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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 17, 1958

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M       I       N       U       T       E       S
February 17,   1953.       No.   168
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia   Library Staff
Present:     NH,   SR,   AMS,   MFIL,   RJL,   EBM,   F1AA,   EF.
Minutes No.  167
P. 2, Richardson Century Fund: the first two volumes of
the Canadian Encyclopedia presented by this Fund are now in the
Library. This set will be placed in the Ridington Room, that
ordered by the Library at the Reference Desk, and a third will be
purchased for Howay-Reid out of 1958/1959 funds.
Librarian's Visit to Library Buildings
Mr. Harlow visited a number of university libraries during
his recent trip and plans to comment on some of their features at
a meeting of the professional staff. A representative of the University's architects may speak at the same time.
Librarian's Trip to Eastern Canada and the United States
About 200 persons registered for the Documentation Seminar
held at McGill University under the leadership of Fir. Ralph Shaw.
Mr. Shaw's informal manner, coupled with his thorough knowledge of
his subject, contributed very largely to the success of the conference. He made it clear that in most cases when claims are made
for the cheapness and speed of operation of mechanical equipment,
the whole cost has not been taken into account.  He said that at the
present stage of development of automation in relation to documentation, if an amount of money equivalent to that being spent upon
machine documentation were also devoted to extending and improving
existing information facilities, even better results might be
Mr, Harlow read a paper as part of a session upon
"Canadian Implications" in relation to documentation.
It was learned that the National Research Council has
approved the establishment of a committee on scientific research
information which is to assist in developing the NRC library as a
national documentation centre for scientific research. Fir. Harlow
has been asked to stand for nomination as a member of this committee .
Library School Students
The Librarian interviewed students at the McGill and University of Toronto Library Schools and found that more people seem to be interested in coming west than in previous years. He visited
with Enid Dearing and .Maureen. O'Shay and brought their greetings to
friends at UBC
In Toronto he also visited the library of the Canadian
Institute of International Affairs.
Queen Elizabeth Hotel
With Elizabeth Morton, Executive-Secretary of the Canadian
Library Association, a visit was made to the new Queen Elizabeth
Hotel in Montreal to inspect facilities to accommodate the joint
ALA-CLA conference to be held there in I960.
In Chicago Fir. Harlow attended the meetings of the ALA
Council, the governing body of the Association,and, as chairman of
a "Special Committee on Alternates for Chapter Representatives",
reported at one of the sessions. He also met with the ALA-CLA
Liaison Committee to discuss preliminary matters regarding the i960
conference in Montreal.
Mr. Harlow met Miss Eleanor Cock, now studying at the
University of Chicago Graduate School, who he hopes will return to
UBC when her course is completed.
Visits to Buildings
Mr. Thomas Hughes, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds,
and Mr. Hickman, of Thompson, Berwick & Pratt, the University architects, visited library buildings at the University of Saskatchewan
and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and saw the Lamont
Library for undergraduates at Harvard before meeting Fir. Harlow in
Cleveland, Ohio. Together they then visited Western Reserve University and Case Institute at Cleveland, Wayne University at Detroit,
the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan State College in
East Lansing, the University of Minnesota, Washington State College
and the University of Idaho.  They noted furnishings, types of
acoustical treatment and their effectiveness, lighting, traffic flow
patterns, accessibility and other features.  In addition to
libraries, they also inspected student housing, food services,
laboratory buildings, etc.
The best of the new libraries seen is undoubtedly the
Undergraduate Library at the University of Michigan, which offered
good examples of the use of space lighting, acoustical treatment,
color, and furniture. It was observed that where both individual
and multiple seating facilities are available, people prefer the
individual seats, and occupy them before going to the larger tables.
Convenient provision-Tor wraps and umbrellas was noted, and the
importance of an adequate "milling" area for students outside the
actual study space. At Michigan Mr. Harlow re-visited the Japanese
collection and had a short visit with Mr. Reg. Hennessey, formerly
of UBC, who is now in charge of "searching" m the Acquisitions
Division there. The University of Flinnesota in Minneapolis is now about
at the!stage UBC will reach at the end of its fifteen year development plan. It has 24,000 students and is trying to solve many of
the problems which we are beginning to face now. The James Ford
Bell collection of rare materials there is devoted chiefly to
travel, and among its treasures Mr. Harlow noted the first edition
of Marco Polo's Travels.
Librarian's Annual Report
The following note appeared in the Library Journal of
February 1, under "Editor's Comments":
The Annual Report, 1956/57, of the Libn of the Univ of British
Columbia, Neal Harlow, once again serves as a stimulating model
for the dynamic expression of ideals and their applicability.
Forward-looking, inexpensively attractive, backed up by
statistics so arranged that they can be of use to comparable
institutions, and engaging in style, it has become favorite
annual reading for many libns; it is also found useful in lib
school courses....
A considerable number of requests have been received for copies.
