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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 22, 1959

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 Fl  I   N   U  T  E   S
Decembe"- 22, 1959.  No. 206
Reporting Division Heacts Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present:  NH, SR, RJL, EBM, F1L, DF, MAT, JO'R (for AMS) and HM.
Librarian's Annual Report
The  Librarian's Annual Report was presented to  the Senate
of the University at its last meeting and several members
expressed their appreciation for the   service given by the
Library to the University.       The  following letter was received
from the Secretary:
December 14, 1959.
Mr. N. Harlow,
The University of British Columbia.
Dear Mr. Harlow:
On the instructions of Senate at the
recent meeting, I have pleasure in conveying
to you and to the members of your staff, the
sincere thanks and appreciation, of the Senate
for the service rendered by the Library to
the entire University community.
Yours sincerely,
"J. E. A. Parnall"
Secretary Of Senate.
The Report was publicized in the local newspapers, to
which copies of the Report and a news release from Mr. Banham,
Information Officer, had been sent. The local office of the
Toronto Globe and Mail has also asked for a copy of the Report.
Because of Mr. Harlow's recent absence from the University,
followed by several sessions of the Library Committee, the
meeting of the Friends, and other business, he was unable this
year for the first time to make his oral report to the Library
staff prior to the meeting of the Senate. He wondered whether
it is now too late for such a presentation and discussion of
the distributed Report. Friends of the Library
A successful meeting of the Friends of the Library was
held on December 8. Great interest was shown in the handsome
exhibit which had been set up by the Reference Division of
volumes from the Chinese collection, the Murray collection
and other acquisitions.  Special thanks is given to Miss
Diana Thomas for her special efforts in making this display
a success.
The Friends' Committee on Ways and Fleans has since held
a meeting and this active Committee will be making plans early
in the new year for raising money by annual gifts so that a
regular sum will be coming in for the purchase of research
Sub-committee re Noise in the Library
A meeting was held on December 16 of a sub-committee of
the Senate Library Committee (composed of Dr. Rothstein,
Dr. Gibson and Dr. Norris) and the A. M. S. Library Committee
(represented by Miss Patty Darling and Mr. Ross Collver) to
formulate a program to alleviate noise in the Library, to take
effect in January. Articles will be published in the Ubyssey
outlining the problem, the students' responsibility, and the
official concern of the A. M. S,, and suggesting the choice
between self-control and the appointment of commissionaires.
The A. M. S. also expect to bring this to the attention of the
Faculty Association so that faculty members can lend their
assistance in any ways possible.  It is hoped that by paying
some attention to this problem each September and January for
a few years a new tradition can be established.  It is intended
to have a permanent Library Committee, and the present members,
who are in their last year, will work with their successors in
promoting the aims of the Committee. Members of the Library
staff are asked to co-operate in this campaign in every way
possible, including keeping their own voices low when it is
necessary to talk in the public or study areas.  It was suggested
that a room for "group study" be made available next year,
possibly in one of the wings off the main Concourse.
Emergency Procedures
A list of procedures to follow in case of an emergency
blackout has been drawn up and will be posted in the divisions.
Several noisy remodelling jobs are being completed during
the Christmas break. An opening is being drilled through the wall between the
Fine Arts Room and the bookstacks.  This is necessary at this
time for ventilation, as the windows are being covered up by
the new wing.  Louvers will be inserted in the doorway temporarily until Spring, when a door will be installed for access.
Removal of the old fire stairway in the Southeast corner,
for the installation of an elevator, has been started and should
be completed by next week.
Books on the 7th stack level will be shifted northward
to accomodate construction at the South end, requiring that
the temporary "Chinese wall" be shifted.
The new fire stairs, being erected in the new stack well,
will be opened into the existing stack within a few weeks
(near the North end).
Construction of the new wing appears to be well on
Japanese Acquisitions
Aeroform request forms and postcard acknowledgements,
printed in Japanese, have been made up for use in obtaining
Japanese publications.
Christmas Hamper Fund '
The sum of $48.30 was donated by members of the Library
staff for the Christmas Hamper Fund this year. Three hampers
containing gifts and food will be made up and delivered on
Christmas Eve.
Dr. Brigg's Library
The zoological collection of Dr. Briggs, which had been
stored in the Library for several months, has been removed to
the Zoology Department, since his transfer to that department
from Anatomy,
Several shipments of microcard reprints of three centuries
of French drama have been received, and the question of indexing
or cataloging these cards was discussed.  Several thousand cards
are involved and we of course already have other series covering
British and American drama.  As a first step, Firs. Turner will
have the microcards alphabetized, and it will be decided later
whether author cards will be prepared to be kept at Reference or
put in the public catalog.


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