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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 6, 1959

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 2 v
January 6, 1959- No. 188
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AFiS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAT, DF, EF.
Vancouver Sun Editorial
A forthright editorial urging better support for the University Library by government and community appeared in the Vancouver
Sun last evening. The information was stimulated by a press release
and a copy of the Librarian's Annual Report to Senate sent out by
the University's Information Officer.
Chinese Flaterial
Dr. Ho has returned from Macao after inspecting and supervising the packing of the collection which the University is buying
from Mr. Yao. The shipment is expected to be made from Macao about
January 10 and should reach Vancouver about the first of March.
On his way back to Columbia University, where he is on a year's
leave of absence as a research fellow, Dr. Ho stopped briefly in
Vancouver and reported some of his activities in Macao, Taiwan, and
Tokyo.  He was lavishly entertained by Mr. Yao in Macao and by
members of the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, to whom- he was asked to
deliver an address in Chinese; in Tokyo he met a number of eminent
The Library must now prepare a place to accommodate the
material (some 100 big cases).  Level 7 seems the best location, but
the Librarian will welcome other suggestions.  He believes that
getting this great collection here is important not only to Canada
but to the western world, and the original owner seems to be pleased,
that it is coming to this University. Staff to handle the collection will have to be found, preferably a trained librarian with an
intimate knowledge of Chinese and English and also able to supervise
work in Japanese.
"Black List"
The black list (of those who have outstanding fines for
overdue books) has been reduced in length by removing the names of
persons not registered in the current session.  This should make the
list easier to consult at the public desks, and Mr. Harlow asked
that it be used (as directed by the President's Finance Committee) to
withhold library service from persons whose names appear there. -2-
College Library
A sub-committee has gone over the question of cataloging
books for the College Library and the following provisions have been
made: no distinguishing mark to be placed upon spine of book (except
call number), pending decision regarding charging system; book card
and inside back cover to be marked "Col" preceding call number;
"College Library" to be stamped on book pocket or call slip; College
Library books to have separate copy number sequence; a separate
catalog and shelf list will be kept for this material. One extra
card will be prepared for filing either in the main catalog or to be
used as copy for adding information to card already there, assuming
that there is to be a record under the main entry in the general
catalog. A number of alternative methods of providing College
Library information for the main catalog were proposed: there could
be a record of unique titles only; a unit card could be added for
every copy of a title* in the College Library; a note, "Also in
College Library" could be put on the main entry in the general
catalog; or all information about location could be removed from the
general catalog and put into a separate "location file".
"See also" references will be omitted from the College Library catalog. The books are to go into the main stack as they are cataloged
and cards are to be filed in a temporary location by the Cataloging
A considerable discussion arose over the proposed elimination of "see also" references. They are an expensive asset,
particularly now that a new list of subject headings has been published and existing entries must be revised to match it.  Some
believed they are very valuable to students, but it was suggested
that copies of the new subject list be placed near the public
catalogs.  The omission of "see also" entries from the College
catalog will probably be tried on an experimental basis.
Dr. Rothstein showed a copy of the Edinburgh Public Library
"Subject and Name Index of Books Contained in the Libraries," which
is published as a guide to that library's holdings. The L.C classification system is used there, and the index is in effect a detailed
subject index to the classification scheme and might be useful in the
subject divisions as a general guide. Although interpretation of the
classification varies from one institution to another, variations
in this case appear to be minor, and professional staff might be able
to use the Edinburgh index for quick reference to a specific topic.
It would be particularly useful for divisions not close to the
general catalog.
Location File
Dr. Rothstein has suggested that indications of location
for copies of books not in their normal place in the stack not be
recorded in the main catalog but in a separate "location file" which
would be made available for public use.  It would, be an author
catalog, would incorporate the information now in the location file 3*'
behind the
The main c
but unique
the locati
Loan Divis
and simpli
her Divisi
al rea
on cat
ion in
fy the
Desk, and wo
ding rooms,
would have
s not in the
alog as well
providing i
recording o
Turner was a
uld include cards for all materials in
Howay-Reid, the College Library, etc. -
an entry for every title on the campus,
main bookstack would have a card in
This would ease the work of the
nformation about location of copies
f such information by the Cataloging
sked to consider what is involved for
Small Items of Equipment
-  121
-    67
-    53
-    36
The Librarian reminded staff that small items of equipment
should be properly looked after, for example, 8 Nanette dusters were
supplied at divisional request last year, and only 3 could be found
for cleaning in September.
Later Hours for Pre-Examination Period?
A request was made prior to the Christmas examinations
that the Library remain open after ten in the evening, Records
which were kept from December 8 through 19 show that the number of
people in the main concourse and Reserve Book Room at 9:30 p.m,
were as follows:
Dec. 3th - 190 Dec
10 - 114
11 - 122
12 - 118
Fliss Lanning suggested that a better time for later opening would be
two weeks before the examinations begin, when the Library is very
crowded. Statistics will be kept, starting about mid-January, to
ascertain normal attendance at 9:30 p.m.
Personnel Regulations Governing Holidays
Vacation entitlement is based on the number of months
worked in the previous year (i.e., prior to June 1). Accordingly,
staff members who have been away on leave of absence must deduct
one-twelfth of vacation entitlement for each month of leave. Exceptions to this rule may be made for professional staff who have been
granted leave of absence for purposes of study or similar reasons.
Regulations of the Personnel Department also provide that
University holidays which fall at the beginning or end of a vacation
period are not counted as work days.  If such official holidays fall
within the vacation period of an individual, they may not be counted
as extra days off and added to the vacation period. -4- '
Library Trends, April 1955.
Ontario Library Review, November 1956.
These issues are urgently needed for binding; staff are requested
to check whether the two mentioned are in their possession.
Remodelling Ridington Room
Fir. Harlow asked Miss Smith to give attention to the
proposed remodelling of the Ridington Room.  He also mentioned that
architectural plans indicate that the present Kla-How-Yah and
Microfilm Rooms will be converted into washrooms to match similar
facilities in the new south wing.
Miss Anna Leith
Fliss Leith  , from the University of Washington Library
School, spent a considerable amount of time in the Biomedical
Library and at the Branch and has completed her investigations here.
She will send her report to the Librarian before submitting it to
the University of Washington Library School.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Mrs. Marga Lerch has been appointed Library Assistant in the
Serials Division, beginning on January 6, 1959.
Mr. John. FlacDonald is resigning from his position in the
Acquisitions Division on January 31, 1959.
BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Fraser River Board.  Preliminary report on flood
control and hydro-electric power in the Fraser river basin.
Victoria, June 1958.
SOUTH AFRICA. Information Service. A list of South African reference
books. Ottawa.
UNESCO. Publications. Reports and papers in the social sciences.
Viet, Jean.  Selected documentation for the study of race
relations.  Paris, 1958.
UNITED STATES. Department of health, education, and welfare. Office
of education. Mahar, Mary Helen.  Certification of school
librarians. Bulletin 1958, No. 12.
WHO, Technical report series, No, 146. Expert committee on water
fluoridation.  First report. Geneva, 1958.


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