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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 18, 1950

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APRIL 18, 1950, at 10 a.m.
    Arru-L. 10, xy^u, ax,  j.u a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning,
Miss Howie son, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Dr. Dunlap welcomed Miss Howieson to the meeting and
asked her to feel free to make any comments she wished during
the discussions.
The Divisions Heads were requested to send Dr. Dunlap
memoranda regarding changes in staff. Members of the temporary
staff who are to be continued will be notified by letter froaj
the Librarian. Dr. Dunlap asked the Division Heads to give their
reasons for wishing to keep certain members of the temporary
staff in their departments. He recommended that all personnel
who are not to be kept on the staff be cleared away by May 15, and
that positions vacant at that date be filled promptly. Mr. Lanning
asked whether a person whose term of employment expires in one
Division may apply for a position in another Division of the Library,
This raised the question of posting notice of any vacant position
which might be of interest to Library staff.  It was felt that
people should have an opportunity to move from one Division to
another if they wished to do so and there were positions for them.
Mr. Rothstein was in favor of this practice, but •pointed out that
the Division Heads would have to accept the idea of transfers from
one department to another. Miss Jefferd did not support the
suggestion.  She felt that some staff members might move from one
department to another just for a change. Miss Smith supported the
principle, but admitted that she would not like to lose staff she
had spent years in training. Miss Jefferd thought of the
difficulties which would arise if people moved from Division to
Division in the middle of the school year. Miss Lanning remarked
that the staff feels there are changes being made and that everything is being kept secret from them, although they are the
persons chiefly affected.
Practice regarding the appointment of library assistants
was discussed. Miss Smith had always understood that library
assistants were to be kept on for one year only, and in only a
rare, exception case, for two years. Dr. Dunlap would engage a
library assistant for one year, and continue the employment for a
second year if work had been satisfactory. He would not continue
it beyond a third year, because people of a sufficiently high
calibre to do a good library assistant's job for a year or two
should not be allowed to settle down to it, but should be urged to
undertake further training. Miss Lanning felt that circumstances
should decide. A person who wished to remain as a library
assistant and was doing a good job should be allowed to continue.
Dr. Dunlap pointed out that, with a rare exception, these people
would eventually become discontented because they could not look^
forward to improving their position and that the final result^
was a personnel problem which should be avoided. Mr. Rothstein
felt that some library assistant positions involved training and
others were almost purely routine, and that while it should not
be permissible for persons in the former to continue indefinitely, it should be permitted in the latter case.  Dr. Dunlap repeated
his conviction that the principle of library assistants being
replaced after a year or two is basic to personnel policy.
Miss Smith asked if more care ought to be taken as to the kind of
positions into which library assistants are put. Mr. Rothstein
said he believed it should be made perfectly clear to a person
joining the staff what the work was to be and the basis of employment.
Miss Smith moved, and Miss Jefferd seconded, that
vacancies in any division of the Library be posted for three days
on the main bulletin board.
Miss Jefferd asked about the ethics of applying for
transfers. Should a person wishing to move first inform his chief
that he is going to apply for a position in another division,
should the Division Head taking the person on speak to the Division
Head who is about to lose that person? Dr. Dunlap remarked that
the persons chiefly involved would know about any move at the
beginning. The question of vacancies in any part of the campus being
reported to Mr. McLean was brought up, and after a brief discussion
it was agreed that he should be consulted before any action was
taken within the Library organization. Dr. Dunlap said Mr. McLean
should be informed of any vacancies that will exist as of May 15.
A shifting of staff will result from the re-organization
of the Periodicals Division into a Serials Division. Mr. Lanning
will require a'  full-time clerical.  The marking jobs now being done
in the Periodicals and Catalogue Divisions will be combined and
one person will do the work for both divisions.  She will also do the
plating for serials if time permits. Mr. Rothstein will check
L.C. numbers for the Catalogue Division. Miss Aylen, who will be
leaving the Library in May, will be replaced by Mrs. Helen Fraser,
thus giving Mr. Rothstein a full-time professional on his staff.
Miss Jefferd reported that the door leading from floor 3
to the south staircase was locked, and that she was informed it
had been locked by the University authorities. Dr. Dunlap said he
would take up with the fire department the question of having the
doors leading into that staircase locked. If this could be done
it would help to solve the problem of controlling access to the
stackroom. Dr. Dunlap reported receiving a letter from Mr. Bayly
informing him that the delivery door of the Library had been found unlocked when the patrolman made his rounds between midnight and 8 a.m.
It was pointed out that the patrol should have found this out much
earlier in the evening if it was left unlocked after the staff left
at 5 p.m. He is supposed to check all doors when the Library closes
at 10 p.m.
It was reported that the Anthropological Museum was closed
for the summer. Inquiries regarding access to it should be referred
to Dr. or Mrs. Hawthorn.
Miss Lanning submitted a list of teams for inventory.  The
lack of experienced captains had made the task a difficult one, and
it had not been possible to put an experienced person with an
inexperienced one in every case.  She suggested that the hours during that week should be 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and that no one be expected
to come in on Saturday. It was agreed that except for the Librarian's
office, which should be open on Saturday morning as usual, this
should be done. After some discussion about providing coffee for
workers in the stacks it was decided that a fifteen-minute break should
be permitted in the morning and in the afternoon. Everyone who wishes
to take advantage of this should go at the same time.  There will be
no service in the stacks, as was provided last year.  Staff are
requested not to exceed the time allowance of fifteen minutes.
Miss Jefferd said she would prefer to have coffee or tea served in
the building because otherwise each worker lost a half hour each day.
Last year the arrangements had proved to,be wasteful of time, and it
was finally settled that staff should either go out or provide tea or
coffee for themselves in the builiing, as they chose. On the first
morning, May 1, everyone will work in the stacks for the first hour
and a half, and at the first break all will assemble at the Loan Desk,
where Miss Lanning will answer questions about the work and try to
clear up difficulties.  Instructions will be put into the hands of
all who are taking part in inventory.
Miss Jefferd asked if the janitor could make sure that
all lights are functioning in the stacks. Mr. Dyer will be requested
to look after this.
The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


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