Book Count
Dr. Rothstein reported a request by the Humanities
Research Council of Canada for information about our holdings in
the humanities.  Since the categories do not correspond with our
classification, no accurate count could be made but with the help
of Miss Alldritt and Mr. Turner the following rough estimate of
holdings was provided:
English- 23,500 volumes; German- 3,350; French- 9,777;
Italian- 670; Spanish--2,100; Other modern languages-
4,500 of which about 4,000 are Slavonic; Latin- 1,400;
Greek- 1,600; Near Eastern languages- 250; Far Eastern-
235 catalogued, about 3,000 uncatalogued. Comparative
literature- 4,800; Comparative philology- 900;
Philosophy- 5,300; Theology and History of religion-
4,300; Music and Fine Arts- 8.900; History- 31,500;
Political Economy- 21,000; Political Science- 15,600;
Sociology- 5,500: Total- 149,000.
Open House
The opening ceremonies on Friday, February 28, will take
place at 7:30 p.m, on the Library steps.
Acedemic Symposium
A group of 65 students and 30 or 35 faculty members
gathered at Parksville, on Vancouver Island, during the past weekend to discuss matters of University interest. Among them were
the following topics:  standards of admission, new courses, courses
for specializing students, etc.  The Library entered the discussions
at several points, and various comments were made: that the Library
should do more to insure quiet in the building; that there was need
for a common room and departmental library in each building- and
that the establishment of a School of Librarianship would, in general 4
be favorably received.  In all, the occasion was an enjoyable and
informative one, and provided an opportunity to talk freely with
representatives of the student body.
New. Ph.D.
For the first time, Ph.D. programs have been authorized
by the University Senate in English and Chemical Engineering, to
begin next year.
Board of Governors
Mr. Harlow has received a letter from the Board of
Governors thanking him for his Annual Report and expressing appreciation for the work of the Library staff during this past year.
Exchange Lists
Two lists of duplicate materials available for exchange
have been sent out by Acauisitions and two by Serials during the
last few weeks.
French-Canadian Literature
A second edition of the bibliography of French-Canadian
Literature in the UBC Library, compiled by Dr. Gerard Tougas, is now
in the- printer's hands.  The first edition was produced a few months
ago in mimeograph form; this expanded edition will be printed by
Fir. Stuart-Stubbs
A new book, the "Canadian Collector," by Gerald Stevens,
published by the Ryerson Press, acknox^ledges the assistance given
the compiler by Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs, then Reference Librarian
at McGill University.
"In Quotes"
"During the sessions...exhibits were given at several places
in Japan presenting materials of interest to the geneticists,
particularly those objects peculiar to Japan or specially
studied in this country. These consisted of the following:
Japanese morning glory, radish, rice, wheat,. goldfish, long-
tailed fowl, silkworm, and old documents."
Introduction to International Genetics
Symposium, Tokyo, 1956, Proceedings.
Professor Flackenzie of the University of New England in
Australia visited the Library recently on his way to Yale University. Dr. Coglan, Professor of German at the University of Adelaide, and Dr, Stuart Tompkins, formerly of the University of Oklahoma, also came to the campus last week and spent some time in the
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. d l
Mrs. Pamela Fiddes from her position in the Reference Division,
effective February 22.
Miss Margaret Yare to a position as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division, starting on February 20.
Miss Mary Pike to a position as Library Assistant in the
Reference Division, starting on Flarch 1.
Fir. Geoff-Turner from Librarian I to Librarian II on January 1,
Firs.  Kaarina Aura from Clerk I to  Clerk II on January 1,   1958.
New Subscriptions:
Acta scientarium mathematicarum
American journal of cardiology
Applied science and technology index
Archive for rational mechanics
and analysis
B.C. parent-teacher
Business periodicals index
Canadian bar journal
Canadian home and school
Combustion and flame
Comprendre (Societe europeene
,, de culture)
Conflict resolution
Duke Univ. Commonwealth Studies
Centre. Publications.
Geophysical prospecting
Historicky casopis
Institute of transport.  Journal
Journal of physics of the earth
Journal of ultrastructure research
Kwartalnik historyczny
Flain currents in modern thought
Mental hospitals
Maudsley monographs
Medical science
Music journal
Perspectives in biology and
National parent-teacher
Physics and chemistry of the
Przglad historyczny
Quadrant. An Australian
quarterly review
Review of politics
Shakespeare quarto in collotype facsimiles'.
Yale University.  Library.
Western historical series.
Bulletin de la Maison Franco-Japonaise. v. 3-11," v.12:2-4. (1931-41). 4/
Carleton University Library.  Selected list of current materials
on Canadian public administration. No. 7, Dec. 1957, Ottawa.
UNESCO.  Secretariat.  International advisory committee for documentation and terminology in pure and applied science. Third
meeting, Paris, 23-25 Sept., 1957. Final report, Paris, 1957.
Report on the general principles governing international bibliographical work, by Jean Meyriat.  Paris, 1957.
UNITED STATES.  Department of Labor.  Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Bulletin No. 1226: Productivity, a bibliography. Washington,
D.C, November 1957.


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