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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 6, 1961

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Array M  I  N  U * T  E  8
June 6, 1961     No. 245
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to university of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: SR, RJL, AMS, IB, BSS, GD (for GGT), NTK, EBM, DP,
MW (for JO"R), AB, ML, JS, EC, and HM.
Mr. Harlow Leaving, cont'd
After playing out one of the longest suspense
stories on record, Mr. Harlow did finally leave the Library
and his duties as University Librarian at 5:00 a.m. on
Thursday, June 1. A subsequent postcard from Mrs. Harlow
assures us that the Harlows are safely on their way to both
New Brunswicks. They take with them the thanks and best
wishes of the entire staff.
New Professional Appointments
The following professional appointments will be
made this summer:
Miss Doreen Dowd,  B.A. (McGill, B.L.S. (McGill);
Librarian I in the Catalogue Division, July 3, 196l.
Mr. Graham Elliston, B.A. (U.B.C), M.L.S. (Washington);
Librarian I in the catalogue Division, September 1, 1961.
Miss Dorothy Shields; B.A. (Queens), M.A. (Denver);
Librarian I in the Acquisitions Division, July 17, 1961.
Miss Anne Carson B.A. (Dublin), B.L.S. (McGill);
Librarian I in special Collections, July 3, 1961.
Miss Patricia Thornton, B.Sc.(Carleton), BL.S. (McGill);
Librarian I in the Science Division, July 3, 1961..
Mr. William Kurmey, B.Sc. (U.B.C.), M.L.S. (Chicago);
Librarian I in the Circulation Division, January 8, 1962.
Miss Audrey Malin, B.Ed.(Alberta), M.L.S. (Washington);
Librarian t  in the Social Sciences Division, July 3, 1961.
Division Heads were asked to write letters of
welcome to their new professional staff members, offering
assistance in housing and the like.
Promotions and Congratulations
Mr. G. G. Turner, Librarian IV, July 1, 1961.
Miss J. O'Rourke, Librarian IV, July 1, 1961.
Mr. I. Bell, Librarian IV and Head of the Circulation
Division, November 1, 1961.
91 92
Miss Anna Leith will transfer to the Science
Division on July 1, 1961, becoming Head of the Division on
August 1.
Orientation Plan for New Professional Staff
It was felt that the new members of the professional
staff would distinctly benefit by spending some time in other
Library departments before settling down into their positions.
It may be difficult to arrange this in-service training, as
their divisions may not be able to spare them during the
summer. Miss Smith is to check with the divisions and try
to arrange a programme. An up-to-date version of "Klahowya"
(the Library's orientation manual) might also be useful and
Miss Smith will look into the possibility of putting out a
new edition.
Interregnum Policy
Dr. Rothstein said he hoped that his term as
Acting Librarian will be a short one. In view of his other
responsibilities as Director of the School of Librarianship,
he asked Heads of the Divisions to take on the following
extra duties during the interregnum:
Checking of booksellers' catalogs and publishers'
brochures - Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs.
Personnel - A list of vacancies will be circulated to
the Heads. They are asked to interview prospective candidates
and refer them to Dr. Rothstein only if they are definitely
interested in hiring them.
Book Selection - Division Heads are asked to compile lists
of desiderata to be considered for purchase on the Research
Collections fund. Priority should be given to major works
which are likely to be available on short notice.
CLA Conference
Dr. Rothstein will be leaving June 15 to attend
the annual conference of the Canadian Library Association in
St. Andrews. Miss Melva Dwyer and Mr. G. G. Turner will also
be attending the conference, which will be under the presidential direction of Mr. Harlow. The conference proceedings
will be given over mainly to the Canadian Library Inquiry.
BCLA Conference
Fifteen members of the University Library staff
attended the annual conference of the British Columbia Library
Association at Qualicum on May 27 and 28. It was generally
felt that the conference was enjoyable and useful. Though
the sessions were, on the whole, very well organized, it may
be preferable to allot more time to the panel discussions. 93
It was also suggested that the conference should make a place
for "buzz" sessions, where small groups with the same interests
could discuss their particular problems.
Alberta Library Association
Dr. Rothstein was in Lethbridge on May 29 to
attend the conference of the Alberta Library Association. He
was the principal speaker at one of the sessions, his topic
being the new School of Librarianship at U.B.C. He also
talked with several students who were contemplating careers
in librarianship. Alberta librarians expressed a lively
interest in the School and promised strong support in
Short Course for Public Library Association Personnel
The second Short Course sponsored by the B. C
Library Association and the Public Library Commission is now
in progress on the campus. This year the course, which covers
the week of June 4-9, is for Public Library Association
Personnel. A tour of the Library has been arranged for Friday
afternoon, June 9.
Annual Report
Reports from the Division Heads for the Annual
Report should be submitted promptly after the end of the
academic year (August 31). Divisional reports should include,
in addition to the usual material, a one-page summary of progress, problems and prospects which may be reproduced In the
final Report.
Division Heads are asked to submit budget-
requests to Dr. Rothstein by August 15. These are to cover
staff needs, equipment, capital expenditures (i.e. building)
and book funds. Pull statements In support of these requests
should be given.
Summer Session
Discussion indicated a definite need for staffing
the Information Desk during the Summer Session. It.will,
therefore, be in operation from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and
from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day during the Session.
Miss Smith was asked to consult with Division Heads in the
preparation of the schedule.
Mr. Bell will prepare a statement on the Library
for publication in the Summer Session Newsletter. 94
Binding Slips
The preparation of binding slips, which has been
held up for lack of staff in the Serials Division, is now
going ahead at a good pace. All slips available will be sent
to the Biomedical Librarian, who will in turn distribute
them to the other divisions.
Miss Lanning reported that first results of the
inventory, now in process, suggest that losses will be higher
this year. She will submit an additional report when the
second check has been completed, probably by the end of June.
Mr. Bell was asked to prepare a comparative
study on book losses at other university libraries.
Medical Library Association
Miss Fraser reported on the annual meeting of
the Medical Library Association, held in Seattle May 9-12.
There were 286 people in attendance including 8 Canadians,
mostly from B. C. and Quebec. Miss Fraser spoke on medical
school libraries. She stated that Canadian medical librarians
were interested in forming some kind of association with a
view especially to pressing for the establishment of a
national medical library in Canada.
Acting Librarian
During Dr. Rothstein's absence (June 15 to about
June 30), Mr. Lanning will serve as Acting Librarian from
June 15 to June 18 (inclusive) and Miss Smith will be
Acting Librarian from June 19 until Dr. Rothstein's return.
Mrs. Marian Kulpers" promoted to Clerk II in the
Circulation Division on July i.
Mrs. LettIce Hamper transferred as Senior Library
Assistant in the College Library, June 1.
Mr. James J. Atherton, Library Assistant in
Special Collections on June l.  ""
Mr. Martin P. Bartlett, Library Assistant in
the Catalogue Division on June 1. 95
Appointments (cont.)
Mrs, Hertie Bottinga, Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on June 28'.
Mr. Rudolf Stuck, Clerk II in the Acquisitions
Division on June 1.
Miss Marilyn L. Zack, Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on June 19.
Mrs. Faith Dennis, Library Assistant in the
Acquisitions Division on June 27.
Mrs. Seraphine Morton, Clerk I In the Science
Division on June 30.
Mrs. Hilda Rempel, Clerk I in the Acquisitions
Division on June 30.
Miss Marian G. Robinson, Library Assistant in
the Catalogue Division on July i4.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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