and his brother and business partner, John Trutch;
they supply a wealth of very valuable information on the building
of British Columbia roads, the political scene before and after
Confederation, and some very interesting pictorial material.
The University Library has agreed to furnish typed transcripts of
this material to Firs, Morgan-Kelly and Mr, McKelvie.
National Research Council- Committee on Scientific Information
The National Research Council of Canada has established
a new Advisory Committee on Scientific Information. Mr, Harlow,
who is a member of the Committee, stated that the Committee will
meet in Ottawa on June 11 and 12 to discuss a number of important
topics relating to the means whereby Canadians may obtain the
information needed for effective research. The topics are to be
discussed at a meeting of the Division Heads prior to Fir, Harlow's
Friends of the University Library
Mr. Harlow reported his meeting with the Sub-Committee
on Ways and Means of the Friends of the University Library, This
important sub-committee, chaired by Mr, Walter Koerner, proposes
that the Friends emphasize the following objectives:
1, The development of a "contingency fund" for the purchase of
special collections,
2, The encouragement of interest in books and libraries by
sponsorship of talks, displays, etc.
The Sub-Committee are issuing a report to the Council
and Friends describing activities to date and plans for future
Building Program
Mr, Harlow spent most of the meeting time going over a
first draft of the program for the new wing and the renovations
to the existing building. By sketching floor plans he described
the main features of the proposals and answered questions. The
plans willb e discussed in detail with each division head and
with the building committee.  Copies of the statement will be
distributed to each member of the building committees,?
B.C.L.A. Bursary-Loan Fund
Mrs. Dore reports the amount for the B.C.L.A. Bursary-
Loan Fund collected in the Library totaled $157.00. -3-> 22
Defoe, Daniel. The history of the Great Plague in London.
London, 1754.  (The Walter C. Koerner Grant for the
Humanities and Social Sciences).
Hind, Arthur Mayger. An introduction to a history of woodcut
with a-detailed survey of work done in the fifteenth century,
London, 1935. 2v,
Acta biologica et medica Germanica. Berlin.
Acta jutlandica...Arrskift for universitets-undervisningen.
Association for Computing Machinery,  Communications,
Australian quarterly,
Australian Institute of Agricultural Science,  Journal,
Canadian cooperative digest.
Geophysical journal. «.
John Tracy Clinic Research papers.
Journal of geophysical research.
Kentucky warbler.
Molecular physics.
Oversea quarterly (Supersedes Colonial review).
Records of New England birds (Massachusetts Aubabon Society).
Alembic club-reprints. V. 1-22 (1929-1958).
Buenos Aires, Museo Argentino de ciencias naturales Bernardino
Rivadavia, Anales."
V. 8-9 (1902-03)
V, 12-14 (1905-07)
V. 16-29 (1908-17)
Confluence. # 1-36 (1941-1944). N.S. # 1-10 (1945-1946).
Gaelic Society of Inverness, Transactions,
V. 2-4 (1872/73-1874/75),
V. 8  (1878/79).
V. 13  (1886/87).
V. 18-19 (1891/92-1893/94)
V. 21  (1896/97).
The Dickensian. V. 1-8 (1905-1912).
Haarlem. Flusee Teyler,  Archives,  Series.  1. V, 1-5
2. V. 1-12
3, V, 1-8 (several lacks)
Stair Society,  Publications. V. 1-19 (1936-58).
South Pacific Commission. Technical Papers.  1949-1957.
(several lacks)
Mediaeval Academy of America.  Publications,
# 3«4, 6-8, 13, 41, 43-45, 48, 51, 57.
Fiodern Language Association of America.
General Series.  #5, 8, 10, 16.
Monograph Series. #4, 6-7, 12, 14, 16.
Revolving fund Series, #10, 11, 14,
National Association of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners,
Annual Convention. 42nd-56th.  (1930-1944).


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