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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 26, 1960

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July 26,  I960 No.   218
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, EBM, RJL, ML, DF, GGT, JO'R, JS, FID, and HM.
Library Forecourt
Landscaping has been started in the new area in
front of the Library building. The space around the lily pond
has been levelled. Small shrubs and flowers are to be placed
here and in the large boxes. There will be no tall trees I
"Know Your Library"
A draft copy of "Know Your Library" was circulated
to the heads of the divisions for their comments.  It was
noted that it was longer than four pages, perhaps six. Some
thought there was unnecessary repetition between the introductory section and those pertaining to the Divisions.
Mr. Harlow will study the comments and make changes.
Current Journal Distribution among Divisions
A preliminary division of the current journals is
being made by classification number, subject to later discussions-
of particular titles. The distribution is as follows:
AS - General Societies' Publications. Most will probably
be in the Sciences. It may be desirable to reclassify
some of the bound files eventually. Meanwhile,
current titles will be assigned individually.
AP - General Jounals. These will be assigned individually.
B,C,D.E,F,P - to Humanities Division.
G,H,J,K,L - to Social Sciences Division.
QH-QZ (except QK) and W. - to Biomedical Library.
S,T,U,V,QA-QH, QK - to Sciences Division.
M,N - to Fine Arts Division.
Z - distributed among all divisions by individual titles.
H/R and Delta - to Division of Special Collections.
Government Publications - in general, to Social Sciences
Division, with some later redistribution. Yearbooks, Annuals, Miscellaneous, little-used journals,
and those concerning which no agreemant can be reached,
to Floor 1.
Any specific recommendations from Divisions would be
welcomed by the Librarian now and later.
New titles are to be classified as they come in. The
first issue received will be circulated to all subject divisions,
asking each Head to make recommendations about its classification,
Numbering the Stacks
The method of numbering the stack ranges was discussed,
Mr. Harlow suggesting that the farthest south in the new wing
be No. 1 and, if it is broken into sections by aisles, these
be numbered la, lb, 1c, etc. so that a number would be in the
same location on each level. Mr. Williams and Mr; Bell were
asked to study this and make recommendations.
Emergency Lighting
There will be emergency lighting installed on the
stairways of the new wing and also in the old building, and
it is hoped that flashlights will not be needed much longer.
In the meantime, the Heads of the divisions were asked to check
their flashlights and replenish the batteries, which are
obtainable from the Librarian's Office.
Ball Point Pens
Many requests have been made to have the Library-
supply ball point pens for use by the staff. The division
Heads were asked to ascertain how many pens were actually
required for Library work in their divisions and perhaps
desk sets will be provided.
Book Move
The book move has been stopped for three days, awaiting
the arrival of the new book shelving. Levels 7, 6 and half of
5 are completed, with an accompanying shift in the old stack
area. New shelving has been installed in parts of levels 1
and 2 in the north wing and almost all of the columns have
been completed in the new area.
Display Room
Miss O'Rourke has reported that several pieces of •
equipment have disappeared from the Display Room on level 2,
and the Librarian asked that any members of the staff who
may have borrowed anything from this room recently please return
it to the Reference Division immediately. Future loans must
be more carefully documented. PERSONNEL
Mrs. Eiko Chikamorl, as Library Assistant in the
Serials Division on July 20.
Mrs. Nancy M. Dore, as Librarian I in the Reference
Division on August 15.
Mrs. Janet Evans, as Clerk I in the Cataloging Division
on August 26.
Miss^Lesly Ford,  as Library Assistant  in the
Circulation Division on August  19.


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