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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 7, 1957

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May 7,   1957 No.  153
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, EBM, MAA, EF.
Mr, Stuart-Stubbs attended by request.
Miss Fraser was absent, attending a Medical Library
Association conference in New York (with a brief holiday in Bermuda).
Accession File
The accession file has been placed in boxes and stored
on Level 1,
Return of Books
Miss Lanning reported that a great many books have been
returned but that very many were charged out again immediately.
There are about 250 lists of books still outstanding, most of them
on loan to faculty. The second notice is to be sent to delinquents
at once. Twenty-seven members of the library staff have failed to
return all their books.
Cage to be Reduced in Size
Mr, Harlow reminded the Division Heads that they are to
look over material in the Cage with a view to removing some of it.
Miss Lanning would like to put at least the most-used Royal Commission Reports there, Mr, Harlow said he would agree to this
upon condition that the new Cage is very closely supervised.
Miss Smith and Miss Lanning will inspect material in the vault and
decide what should be moved.
The Biology & Botany reading room has been checked,
25 books are missing, and 31 missing in previous years have turned
up. The shelf list for the Agriculture reading room does not coincide
with the holdings there. A good deal of material was moved out and
returned to the Library last year, and it is possible that the shelf
list was not altered accordingly. Miss Alldritt will check with
Mr, Lanning.
The inventory of the Fine Arts Room will be made after the
books have been moved to the new stacks.  The Ridington Room check
will take place as soon as the Medical School examinations are over.
Miss Lanning hopes to have checking of all the small collections
completed in a couple of weeks. <g-l2.
Magazines for Camps
The Women's Faculty Club are trying to provide fairly
recent magazines for the camps, issues up to a year ago. Fliss
Mercer will place a carton in the receiving'area where material can
be put, duplicates from Serials or from any other source.
Moving Books
Some of the partitions between the old and new stacks
will be taken down at once and new carrels put up. On May 13,
all partitions will be taken down, and the shift of the book stock
should be planned to commence on May 15.
Miss Lanning asked whether the books could be cleaned
before being put on the new shelves. Since there is only enough
money for extra help to move the books, Miss Lanning said that she
could supply a staff member to use the vacuum cleaner.  It was
agreed that the cleaning be done while the books are on trucks,
Perhaps eight book trucks will have to be commandeered during the
move ,
Meanwhile, in getting ready to move the book stock, the
Loan Desk staff is checking all blocks of books shelved out of order,
noting the space occupied, and inserting green slips in the proper
shelf sequence indicating the space required in the new order,
Mr, Stuart-Stubbs and Mr, Bell will measure the book collection and
mark with pink slips the amount of material to be placed upon each
shelf tinder the new arrangement (allowing seven inches of space on
each shelf for books and one vacant shelf in six for expansion;
journals will of course be shelved with space only at the end of the
file). The Reference Division will supply Mr. Stuart-Stubbs with
notes relating to UN and other material which is to go into the main
bookstack. Mr. Bell and Mr, Stuart-Stubbs will supervise the moving
operation from opposite ends, and it is likely that other members of
the Loan Division will be involved.
Oriental material, untill processed, will probably be
stored on level six, beyond the Bio-Medical Library office space.
Oversize books will probably be placed together on each level, in
approximately the same location on each floor, perhaps as close to
the stairway as feasible.
Dr. Naegele and the PNLA Ford Foundation Project
Dr. Naegele is working on a study in connection with the
project being directed by Dr. Florton Kroll in Seattle. He will need
the cooperation of the Library to permit interviews with various
members of the library staff and in compiling references, and
Mr. Harlow asked that as much assistance as possible be given.
CLA Conference at Victoria
Members of the Canadian Library Association who wish to
attend the Conference in Victoria on June 12-15 should make arrangements with their Division Heads, in order that Divisions may be kept
in operation. 3 . ftl
Non-professional Staff
Members of the non-professional library staff are
requested to bring their grey library cards to the Librarian's
office where they will be stamped for stack access. This will
avoid difficulties at the stack entrance.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Mr. John MacDonald joined the Acquisitions Division, replacing
Mr, Bangert, on April 29.
Mrs. Kaarina Aura began work in the Catalogue Division on
April 25, replacing Fliss Hilary Boyce,
Mr. James Sharpe was appointed as Library Assistant in the
Bio-Medical Library, starting on May 3,
New Subscriptions:
Acta anaethesiologica Belgica.
Annee biologique.
Association for Computing Machinery,  Journal,
Business education forum.
California journal of elementary education.
Dental clinics of North America,
Industrial arts teacher.
Monde nouveau.
National business education quarterly.
Pacific Northwesterner.
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Publications.
Society of Cosmetic Chemists.  Journal.
Bibliographie sceintifique franciase.  1902-1927.
Ottuv slovnik naucny.  28 v. and supp.
Casopis Musea Kralovstvi ceskeho.   1847-1901.


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